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Israeli 5-Minute Battery Charge Aims to Fire Up Electric Cars

From flat battery to full charge in just five minutes -- an Israeli start-up has developed technology it says could eliminate the "range anxiety" associated with electric cars.

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Tsunami Warnings Lifted as Threat from Monster Quakes Subsides

Tsunami warnings were lifted across several South Pacific islands Friday allowing tens of thousand of evacuees to return home, as the risk from a series of powerful earthquakes appeared to ease.

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Israeli Minister Sticks to Iran 'Environmental Terror' Claim

Israel's environmental protection minister on Thursday stood by her allegation that a crude oil spill in the eastern Mediterranean last month was an intentional attack by Iran but provided no evidence for her claim.

Defense officials remained silent about the charge by Gila Gamliel, a junior minister in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party, who on Wednesday announced that she had concluded the Iranian government deliberately spilled tons of crude oil into the sea in an attempt to damage Israel's marine ecosystem.

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Israel Accuses Iran of 'Environmental Terrorism' after Oil Spill

Israel on Wednesday accused Iran of "environmental terrorism" after a devastating oil spill off its Mediterranean coast it said was perpetrated by a Libyan-flagged ship that set sail from Iran.

Storms last month washed tons of sticky tar ashore along Israel's entire Mediterranean coastline, staining 160 kilometers of beach from its borders with the Gaza Strip to Lebanon.

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6.3-magnitude Earthquake Hits Central Greece

A strong 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit central Greece on Wednesday, the US Geological Survey said, prompting residents in the city of Larissa to rush into the streets according to local media.

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Lebanon Seeks U.N. Help over Mediterranean Oil Spill Pollution

Lebanon's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday moved to file a report with the U.N. in which it asked for technical assistance in the face of a Mediterranean oil spill that has contaminated at least half of coastline.

The report, prepared by the National Council for Scientific Research at the request of caretaker PM Hassan Diab, highlights the magnitude of the damage, describes it as an environmental disaster and warns that the recovery could take several years, the National News Agency said.

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CO2 Pollution Bounces Back, Climate Goals at Risk, Says IEA

Global CO2 emissions have returned to pre-pandemic levels and then some, threatening to put climate treaty targets for capping global warming out of reach, the International Energy Agency said Tuesday.

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Thousands Protest in Martinique against Insecticide 'Impunity'

Thousands demonstrated on the French island of Martinique at the weekend against a looming statute of limitations that may hurt their compensation case for widespread harm done by a highly toxic insecticide.

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Russia Launches Its First Arctic Monitoring Satellite

A Soyuz rocket blasted off from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Sunday carrying Russia's first satellite for monitoring the Arctic's climate, the Roscosmos space agency said. 

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MP Says South Beaches Polluted by Around 2 Tons of Tar

The amount of tar that has polluted the sand beaches of south Lebanon in recent days has been estimated to be at around two tons, a Lebanese MP said.

“The cleaning process will be arduous and painstaking and it requires followup and cooperation between municipalities, scout associations and local, national and international NGOs and environmental groups,” MP Enaya Ezzeddine of the Development and Liberation bloc said.

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