Syria Opposition Sees Intervention 'in Matter of Days'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syria's opposition expects a Western military intervention against President Bashar Assad's regime within days and has been consulted over targets, one of its officials said Tuesday.

"There is no precise timing ... but one can speak of an imminent international intervention against the regime. It's a question of days and not weeks," said Ahmad Ramadan, a Syrian National Coalition political committee member.

"There have been meetings between the Coalition, the (rebel) Free Syrian Army and allied countries during which possible targets have been discussed," the official said.

Ramadan said they included airports, military bases and arms depots.

The targets cover "airports used by planes equipped with missiles and explosive barrels, command centers used by regime officers, (Iranian) Revolutionary Guards and by Hizbullah," he said.

Ramadan also said bases used to fire missiles and Scuds, especially the army's Brigade 155 near Damascus, were targets for Western punitive strikes following alleged chemical weapons attacks by the regime near Damascus last week.

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Thumb jabal10452 27 August 2013, 18:19

Well Mr Ramadan, just make sure to get rid of the Takfiris while Assad is pinned down by the West, so you don't end up with the Islamic Emirate of Syria.

Thumb bigsami 27 August 2013, 18:29

Good point Jabal....nevertheless kick the Assad family decades of tyranny to kingdom come....then we should see the rest of the scum like HA crumble giving Lebanon a chance to live in peace!

Missing bigjohn 27 August 2013, 22:45

Oh, Yes, you can easily get rid off the regime and the Takfiris with a push of several buttons. It is time to play in the garden kids.

Missing beirutbastard00 28 August 2013, 01:24


Thumb cityboy 27 August 2013, 18:34

sorry to disappoint you cheerleaders, even if an attack takes place which I doubt, the impact on Syrian army will be very minimal. whatever the west and Israel attempts in Syria will fail. Syria has real friends. so stop with all your cheering before you make big fools of yourselves.

Missing nai0271 27 August 2013, 22:28

Town boy...and attack is done deal. They will probably send 100 cruze missles, and take some of his planes, and buildings syria will go from stone age to pre-stone

Missing bigjohn 27 August 2013, 22:58

Yes, just like Afghanistan. A great victory. After 12 years in Afghanistan, NATO will soon give back power to the Taliban. Great Achievement kids!

Missing beirutbastard00 28 August 2013, 01:29

Bigjohn, achievement depends on what the goals are... If its to create chaos while stealing resources, or to keep israel safe by destroying any remnant of an Arab army, I'd say mission accomplished.

Missing zahle_nights1 27 August 2013, 18:51

cityboy, your daddy Bashar will soon be hung upside-down... I don't see it any other way... Sorry to disappoint you little boy...

Thumb bigsami 27 August 2013, 19:02

Will be buried deep in the sea next to Gaddafi, Saddam, Ossama and soon to join, Nasrallah!

Thumb benzona 27 August 2013, 22:30

Or completing his education in Holland, learning Serbian so he can communicate with his cell-mate.... Milosevič.

Missing bigjohn 27 August 2013, 22:46

If Bashar is killed then the war willm be over?

Thumb Senescence 27 August 2013, 23:18

bigjohn, no, but it will do justice to all those slain under his command.

Missing bigjohn 27 August 2013, 23:23

how about justice for the millions the US and Israel have killed since 1947? how about justice for EVERY person that have been killed under the command of leaders ALL OVER the world? this will oONLY will lead to more killings!

Thumb Senescence 28 August 2013, 00:04

bigjohn, baby steps, I suppose. The world is slowly but surely becoming aware and indeed highly enthusiastic of political affairs. Plato's popular adage regarding political participation is becoming less of an esoteric gift of enlightenment and becoming more of something inferred with common sense. All those you have in mind will be punished, and if not in their lifetime by the court of law then by the timeless books of history.

Thumb Senescence 28 August 2013, 00:06

bigjohn, and if it is indeed justice you are asking for, then by no means you will deny what is currently happening (albeit, it should have been different) seeing as how it satisfies your criteria of punishing those responsible for the murder of thousands/millions/etc.

