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Indian Kids Eat Live Fish as Treatment to Asthma

Campaigners in India have demanded that children under 14 be banned from swallowing live fish in a traditional treatment for asthma administered at a festival every year in June.

Hundreds of thousands of sufferers gather annually in Hyderabad in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh to gulp down small live fish and a special herb paste.

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New MRSA 'Superbug' Found in Cow's Milk

An entirely new strain of the drug-resistant MRSA superbug has been found in cow's milk and people in Britain and Denmark, a study published on Friday said.

The previously unseen variant "potentially poses a public health problem," said lead researcher Mark Holmes, senior lecturer in preventive veterinary medicine at Britain's Cambridge University.

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Food Pyramid Out, 'My Plate' In for Healthy Eating

There's a new U.S. symbol for healthful eating: The Agriculture Department unveiled "My Plate" on Thursday, abandoning the food pyramid that had guided many Americans but merely confused others.

The new guide is divided into four slightly different-sized quadrants, with fruits and vegetables taking up half the space and grains and protein making up the other half. The vegetables and grains portions are the largest of the four.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Campaign Seeks to Raise Awareness

The ministry of health launched the first Rheumatoid Arthritis National campaign in Lebanon to educate people on the importance of early detection.

The campaign was launched on Wednesday in cooperation with the Lebanese Society of Rheumatology, the Association of Arthritis Patients in Lebanon ‘IRADA’ and Hoffmann-La Roche.

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'Octomom' Doctor Stripped of Medical License in U.S.

The fertility doctor who helped a woman give birth to octuplets in 2009 will be stripped of his license by the California Medical Board because of "gross negligence."

The board revoked Dr. Michael Kamrava's license effective July 1, according to documents on its website alleging a number of cases of malpractice, chief among them the creation of the tabloid sensation dubbed "Octomom."

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China Bans Tainted Food Imports From Taiwan

China on Wednesday banned imports of some food products and additives from Taiwan after authorities in Taipei warned they were tainted with a chemical used in plastics, prompting a health scare.

The ban affects products including sports drinks, fruit juices and jams that Taipei said contained excessive amounts of DEHP, China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said in a statement.

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Autism Awareness Scant as Crisis Mounts

Activists and experts pressed the U.S. Congress on Tuesday to do more to help promote worldwide awareness of autism, which they said is becoming an escalating health crisis.

"Autism is a 'developmental disability pandemic.' It is largely under recognized, under appreciated in its impact and under resourced," argued Representative Chris Smith of New Jersey, who leads a House subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Human Rights.

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WHO Says Mobile Phone Use May Cause Cancer

Mobile phone users may be at increased risk from brain cancer and should use texting and free-hands devices to reduce exposure, the World Health Organization’s cancer experts said.

Radio-frequency electromagnetic fields generated by such devices are "possibly carcinogenic to humans," the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) announced at the end of an eight-day meeting in Lyon, France.

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Philippines Warns Tainted Drink Could Shrink Testes

Taiwan and the Philippines have warned some sport drinks may have been contaminated with a chemical that could cause infertility and block boys' sex organ development, officials said Tuesday.

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration is monitoring some imported Taiwanese sport drinks, fruit juices and soft drinks that Taipei said may contain excessive amounts of DEHP, the agency's spokeswoman Jesusa Joyce Cirunay said.

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Oxfam Says 'Perfect Storm' Looms for World's Food Supplies

Oxfam called on Tuesday for an overhaul of the world's food system, warning that in a couple of decades, millions more people would be gripped by hunger due to population growth and climate-hit harvests.

A "broken food system" means that the price of some staples will more than double by 2030, battering the world's poorest people, who spend up to 80 percent of their income on food, the British-based aid group predicted.

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