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Huge Crowds to Watch Battle of Waterloo Bicentenary

Belgium this week hosts days of commemorative events and mock battles to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo that shaped the face of Europe, at a time when the continent's unity is under threat.

European royals will attend a solemn memorial service on Thursday at the battlefield near Brussels where French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte's dreams of European conquest were crushed by British and Prussian forces on June 18, 1815.

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Malaysian Villagers Beg Spirits to End Quake Aftershocks

Borneo tribal shamans chanted age-old prayers on Saturday in a ceremony in Malaysia aimed at soothing spirits and bringing an end to disturbing aftershocks from an earthquake that killed 18 people.

About 100 members of the Kadazan Dusun, the largest tribal group in the Malaysian state of Sabah, held the ritual in the state's Tamparuli district after a 5.1-magnitude aftershock shook the area on Saturday.

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Japanese Art on Atomic Bombings Exhibited in Washington

A pocket watch that stopped at 8:15 a.m. when the first atomic bomb dropped. A sprawling picture of twisted bodies and screaming faces engulfed by the flames. The school lunch box of a girl who disappeared without a trace.

As the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II approaches, American University Museum in Washington is showcasing artifacts and art recalling the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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World's Biggest Wine Fair Eyes Africa's New Tipplers

The world's biggest wine fair opens in Bordeaux, wine capital of France, this weekend, with vintners eying new tipplers in Africa as global consumption rises in Asia and elsewhere.

The U.S. and China are the world's top wine-lovers, but Africa is the industry's next "future destination", says the Vinexpo wine and spirits fair, in a market expecting 3.5 percent growth over the next three years.

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Dinner in White: Thousands Attend Paris 'Chic Picnic'

More than 13,000 people turned out in Paris on Thursday for the 27th edition of 'Diner en blanc' ('Dinner in white') -- a pop-up picnic where attendees dress to the nines entirely in white.

The diners were armed with white tables and chairs, and packed out public areas of the Tuileries Garden and the Palais Royal, locations that were made public at the last minute in an event that has become an international phenomenon.

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Heavyweight Hopes for Mongolia's Would-be Sumo Stars

The slapping sound of colliding flesh reverberates through a basement in Mongolia's capital, as Tsogt-Erdeniin Mendsaikhan hones fighting skills in pursuit of his dream -- sumo wrestling in Japan.

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Bulgarian 'Gulag' Survivors Keep Painful Memories Alive

Gone now are the barracks, the sadistic guards and the barbed wire. Just one remaining watchtower and a plaque show that this marshy nature reserve on a river island in Bulgaria was once a place of misery.

But now, Belene's few remaining survivors want to create a museum to remind people of the suffering of the thousands of inmates inside communist-era Bulgaria's most notorious forced labour camp.

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Giant Statue of Orthodox Prince Stirs Controversy in Moscow

Scaffolding surrounds the vast clay sculpture-in-progress inside a warehouse on Moscow's outskirts, yet already the statue of Vladimir the Great has caused an outcry as big as the monument itself.

The 24-meter (78-feet) high likeness of the man who brought Christianity to Kievan Rus -- the forerunner of modern Russia and Ukraine -- is set to tower over the capital, the latest potent symbol in a surge of patriotism taking hold in Russia.

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Buddhism, Bombs and Blouses: Japan's Versatile 'Washi' Paper

For 1,300 years, Japanese paper from the tiny town of Ogawa has fulfilled myriad needs -- from the material for Buddhist scriptures to balloon bombs sent to attack the United States.

Now, as Japan prepares to mark the 70th anniversary of its defeat in World War II this summer, a new and altogether more peaceful use has been found for it -- clothes.

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Study Sees Success in Training Women to Prevent Rape

A program that teaches university-age women how to avoid rape has shown some success in reducing the numbers of women in Canada who are sexually assaulted, said a study Wednesday.

Previous research has suggested that as many as one in four young women are raped or are victims of attempted rape while attending college.

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