Missing beirutbastard00 28 August 2013, 01:39

If bashar is killed, in general, yes the war would start to end at least.

And yes we will end up with a "Libya". Dif neighborhoods have dif armies, with dif goals for the country! But what's the alternative... If kids spray paint anti-gov slogans, they are sent back to their parents tortured and dead??

The people, not only Syrians, but all Arabs, are tired. Why did bashar choose war over early elections??

Missing karim_m2- 27 August 2013, 19:20

This man shouldn't get too excited. FSA-Al Qaeda are now starting to butcher each other, and now have to worry about fighting Kurdish militias, Christian militias, Alawite militias, Shiite militias, Druze militias, and moderate Sunni militias, in addition to the Syrian army.
Things are just getting started for them.

Default-user-icon Munir (Guest) 27 August 2013, 19:47

Just look at the picture. This could be your son, your daughter or brother, sister. How could we allow this to go on? Forgte Assad vs Takfiris. Whoever ordered this butchery deservers no execuses. It's a banfrupt attack.

Missing bigjohn 27 August 2013, 23:02

Munir, I agree with you, but ONLY this "butchery"? There was a massacre of 200 men, woman, and children in Latakia province and the western & oil and gas owned media did not even mention it!

Missing allouchi 27 August 2013, 19:55

Tik Tak Tik Tak ....the butcher of Damascus days are numbered...Hizb needs to start digging more graves for his followers...

Missing bigjohn 27 August 2013, 22:49

"days are numbered"? gee, you guys have been saying that for 2 years now. A one time bombing campaign by the lovable American enemy is really going to makes a difference?

Missing karim_m2- 27 August 2013, 21:22

Not just that, but an external military intervention can make Assad appear to be fighting a foreign aggressor and may actually boost his political support among Syrians.

Al Qaeda sympathizers shouldnt get too excited. This can get very ugly very quickly, and not to the benefit of FSA-Al Qaeda.

Thumb beiruti 27 August 2013, 21:31

Enough with talking about this imminent strike, get on with it? How much more advance notice are we going to give?? Until the strike itself is completely worthless?? Unless we send Tomahawks through the windows of Assad's bed room, the strike won't do much more than assuage the guilty consciences of the "civilized world".

They still do not know with what they are dealing in Assad. He and his regime are absolutely brutal and desensitized to the human suffering that they are causing, unless we strike back at that same level of barbarity, the strike will pass with little notice. Russia will make more profit replacing the damaged hardware, is all.

Thumb benzona 27 August 2013, 22:32

God bless America and Europe for helping civilians against tyranny and crimes against humanity!

I say the first tomahawk or air raid will be launched in the night of Friday to Saturday.

Missing bigjohn 27 August 2013, 22:56

Yes, that is why they are and have always supported the biggest tyrants in the world who have committed crimes against humanity!

Thumb Senescence 27 August 2013, 22:39

Does not being able to topple Al-Assad prove they are not worthy/supported by the people? Or is the SAA 'too strong' with more than 50000 dead? They obviously do not enjoy popular support and are only clinging on due to foreign jihadis.

Thumb Senescence 27 August 2013, 22:39

gabby12, it's a law of war to warn beforehand.

Thumb insideman101 27 August 2013, 22:48

Finally!!! The wet dreams of these Takifiri rats is going to finally be answered. USA along with Israel and these other so called Arab countries are coming to "rescue" Al Qeada...
All you M14ers who were wishing for this to happen are going to immediately regret ever wishing Assad was gone. You will beg for him back. And if you think Lebanon is not going to be effected guess again.
This is it. The war to end all wars. Think of Iraq + Afghanistan + Libya x a million. US demorcarzy at its finest.

Missing bigjohn 27 August 2013, 22:53

The ONLY objective of the western strikes is to prolong the civil war in Syria. The minorities will feel more threatened and will join by the thousands to defend themselves against the Sunni Takfiri/Islamists alliance.

