Opposition MPs to Miqati: History Will not Have Mercy on You

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Al-Mustaqbal bloc MP Jean Oghassabian told Premier Najib Miqati on Wednesday that he should quit his post but if he decides to stay “history will have no mercy on you.”

The international tribunal isn’t an enemy, he said in his address at parliament during the second day of discussions of Miqati’s policy statement.

“We believe in partnership and pluralism,” said the lawmaker, who is a member of the March 14-led opposition.

“I reject that weapons be used in everyday politics,” Oghassabian told parliament, saying he also refuses a culture of fear in political life. He announced that he wouldn’t give his confidence to the government.

Another opposition al-Mustaqbal bloc legislator, Mohammed al-Hajjar, said that the primary objective of the government is to topple the international tribunal.

“All what this government did was to exercise pressure on us,” he said in his address. Turning to President Michel Suleiman, Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat and Miqati, al-Hajjar said: “Centrism is an attempt to escape justice.”

“I withhold my vote of confidence. Yes for the collapse of this cabinet!,” he added.

MP Khaled al-Daher who spoke at parliament by midday Wednesday, criticized the support provided by some Lebanese politicians to the Assad regime in its crackdown on protestors in Syria.

He said the resistance should not be monopolized by one group and it is the right for all Lebanese.

Another al-Mustaqbal lawmaker, Jamal al-Jarrah told parliament that Lebanon is in need for “white hearts and not black shirts,” in reference to Hizbullah.

He accused Miqati’s cabinet of preparing for civil war through the current policy statement.

Former PM Rafik Hariri was actually killed, not “in principle.”

“Lebanon was liberated from hegemony so don’t restore it. The STL was actually formed so don’t abandon it as you are actually paving the way for a new civil war,” he said.

As for Lebanon First bloc MP Assem Araji, he said in his address that the slogan of the government was to stay away from Lebanon’s commitment to international resolutions.

The parliament session to discuss the government policy statement resumed later on Wednesday with Mustaqbal bloc MP Ziad al-Qadiri taking the podium.

He lamented in his statement Miqati’s failure to form a technocratic government, “which would have helped bridge the gap between the Lebanese.”

He criticized the policy statement for failing to respect the STL and justice, noting that it instead set the arms “that the violated the people’s dignity as a priority.”

“Our demand for justice and the truth is the basis for defending stability and civil peace,” Qadiri said.

Addressing the premier, he stated: “I don’t see any good in your cabinet.”

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Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 06 July 2011, 12:13

Why, is history on the side of FUTURE? They will end up in the rubish bin of history, they are also dragging R. Hariri's memory with them.

Default-user-icon jabal amel (Guest) 06 July 2011, 13:08

this guys from march 14 are hillarious. now they are historians also. yeah right. they should better pretend to be gypsies and try to predict future based on crystal balls and tarots.

Default-user-icon Omar (Guest) 06 July 2011, 15:42

Is he serious? This man who spat on his armenian people ín order to instead get some money from saudi arabia is talking about history not having mercy????? How disgusting. What did you do when erdogan came to lebanon acting as if he was doing us a favour? Did you dare tell him to recognize the armenian genocide carried out by the turkish donme jews or were you hiding behind hariri kissing his feet??? Shame on you a million times. You and the corrupt criminal mustaqbal have no place in the future of lebanon. Im not even armenian nor christians but i have more sympathy for the armenians than you you traitor for your own people. Tfi on the saudi money, they turn people in to dogs! May Allah almighty take away the oil money of the arab gulf because they are only creating problems in the middle east, turning arabs backwards and helping israel.