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Qaouq: Bellemare’s Requests Consolidate Divisions Among Lebanese

Hizbullah official in the south Sheikh Nabil Qaouq has said that Special Tribunal for Lebanon Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare’s requests for data and information on the Lebanese consolidate divisions in the country.

Qaouq said the objectives of Bellemare and the U.S. won’t be achieved after a change in the parliamentary majority that is now led by Hizbullah.

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Williams after Meeting Bassil: Demarcating Maritime Border Should Stand as Obstacle for Drilling for Oil

U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams revealed on Thursday that the international organization is currently studying the best way to assist Lebanon in drilling for petroleum in the Mediterranean and demarcating its maritime border.

He made his statements after holding talks with Caretaker Energy Minister Jebran Bassil on the political situation in Lebanon and the economic challenges facing it, as well as the government formation process.

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Lebanon Aware of Mediterranean Gas Fields Since 1969, U.S. Warships Studied them in 2009

The Lebanese government has been aware of the gas fields in the Mediterranean Sea since 1969, reveal al-Balad French on Wednesday.

A source close to the White House said that the United States also knew of them.

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Report: Hof Visited Syria over Syrian-Israeli Peace

Frederick Hof, the assistant of U.S. Special Envoy for the Middle East George Mitchell, visited Damascus lately and discussed with Syrian officials the Syrian-Israeli peace track, An-Nahar reported Wednesday.

Israel's defense minister said Monday that his country would be ready to talk peace with Syria if Damascus was serious about doing so — a sharp departure from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's go-slow approach to peacemaking while the Middle East is in turmoil.

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Massive Anti-regime Protest in Sanaa as Saleh Blames U.S., Israel for Revolts

Vast numbers of protesters poured into a square in Yemen's capital Sanaa Tuesday for a massive anti-regime rally, as President Ali Abdullah Saleh blamed the U.S. and Israel for a wave of Arab revolts.

Protesters crowded three streets leading to a square near Sanaa University, where students and pro-democracy demonstrators have been camped for more than a week.

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Berri Defends Hizbullah’s Arms and Challenges Hariri

Speaker Nabih Berri snapped back at Caretaker Premier Saad Hariri saying a country’s “capital would collapse if there is no presence of strong arms on its border.”

“This is exactly what happened in 1982,” Berri told As Safir daily in remarks published Tuesday. “Hadn’t the resistance planted its seeds in the infamous Khalde battle, Israel wouldn’t have gradually pulled out.”

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Ban Urges Lebanese Officials to Prevent Supporters from Using Arms

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon lamented that the latest confrontation between March 8 and 14 forces was accompanied by “sectarian” and “inflammatory” remarks.

In his 15th report on the implementation of Security Council resolution 1701, Ban said Lebanon has been witnessing a political crisis over the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

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Barak: Syria Might be Willing to Make Peace Deal

Israel's defense minister said Monday his country must look beyond the risks that might arise from the changes sweeping the Mideast and seek opportunities to move peacemaking forward — including possible peace talks with Syria.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Israel Radio that Syria appears to be signaling it might be willing to reach an accord.

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Rocket Fired from Gaza Hits Israel

A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip hit Israeli territory on Sunday morning, raising Israel's alert level but causing no damage or casualties, according to Israel's military and police.

The latest rocket, which the military's spokeswoman said struck a field in the Eshkol region in southern Israel, comes after a string of Israeli air raids targeting militant training camps across the Gaza Strip on Saturday night.

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Israel Worried Russian Missiles Would End up in Hizbullah’s Hands

Israel has expressed concern over Russia’s decision to fulfill its contract to supply Syria with cruise missiles, saying they could end up in the hands of Hizbullah.

"The question of these missiles' delivery to Syria really has triggered a negative reaction in Israel," the Israeli ambassador to Moscow, Dorit Golender, told the Interfax news agency.

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