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U.S. Envoy Issues Warning on Extremism during Libya Visit

The second-ranking U.S. diplomat warned on Thursday during a visit to Libya that the threat of extremism is an "enormous challenge" for the North African country and the international community.

William Burns is the most senior American official to travel to Libya since an assault on the U.S. consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi killed four Americans, including ambassador Chris Stevens, in 2012.

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U.S. Envoy in Libya amid Political Turmoil

A top U.S. diplomat was visiting Libya on Wednesday to meet government officials, amid political upheaval in the North African country, the State Department said.

Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns was in Tripoli to meet with senior Libyan officials including interim prime minister Abdullah al-Thani and leaders of Libya's parliament, the General National Congress, the State Department said in a statement.

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Bahrain Captures Two Escaped Inmates

Bahraini authorities caught two inmates Wednesday after their escape from a main jail prompted the dismissal of the Gulf kingdom's prisons chief, the interior ministry said.

The pair who escaped on Monday were being held over their alleged involvement in Shiite-led protests in the kingdom, where the Sunni monarchy crushed a February 2011 uprising backed by the Shiite majority, according to lawyers.

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Libya Body Charged with Drawing Up Charter Starts Work

Libya's constituent assembly, which has been charged with drawing up a new constitution, launched its work Monday in Al-Baida, in the country's east where violence has been rife since the 2011 revolt.

Dozens of officials, tribal chiefs and civil society representatives took part in the ceremony amid tightened security measures.

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Jihadist Group in Libya Releases Video of Sobbing Hostage

A Jihadist group in Libya released a video on Monday showing a kidnapped hostage from the Tunisian embassy pleading with the authorities in Tunis to negotiate with his captors.

The hostage, Mohamed ben Sheikh, is shown crying during the five minute video as he calls on Tunisia's president to help rescue him from his plight.

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Seven Candidates Stand for Post of Libya Prime Minister

The Libyan parliament on Sunday began hearing seven candidates who are vying to replace prime minister Abdullah al-Thani who quit last week just days after his appointment.

Thani announced he was stepping down on April 13, five days after the General National Congress, or parliament, tasked him with forming a new cabinet, saying he had been the victim of an attack.

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Kidnappers of Diplomat Want Tunis to Free Jailed Libyans

Tunis said Friday that the kidnappers of a Tunisian diplomat in Tripoli and an embassy colleague are demanding the release of Libyans jailed in Tunisia on terrorism charges.

Al-Aroussi Kontassi, the diplomat, was abducted Thursday in the Libyan capital, a month after Tunisian embassy employee Mohamed ben Sheikh was seized in Tripoli.

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Tunisian Diplomat Kidnapped in Libya

A Tunisian diplomat was kidnapped Thursday in Tripoli in unknown circumstances, a Libyan security source told Agence France Presse, just two days after armed men seized Jordan's ambassador.

A Tunisian source confirmed the abduction and identified the diplomat as Al-Aroussi Kontassi, without giving further details.

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Libyan Guard at U.S. Embassy Missing, Believed Kidnapped

A female Libyan security guard at the U.S. embassy in Tripoli, who disappeared after leaving work on Monday night, was "likely" kidnapped, the mission's spokesman said.

While it was not immediately known if there was any connection with the woman's work, the news came after gunmen abducted Jordan's ambassador as he traveled to work in Tripoli Tuesday morning, shooting at his car and wounding his driver.

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Gunmen Kidnap Jordan Envoy to Libya

Masked gunmen kidnapped Jordan's ambassador to Libya as he rode to work in Tripoli on Tuesday, shooting at his car and wounding his driver, officials said.

It was the latest targeting of Libyan leaders and foreign diplomats in the increasingly lawless North African country, three years after NATO-backed rebels ousted autocratic leader Moammar Gadhafi.

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