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Filipina Nurse Kidnapped, Raped in Libya's Tripoli

Unknown kidnappers on Wednesday seized a Filipina nurse in the Libyan capital, held her for several hours and raped her, medics and security officials said.

A health ministry statement said the incident could push the Philippines government to speed up the evacuation of its citizens, 3,000 of whom work in Libya as doctors and nurses, as the country sinks further into chaos.

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Tunisia Can't Cope with Massive Libya Refugee Influx

Tunisia cannot cope with any massive influx of refugees who might seek to enter the country from strife-torn neighboring Libya and will close its border if necessary, the foreign minister said Wednesday.

"Our country's economic situation is precarious, and we cannot cope with hundreds of thousands of refugees," as was the case during the 2011 revolution that ousted Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, Mongi Hamdi told a press conference.

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Islamists Seize Key Benghazi Army Base as Tripoli Fire Rages

Islamist groups have seized the army special forces headquarters in Libya's Benghazi after days of fighting left at least 35 soldiers dead and plunged the country deeper into lawlessness.

An Islamist and jihadist alliance announced the capture of the main military base in the eastern city in a statement early Wednesday, which was confirmed by an army official.

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Libya ex-Deputy PM Kidnapped in Tripoli

An armed group abducted a former Libyan deputy prime minister and newly-elected MP, Mustapha Abu Shagur, in the capital Tripoli on Tuesday, his nephew said.

"Men in three cars kidnapped my uncle from his house and took him away to an unknown destination," Issam al-Naass told Agence France-Presse.

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France, Canada Evacuating Nationals from Libya, Portugal and Netherlands Shut Embassies

France was evacuating its nationals from Libya on Tuesday amid increasing lawlessness and unrest, a government source said, after similar moves by other European nations.

There are less than 100 French nationals in Libya and they will be taken out of the country by ship, the source said, adding that the operation would be over by the afternoon.

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Tripoli Fire Rages as Libya Warplane Crashes during Benghazi Fighting

A huge blaze raged for a third day at a fuel depot near Tripoli's airport Tuesday, while a paramilitary warplane crashed in Libya's second city Benghazi during fighting with Islamists.

Amid increasing lawlessness and uncertainty, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Canada and Bulgaria became the latest nations to ship out their citizens or close their embassies in Tripoli.

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Italian Fire-fighting Planes to Combat Libya Oil Depot Inferno

The Italian government and national energy giant ENI will send seven fire-fighting planes to help combat an inferno raging at an oil depot on the outskirts of Tripoli, Libyan authorities said Tuesday.

Italy will also send teams to help firefighters try to tackle the blaze, which was sparked during fighting Sunday night between Libyan militias and has been raging ever since, a government statement said.

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Maltese Worker Kidnapped in Libya Freed

A Maltese worker who was abducted by Libyan rebels on the outskirts of Tripoli on July 17 has been freed and arrived home safely in Valletta on Monday, authorities said.

Martin Galea, 40, a health and safety professional who worked for an oil and gas company, appeared to be in good health but was taken to hospital for a thorough examination.

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2nd Tripoli Fuel Depot Ablaze, in 'Very Dangerous' Turn

Libya said a second fuel depot caught fire Monday in Tripoli, in a "very dangerous" development following a huge oil tank blaze triggered by clashes around the capital's airport.

"The situation is very dangerous after a second fire broke out at another petroleum depot," the government said, warning of a "disaster with unforeseeable consequences".

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Libya Denies Egyptians Killed in Tripoli Attack

Libya on Monday denied claims from Cairo that Egyptian nationals were among those killed in a rocket attack on a house in Tripoli at the weekend.

Egypt's foreign ministry had said a rocket hit a house in the capital on Saturday, killing 23 people, including several Egyptians.

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