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Met Museum Returns 10th-Century Cambodian Statues

Two ancient stone statues that have been on display at New York's Metropolitan Museum for nearly 20 years are being returned to Cambodia.

Cambodian officials and Buddhist monks planned a welcome home ceremony for the 10th-century statues at the country's international airport on Tuesday.

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Musical Revolution Flowers in Remote Russian City

In a provincial music institute a thousand kilometers from Moscow, deep in Russia's Urals, a conductor and his orchestra rehearse as the spring light floods through the windows and the local trams rumble by.

But despite the far-flung location in the city of Perm, these musicians are no provincial journeymen. They are the Greek Teodor Currentzis, 41, one of the world's mostly highly-regarded conductors, and his Musica Aeterna band of Russian and European musicians.

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Witch Hunts in Papua New Guinea Linked to Jealousy

On a tropical island in Papua New Guinea where most people live in huts, a mob armed with guns, machetes and axes stormed a wooden house by night. They seized Helen Rumbali and three female relatives, set the building on fire and took the women away to be tortured. Their alleged crime: Witchcraft.

After being repeatedly slashed with knives, Rumbali's older sister and two teenage nieces were released following negotiations with police. Rumbali, a 40-something former schoolteacher, was beheaded.

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Young, Urban Women: The Face of Turkey's Protest Movement

They are young, urban and well-educated, and for the past week they have been sleeping in an Istanbul park: meet the women on the frontline of Turkey's mass anti-government protests.

"We are the women Erdogan would like to see staying at home," said actress Sevi Algan, 37, referring to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who protesters say is forcing his conservate, Islamic values on the mainly Muslim but staunchly secular nation.

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Great Wall of Trouble for Chinese Farmer

At the farthest end of the Great Wall, Yang Yongfu limps along the section he arduously restored, in effect "privatizing" it and putting himself on a collision course with the authorities.

The farmer spent five million yuan ($800,000) and years of backbreaking work renovating several hundred meters of the national symbol deep in northwestern China, turning it into a tourist site.

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Spain Hesitates on Contentious Abortion Reform

Despite ramming through austerity measures that sparked popular protest in the streets, Spain's right-leaning government seems to be hesitating on a potentially more divisive reform: tightening the abortion law.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's Popular Party promised, in a manifesto ahead of its 2011 election victory, "to reinforce protection of the right to life".

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Romania Stages Gay Pride as Same-Sex Marriage Ban Looms

Romania's homosexual community takes to the streets for a Gay Pride parade on Saturday but a controversial amendment to the constitution banning same-sex marriage threatens to overshadow the event.

Hundreds of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists and sympathizers are expected to join the march in downtown Bucharest, an annual event which in previous years was marred by minor disturbances.

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French Geographers Publish Global Atlas on Sexuality

Where are people most unfaithful? Who uses sex toys? On a darker level, where is child rape more prevalent? French geographers have tried to answer these questions and others in a global atlas on sexuality.

From legislation and the dynamics of couples to prostitution and violence, the book maps out the evolution of sexual habits and acts around the world by collating various surveys, figures and reports already available.

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Boston Hospital Cleaning 2,500-Year-Old Mummy

A 2,500-year-old Egyptian mummy came out of his coffin Friday to undergo cleaning and restoration at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The mummy known as Padihershef has been on display at the third oldest general hospital in the United States since it received him as a gift from the city of Boston in 1823 as a medical oddity. He is one of the first complete mummies brought to the United States.

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New York Readies Major Le Corbusier Show

Nearly half a century after his death, New York's Museum of Modern Art will pay homage to celebrated French architect and designer Le Corbusier in a major exhibit that opens next week.

The extensive show will focus on the way Le Corbusier viewed and observed different landscapes throughout his career, featuring his early watercolors and models of his large-scale projects.

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