‘Dogfight’ or MPs Fight? Qanso, al-Daher Clash in Parliament

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

MPs Assem Qanso and Khaled al-Daher engaged in verbal attacks at parliament on Wednesday after the latter criticized the support provided by some Lebanese politicians to the Assad regime in its crackdown on protestors in Syria.

The two lawmakers would have engaged in a fistfight hadn’t other MPs prevented them from attacking each other.

The incident began when March 14 member al-Daher was addressing the parliament and speaking about the situation in Syria.

“We call for the respect of the Syrian people’s choices,” al-Daher said, adding that supporters of the Syrian regime in Lebanon that are seeking to harm the people of the neighboring country should be silenced.

Pro-Syrian Qanso was enraged upon hearing those words, and sought to interfere and express his point of view but Speaker Nabih Berri prevented him from speaking.

When al-Daher ended his statement and returned to his place, he said he didn’t hear what Qanso said about him.

This time, both lawmakers exchanged insults and called each other “dogs.” They calmed down only after Berri brought order to the session.

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Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 06 July 2011, 13:16

a bunch of imbeciles. They should have been both suspended, and ejected from parliament.

Default-user-icon rudy (Guest) 06 July 2011, 13:47

agreed they are both imbeciles, as are 90% of the members of our glorious parliament, but the true shame is having a low-life like qanso allowed to breath and worse yet, become a representative of the lebanese people.

regardless of Daher's side (8 or 14), that statement is one that should be chanted by every person who has a single brain cell left

Missing abou.ali 06 July 2011, 14:47

Akkid the leb people are for the freedom of Syria from the thugs of Asaad. Qanso should go and live in Syria - The dog, in this carse is indeed Qanso..

Default-user-icon Omar (Guest) 06 July 2011, 15:26

Isent Khaled Al daher that pro usama bin laden and pro al qaida mustaqbal member? How can he claim to be pro-freedom when he supports bin laden and saudi arabia? And would the minorities as well as the non-salafi Muslims recieve freedom in a syria controlled by salafists??????? Bashar el asad is a murderer, torturer and criminal (like samir geagea) but what saudi has in store for syria will not be better, especially not for the christians. Ignorant LF:ers care more hurting their enemy bashar el asad than about saving their fellow christians which just prooves my theory, LF, phalange and the rest of the march14 maronites are fake christians who never cared about christianity or christians, they only care about themselves.

Default-user-icon The Truth (Guest) 06 July 2011, 15:42

People like Qanso and Wahhab who like the Syrian government more than they ever appreciated Lebanon should go and live with their beloved leaders in Damascus.

Missing joseph 06 July 2011, 17:29

Kissing syria's ass like hzb, aoun, jumblatt, qanso... are doing should not be at the expense of the dignified lebanes. I already feel diminished being gegraphicaly close to Syria's regime, let alone supporting this regime and being it's puppet.
I guess dignity could be sold these day, especially when iran is paying. lebanese who put syria before lebanon, should be crushed like roaches.. can't wait.

Default-user-icon Jade (Guest) 06 July 2011, 17:45

tfeh on both lawmakers, this is not how a representative should behave no matter who he is backing, but you know what it is not a surprise, when you see Lebanese citizens behaving like this every day on the streets and in their jobs and their buildings. in other works the lawmakers are behaving no different that their citizens.

Missing peace 06 July 2011, 17:58

lebanese have the politicians they deserve....

Missing joseph 06 July 2011, 21:36

I wonder, who would have won the dog fight? Pretty comical, I wouldn't bet on a winner, but I would pay to see it live. Counting on next CIA episode to take advantage of this incident.

Thumb sasi 06 July 2011, 21:44

what a drama this whole day! is this a parliament of a democratic state. this is a bunch of tribes fighting. wlik shi ma tabi3e sar! I bet it has been agreed a as play, they all had a script to study before this meeting! bunch of actors. thanks god am abroad.

Missing peace 06 July 2011, 22:27

sasi = it is not a parliament : it s the National Circus of Lebanon, and they are all fighting because they all want to be CLOWN NUMBER ONE!!!

Thumb tannourinewarrior 06 July 2011, 22:41

I swear it looks like Khalil is laughing - look at his body posture - hillarious!!!

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 07 July 2011, 03:09

Kansou IQ is -100, who does this guy represent in Lebanon? The Syrian regime in Lebanon? There is a damn land taken by Israel called GOLAN Hights, we need dogs like Kansou to go there, bark and scare of the invaders. Go live where you belong..

Default-user-icon moe (Guest) 07 July 2011, 03:13

Qanso is a dog look at the way he is behaving he needed someone to tell him "down boy down" but his master in Syria is to busy...

Default-user-icon amirmansour (Guest) 07 July 2011, 04:31


remind me of liberating Palestine.
Haddini Haddini Haddini

Default-user-icon sammy (Guest) 07 July 2011, 08:40

something strange is happening to me.... I now wait for Le Phenicien comments eagerly to see how far his stupidity will take him....entertaining....

Default-user-icon roe (Guest) 07 July 2011, 09:44

To all those who commented below (and by that i mean those who are choosing to take sides), you should really think before you speak or even decide to support any of the two sides! Matter of fact, you should shut the hell up :D neither sides are bothered by us random citizens, all they care about is getting rich off of our backs.. but alas since the Lebanese citizens have sheepish characteristics (yes i'm calling you sheep) the "Free Lebanon" you're all "dreaming" of is never going to see the light!!
And just a little piece of advice, focus on the issues that really matter to us in Lebanon like the rising prices of food, medicine and real estate!! ya3ne bi kil basata iza baddkon tkhallo baladkon ykoun balad w tseero bashar (humans) start thinking like one!