Missing bigjohn 27 August 2013, 23:34

"there is no danger from the takfiris. you will see them disappear or go fight somewhere else" really??? I thought the war in Iraq would be ALL OVER once the NATO occupiers left?

Thumb Senescence 28 August 2013, 00:08

"there is no danger from the takfiris. you will see them disappear or go fight somewhere else once the syrian war is over (after i donno how many years)."

M11er, I disagree strongly. Another Iraq, a safe haven for more recruits, training, and insurgency, a state where the rule of law and security is weak is what they want, and by the looks of things it seems that this is destined to happen.

Missing bigjohn 27 August 2013, 23:06

You keep on saying "Assad". If Assad is assasinated you think his supporters will convert to Sunni wahabis?

Thumb insideman101 27 August 2013, 23:09

M14ers when will you guys finally come to the realization that you're arguments are echoing those of Israel?? When will you realize that your standing on the same side as the army that occupied you're land for 18 years?? Does that mean nothing to you??

Thumb Senescence 27 August 2013, 23:21

M11er, agreed.

Missing bigjohn 27 August 2013, 23:31

Oh I see M11 er... So if Assad is killed, all of the sudden there will be peace , freedom, free elections, and minorities will not have to worry about being persecuted (like in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Egypt, KSA, Libya, etc). The Baathists will become conservative Muslims and the bigoted Sunni Islamists will become liberal democrats. Why do you ONLY want that in Syria? Why not the rest of the Arab world?

Thumb insideman101 27 August 2013, 23:31

so you're solution is to ally yourself with Israel???
good choice. Make sure to let me know how that works out for you???

Thumb insideman101 27 August 2013, 23:50

When you call for Assad downfall and you cheer on Takfiri's in Syria, You are echoing the same BS that Israel is, therefore you want the same thing they do. Therefore YOU ARE ON THE SAME SIDE.
did i dumb it down for you enough??? or is your Saudi loving mind still not grasping it???

Thumb primesuspect 28 August 2013, 00:17

give us ur name and address so we can send the takfiris 2 ur home. u r such an unconvincing manipulator. nobody buys ur cheap strategy to spread fear.

Thumb insideman101 28 August 2013, 00:24

Im not asking you to buy it, cuz I aint trying to sell it numb nuts...
You and you're M14 Assir, Takfifri Saudi loving followers were begging for the US to enter this war and now be prepared for the consequences.
If you think its going to be a walk in the park guess againg.
But then again what do you care??? You're probably sitting in your mama's basement in the US or somewhere not even close to any danger. Internet tough guy :)

Thumb primesuspect 28 August 2013, 00:36

why would u care about another country unless the other country claims it owns ur country?

i never voted in lebanon, never ever. but if i am invited 2 do so, i will vote M 14 without hesitating.

Thumb insideman101 28 August 2013, 01:04

when they bombed syria were they bombing assad positions or takfiri positions????
why would israeli army treat wounded takrifiris???
you are truly retarded.

Thumb insideman101 28 August 2013, 01:05

I cant believe i even had to explain that to you...haha...seriously bro, just stop.

Thumb insideman101 28 August 2013, 01:17

yes, completely ignore everything i wrote after that. good tactic??

Why didnt Assad attack??? I dont know. Im not Assad. Maybe hes too much of pussy like you. I dont know, nor do i care...
All i know is that ppl in Lebanon are cheering for US and Israel, ppl like you, which is disgusting and traitor like behavior. But then again, your typing from your mommy's basement in the US, right??

Thumb insideman101 28 August 2013, 01:20

ok your right. Im convinced. Ill start cheering foir israel the US and your takfiris... thanks

Thumb insideman101 28 August 2013, 01:22

here your proof you idiot...

Thumb insideman101 28 August 2013, 01:27

yes, Israel admitting it helped your takfiris....I know it hard for you to sallow

Missing beirutbastard00 28 August 2013, 01:32

The regime will escape to the alawite conclave, with the special forces and HA/Iranian fighters, and take up defensive positions. The real war might have yet to begin. :/

Thumb ironlikelion 28 August 2013, 02:08

As an israeli, I can tell you that allied with either side of the conflict. We have treated a number wounded syrian children, women and men(some of whom were fighters, but they were treated regardless of whichever side they were fighting on) out of a sense of humanitarian obligation to help the wounded.

