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New York Times Moving Some Hong Kong Staff over Security Law

The New York Times on Wednesday said it was moving its digital news hub from Hong Kong to South Korea as a result of a national security law Beijing imposed on the city last month and trouble obtaining visas.

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Hong Kong Police Arrest 180 Protesters, Seven under New Security Law

Hong Kong police said they had arrested at least 180 people Wednesday -- including seven under a new national security law -- as thousands of protesters defied a ban to rally on the anniversary of the city's handover to China.

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Hong Kong Police Stamp out National Anthem Law Protests

Hong Kong police cast a dragnet around the financial hub's legislature on Wednesday and fired pepper-ball rounds in the commercial district as they stamped down on protests against a bill banning insults to China's national anthem.

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Hong Kong Gyms, Bars and Cinemas Reopen as Virus Measures Ease

Hong Kong on Friday began to ease major social distancing measures with bars, gyms, beauty parlours and cinemas reopening their doors after the financial hub largely halted local transmissions of the deadly coronavirus.

Queues formed outside gyms in the semi-autonomous Chinese city on Friday morning for employees to check temperatures as people celebrated the return of some normalcy to the city.

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Police on Alert in Hong Kong ahead of Planned Democracy Rallies

Riot police hit Hong Kong's streets on Friday ahead of planned rallies by pro-democracy protesters who were looking to defy restrictions on gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic to voice anger against authoritarian Chinese rule.

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Third Day of Christmas Clashes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong endured a third straight day of political unrest over the Christmas period Thursday as police and pro-democracy protesters clashed inside shopping malls.

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Seven Hong Kong Airlines Planes Impounded by Authority

Cash-strapped carrier Hong Kong Airlines has had seven idle planes impounded at the city's airport after it failed to make payments, authorities said Tuesday, with the firm hit by a plunge in tourist numbers caused by long-running protests.

The Airport Authority announced the seized planes under an ordinance that addresses overdue charges.

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2019: A Look Back at a Year of Turmoil

The year 2019 saw an explosion of demonstrations across the world as people demanded an overhaul of entrenched political systems and action on climate change.

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Hong Kong Police Enter Ransacked Campus after Protest Siege

Hong Kong police on Thursday entered a ransacked university campus where authorities faced off for days with barricaded pro-democracy protesters, looking for petrol bombs and other dangerous materials left over from the occupation.

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Pope in Japan Meets Victims, Voices Concern over Nuke Power

Pope Francis voiced concern about nuclear power Monday after meeting with victims of Japan's 2011 nuclear disaster, saying the development of future energy sources must take environmental considerations into account.

Francis didn't explicitly urge a ban on nuclear energy during his emotional encounter with victims. But he recalled that Japan's Catholic bishops called for the abolition of nuclear power plants in the aftermath of the "triple disaster," in which three reactors at a nuclear plant in Fukushima melted down after an earthquake triggered a tsunami.

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