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Hashem: Indictment Before Dec. 15

MP Qassem Hashem of Speaker Nabih Berri's AMAL Movement on Monday said the indictment by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon has been "completed."

"The indictment has been completed and semi-finalized," he told al-Jadid television channel, adding that media leaks confirm that it will be issued before Dec. 15.

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Miqdad: Hizbullah Does Not Fear Indictment

Hizbullah MP Ali al-Miqdad said leaks that the indictment in the Hariri murder case will be issued soon "aim at creating confusion in Lebanon."

Such leaks are an "attempt to explore how the situation will be dealt with after issuance of the indictment," Miqdad told al-Manar TV.

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Qaouq: Indictment's Goals Have Failed before Resistance's Unity, So What are they Bargaining on?

Hizbullah official Nabil Qaouq stated on Monday that the release of the indictment in the investigation into the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri will mark a new phase in Lebanon.

He said: "History will note that the phase after the indictment is not the same as the phase preceding it."

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Harb: Trying False Witnesses is Achieved through Lebanese Judiciary

Labor Minister Butros Harb stressed on Monday that Hizbullah and its allies' demands to uncover the truth in the false witnesses case can be achieved through the Lebanese judiciary.

He said after holding talks with the Swiss Ambassador to Lebanon Ruth Flint that these demands can be achieved through the normal judiciary, and not the justice council.

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Geagea Hits Back at Berri, Syria's Miqdad: Lebanon Won't Return to Syria, Not Vise Versa

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Monday hit back at Speaker Nabih Berri and Syria's deputy Foreign Minister Faisal al-Miqdad.

"Lebanon will not return to Syrian hands," and not vise versa, Geagea told Radio Free Lebanon.

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WikiLeaks: Hariri Afraid Next Israel War Would Kill March 14

Prime Minister Saad Hariri told former U.S. Ambassador Michele Sison he feared another war with Israel would mean the "death" of his pro-Western March 14 alliance, leaked cables showed Monday.

A document reportedly obtained by whistleblowing website WikiLeaks and published on the website of local daily al-Akhbar quoted Hariri as saying he believed Hizbullah would rise again should there be another round of violence.

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Top 3 Leaders Meet as Talks Among Officials Gather Pace

President Michel Suleiman, Speaker Nabih Berri and Premier Saad Hariri will meet on Monday on the occasion of the launching of the judicial year, ministerial sources told An Nahar newspaper.

Meetings among officials will gather pace with the return of Hariri to Beirut, they said.

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Suleiman Meets Jumblat, Announcement of Consultation Results Not Looming in Horizon

President Michel Suleiman ends consultations with top Lebanese officials on Monday after holding talks with Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat.

A source involved in the consultations that Suleiman started at Baabda palace last week, told An Nahar newspaper that the president would not announce the results of his talks anytime soon.

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Berri Accuses March 14 of Crippling Government: Ball in Suleiman, Hariri's Court

arliament Speaker Nabih Berri accused the majority March 14 coalition of paralyzing the Government.

Berri dismissed accusations that the Hizbullah-led Opposition was crippling the Government.

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Rain Finally Arrives, Dousing Dozens of Forest Fires

Lebanon on Monday finally received the much-awaited rain that helped douse dozens of forest fires, including a 7-day blaze on the outskirts of the Jbeil town of Fatri.

"The sky saved the earth," said the Voice of Lebanon radio station.

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