Thumb ironlikelion 28 August 2013, 02:10

*not allied with either side

Thumb ironlikelion 28 August 2013, 05:23

you're statement, describing what YOU think is the "general israeli school of thought" is not only FALSE; but, disgusting and offensive as well! Unfortunately for you, citing your duel citizenship status does provide you or your nauseating rant with any sort additional credibility, though you strangely seem to have thought it would. Your entire post is quite ridiculous and does NOT even remotely describe the israeli perspective; I hope the other readers on this post understand that.

Thumb ironlikelion 28 August 2013, 05:42

*duel citizenship status does NOT provide you..

Default-user-icon ezzo (Guest) 28 August 2013, 02:33

Was this before or after helping the Gulf nations arm the qaeda rebels?

Thumb insideman101 28 August 2013, 02:25

@the israeli
treating the wounded based on humanitarian obligation???
where is Israel's humanitarianism when it comes to the Palestinians??? Where was it's humanitarianism when it was bombing schools, hospitals and houses in Lebanon during 2006???
The words Israel and humanitarianism shouldn't even be used in the same sentence.

Default-user-icon ezzo (Guest) 28 August 2013, 02:33

haha, you must be joking. The US can ill afford another "boots on the ground" war. YOu must be out of your mind. The unemployment is rampant, debt is through the roof. They sent the qaeda brigade to do their dirty work.. aligning themselves with those they claimed to attack after 9/11. Brilliant.

I think the show is getting clear now, and the players even clearer. As we suspected all along. Imperialism and power is the goal, nothing more. NOT to mention that support for the war is at a great 9%!!

Thumb ironlikelion 28 August 2013, 03:26

Whether you like to believe it or not, isreal is always amlng the first scenes of International natural/humanitarian disasters and rescue missions. I understand your resentments regarding wartime situations that the lebanese have endured on lebanese soil and there are certain incidences that have occured that we acknowledge and are not proud of. You should know though that the state of lebabon has not been our opponent in those conflicts.

Thumb ironlikelion 28 August 2013, 03:26

Unfortunately we have been provoke on numerous occasions by autonomous armed militias that clearly failed to care about the effects it would have on the state and the damage it would incur. try to notify civilians that our operations will expose them to danger if the do not evacuate. The use of these types of military tactics by hez and hamas is shameful and unfair to the people they claim to represent as we as to us(by putting us in the position to face unconventional warfare dilemmas, forcing ud to chose to either die or be the "bad guy") and is far from admirable. From recent statements from the intelligence community, I gather that they have still not changed their ways and are activly civil infrastructure and civilian areas for storing weapons and conducting operational activity. This is truely a shame. What we really want is peacevwith our neighbors.

Thumb ironlikelion 28 August 2013, 03:28

*always among the first at th scene (with doctors and rescuers)

Thumb insideman101 28 August 2013, 05:09

Israel has been provoked???? talk about someone being brainwashed...The Palestinians really provoked you when you stole their land?? Lebanon provoked you when you invaded and stayed for 18 years??
The USS Liberty provoked Israel in June 1967 when you guys deliberately and repeatedly shot at it?? The list goes on....get off this site with your Israeli PR BS...but then again Im sure you have enough M14 supporters on your side.

Missing bigjohn 28 August 2013, 12:37

This is M11er:..
"Yemen is in a great shape"??? the country now is in the worst shape ready to become like Somalia, Al qaeda have grown by 1000% with the threat of mass starvation.
"afghanistan is in a way better shape than when it was in teh 90's." Yes, "in a way better", but in a thousand way worst!

KSA: 90% of the population are living a happy wealthy life. ok i agree no democracy yet.... 90% of Saudi's are wealthy????? If that was the case the per capita GNP in KSA would be 1000% higher!

I will stop here. Just be careful what you wish for....