Makari to March 8 Camp: Act Responsibly as the Lebanese, Entire World Will Judge You

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Deputy Speaker Farid Makari hoped on Tuesday that Prime Minister Najib Miqati had not accepted to head the new government “even for three seconds”, saying that cabinet belongs to Syria and Hizbullah.

Addressing the March 8 camp, he said during the parliament session to discuss the government policy statement: “Act responsibly and don’t blame others for your problems: The Lebanese people will judge you.”

“History will judge you and it will confirm your guilt. You will become accomplices in the crime and assassinate former Premier Rafik Hariri and all other martyrs all over again,” he said.

On the clause on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon in the cabinet policy statement and the use of the term of “in principle” in phrasing it, the deputy speaker stated: “The statement indirectly implied that the STL’s findings will negatively impact Lebanon’s stability and civil peace.”

“This play on words is playing with fire and it will burn you fingers and the fingers of Lebanon,” Makari warned.

“Your game is exposed and shameful. It will not deceive us or the world,” he stressed.

“You should honestly announce your support for the tribunal and trust in its findings,” he added.

“I was not expecting that the head of the government would set Lebanon back to the phase prior to 2005,” Makari noted.

“How can the cabinet create affinity among the Lebanese when it is a cause for division?” he asked.

The deputy speaker concluded his statement by withholding confidence from the cabinet.

  • 05 July 2011, 18:23

    Makari: You should maintain the position of the premiership.

  • 05 July 2011, 18:20

    Makari to Miqati: The blocking minority you have will be obstructed when it’s needed.

  • 05 July 2011, 18:20

    Makari to Miqati: How can we accept that you be part of a government in which you don’t have a say?

  • 05 July 2011, 18:19

    Makari: Let this government vitalize the role of women as this cabinet is not aimed at confronting the indictment but seeking revenge.

  • 05 July 2011, 18:17

    Makari: We wonder if the government’s concept of good ties with Syria means restoring Syrian hegemony over Lebanon.

  • 05 July 2011, 18:17

    Makari: We find it hard to believe that this government will commit to the Arab position of steering away from the politics of axes as the majority of its members have adopted this stand.

  • 05 July 2011, 18:14

    Makari: It appears that the policy statement allowed the possession of illegitimate arms to continue in Lebanon.

  • 05 July 2011, 18:12

    Makari: We wonder if the policy statement deliberately forgot to mention that the STL was approved unanimously.

  • 05 July 2011, 18:11

    Makari: This cabinet suffers from schizophrenia because at the one hand its sets Lebanon in a confrontation with the international community over the STL clause and on the other is says that it wants good ties with all sides.

  • 05 July 2011, 18:10

    Makari: The policy statement indicates that it supports dialogue, while it avoids the national dialogue’s agreement on the STL.

  • 05 July 2011, 18:09

    Makari: The shameful game is exposed. Honesty is needed and we are committed to the STL so act responsibly otherwise bear the repercussions of your actions. You will then realize that you are guilty.

  • 05 July 2011, 18:08

    Deputy Speaker Farid Makari during parliament session: This government belongs to Syria and we refuse the term “in principle” in the STL clause in its policy statement.

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Default-user-icon Finguli (Guest) 06 July 2011, 01:20

Mr. Magari has a popular Italian song that describes him well, Watch it here:
The Lyrics in Italian are here:
It basically says this about Magari:
Maybe it's my turn
take care of your day
wake up with a cup of coffee
and tell you that never gets old ...
Untie the knots in you
the most stubborn melancholy .. maybe

And that;s the case for Saad Hasta La Vista Baby Hariri, his mafia and his Christian Sunnis. I bid you all ADIEU

Default-user-icon Sandoval (Guest) 06 July 2011, 01:26

Strider, I don't see Saad the Imbecile anywhere. Did he commit political suicide? gholtan bel nomra ya 7abboub

Default-user-icon jabal amel (Guest) 06 July 2011, 01:42

is that the same world that helped lebanon against zionist invasions in 1978, 1982 and 2006? oh no, that's in another dimensions. in our 3 dimensions, world doesn't give a shit about us, and we don't give a shit about world