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French Senate Demands Probe into Macron Aides over Bodyguard Scandal

A French senate commission on Wednesday demanded an investigation into three close aides of President Emmanuel Macron after finding "major flaws" in the government's handling of a scandal involving an ex-bodyguard. 

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France Rallies to Denounce Anti-Semitic Insults at Protests

Mass rallies are planned in Paris and other French cities Tuesday to denounce a flare-up of anti-Semitic acts which culminated in a violent tirade against a prominent writer during "yellow vest" anti-government protests last weekend.

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French to Mark Three Months of 'Yellow Vest' Protests

Demonstrators are to hit French city streets again Saturday, marking three months of "yellow vest" protests as a poll now suggests that most of the country wants them to stop.

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Recalled French Ambassador Set to Return to Rome

The French ambassador to Italy, who was recalled last week during a spat between the two countries, is to return to Rome on Friday, France's European affairs minister said.

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Italy's Salvini Says Ready to Talk to Ease France Spat

Italy's far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Monday he was ready to meet his French counterpart "this week" for talks following a spat which saw France recalling its ambassador from Rome.

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Australia Signs Massive Sub Deal with French Firm

Australia formally signed a Aus$50 billion "strategic partnership" with France to build 12 state of the art submarines Monday, a signal of Canberra's willingness to project power across the Pacific.

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Paris Tells Lebanon It's Committed to CEDRE Funds

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire on Sunday reassured Prime Minister Saad Hariri during a meeting in Dubai that Paris is committed to pay what it had pledged at the CEDRE economic conference.

“We discussed the means to implement the reforms in Lebanon and I wanted to stress to PM Hariri that France fully supports the implementation of these reforms,” Le Maire said after the meeting.

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France Takes Dig at Italy's Recession

The French government took a dig at Italy's populist leaders and the country's economic problems on Friday, while defending its decision to recall its ambassador to Rome.

Paris summoned back its ambassador in Rome for consultations on Thursday for the first time since World War II, a symbolic move that underlined the depths of ill-will between the two capitals.

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France Recalls Italy Envoy over 'Unprecedented' Criticism

France's foreign ministry said Thursday it had recalled its ambassador to Rome for consultations after a series of "provocations" by leaders of Italy's populist government.

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French Yellow Vest Movement Dogged by Intolerance, Extremism

Intolerance and conspiracy theories have haunted the margins of France's "yellow vest" movement since the first protests over fuel taxes roused the discontented middle of French society.

The men and women in fluorescent safety vests blocking traffic and intimidating shoppers on the famed Champs-Elysees Avenue vent a range of grievances against the government.

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