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The Dugong Show: 24-Hour Webcast Shows Star Thai Sea Cows

A round-the-clock webcast starring two beloved baby dugongs in Thailand named Mariam and Jamil went live Sunday, allowing a more in-depth look at the celebrity sea cows.

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S.California Hit by 7.1-Magnitude Quake, Strongest in Two Decades

Southern California was hit by its largest earthquake in two decades Friday, a 7.1-magnitude tremor that rattled residents less than 48 hours after another quake struck the same area. 

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Hell in High Water: Braving the Monsoon to Save India's Rhinos

The monsoon may bring respite from the scorching heat, but for the rangers and animals at Kaziranga National Park it also brings danger as poachers take advantage of greater camouflage and flooding.

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Beirut Municipality Postpones Waste Incinerator Decision amid Protest

A protest was staged Thursday outside the headquarters of Beirut Municipality in the center of the capital ahead of a session for discussing and approving the terms of reference for setting up a controversial waste incinerator in the city.

The decision on the move was however postponed amid reservations voiced by council members belonging to the Lebanese Forces, the Free Patriotic Movement and other parties.

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Jakarta Residents Sue Indonesia Government over Air Pollution

Residents of Indonesia's capital on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the government over the toxic levels of air pollution that regularly blanket the city.

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South Americans Marvel at Total Solar Eclipse

A rare total solar eclipse plunged a vast swath of Latin America's southern cone into darkness Tuesday, briefly turning day into night and enthralling huge crowds in much of Chile and Argentina.

Hundreds of thousands of people flocked to Chile's northern Coquimbo region near the Atacama desert -- festooned with some of the planet's most powerful telescopes -- which was situated directly on the eclipse's 100-mile-wide "path of totality."

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Antarctic Sea Ice in Dizzying Decline since 2014, Says Study

After mysteriously expanding for decades, Antarctica's sea ice cover melted by an area four times greater than France in just a few years and now stands at a record low, according to a study published Monday.

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Warming to Slash Equivalent of 80 Million Jobs by 2030, Says UN

As climate change worsens, growing heat stress on workers in agriculture and other sectors will cause a productivity loss equal to 80 million full-time jobs over the next decade, the UN warned Monday.

A report from the International Labour Organization estimated that in 2030, 2.2 percent of total working hours worldwide will be lost because of higher temperatures. 

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New Zealand Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags

New Zealand officially banned single-use plastic shopping bags Monday, introducing hefty fines for businesses that continue to provide them.

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Europe Set to Sizzle again as Heatwave Continues

Europe was bracing itself for a sweltering Saturday as the heatwave continued across the continent. 

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