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UNAIDS at Vatican Conference: Pope's HIV-condom View Helpful

The head of the U.N. AIDS agency told a Vatican conference on AIDS Saturday that Pope Benedict XVI's comments about the use of condoms in preventing HIV transmission had opened new prospects for dialogue with the U.N.

Dr. Michel Sidibe, executive director of UNAIDS, said it will help strengthen the fight for greater access to treatment for those afflicted. Sidibe said Benedict's views were important, even if differences remain between the U.N. and Catholic Church.

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Cigarette Health Warnings Push Smokers to Quit

Warnings on cigarette packets about the dangers of tobacco push smokers to kick the habit, and graphic images depicting human suffering are the most effective, a study released Thursday shows.

Nearly all adult smokers in countries where a World Health Organization (WHO) convention requires health warnings on tobacco products noticed the warnings, and more than half of smokers in six of 14 countries in the study said the warnings made them think about quitting, says the study.

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German Salad Warning After Food Poisoning Deaths

Germany has warned consumers to be especially careful when eating tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers which are believed to be responsible for an outbreak of food poisoning that has left three dead.

Initial findings by the Robert Koch Institute, the national disease center, "indicate that the most recent contamination by EHEC (enterohaemorrhagic E. coli) is most probably due to consumption of raw tomatoes, cucumbers and leaf salad," the ministry for consumer protection said late Wednesday.

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Neurologists from US, Italy, Mexico Win Prince of Asturias Prize

Scientists from the United States, Italy and Mexico, were on Wednesday awarded Spain's prestigious Prince of Asturias prize for their research into brain-related disorders.

Joseph Altman, Arturo Alvarez-Buylla and Giacomo Rizzolatti were named joint winners of the Prince of Asturias Prize for Technical and Scientific Research.

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Suspected Deadly E. Coli Outbreak in Germany

German authorities reported Tuesday three suspected deaths from a strain of the E. coli bacterium and warned more were likely because of a "scarily high" number of new infections.

"The number of serious cases in such a short time period is very unusual, and the age groups affected is also atypical," said the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Germany's national disease control and prevention agency.

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Cultured People Happier, Less Stressed

People who go to museums and concerts or create art or play an instrument are more satisfied with their lives, regardless of how educated or rich they are, according to a study released Tuesday.

But the link between culture and feeling good about oneself is not quite the same in both sexes, according to the study, published in the British Medical Association's Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

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Court Says Widow Can Use Dead Husband's Sperm

An Australian woman on Monday won a court battle to use her dead husband's sperm to have a baby in a landmark case in New South Wales, where IVF treatment is banned without consent of the donor.

Jocelyn Edwards, 40, and husband Mark had discussed fertility treatment after she failed to fall pregnant and they were due to sign in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) consent forms on August 6 last year.

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Australia Rules Out Total Smoking Ban

Australia plans the world's toughest laws on tobacco promotion but Health Minister Nicola Roxon denied Sunday the government's ultimate goal was a complete ban on smoking.

Under proposed legislation, due to take effect next year, all logos will be removed from cigarette packets, which must be a drab olive-green color and be plastered with graphic health warnings.

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Paralyzed Man Freely Moves After Getting Implant

After Rob Summers was paralyzed below the chest in a car accident in 2006, his doctors told him he would never stand again. They were wrong.

Despite intensive physical therapy for three years, Summers' condition hadn't improved. So in 2009, doctors implanted an electrical stimulator onto the lining of his spinal cord to try waking up his damaged nervous system. Within days, Summers, 25, stood without help. Months later, he wiggled his toes, moved his knees, ankles and hips, and was able to take a few steps on a treadmill.

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Diet Booster Wards off Pregnancy Syndrome

A dietary supplement of amino acid and antioxidant vitamins can reduce the risk for pregnant women of a dangerous condition called pre-eclampsia, according to a study released Friday.

Affecting five percent of first-time pregnancies, pre-eclampsia leads to abnormally high blood pressure, protein build-up in urine, and swelling in the feet and ankles.

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