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Libya Unity Govt Protests at 'Untruths' in UN Report

Libya's Government of National Accord has protested at what it said were "untruths" in UN envoy Ghassan Salame's latest report on the conflict in the North African country.

Fayed al-Sarraj, head of the UN-recognised GNA which is based in Tripoli, summoned Salame on Wednesday "to deliver a protest note over untruths" in his report to the United Nations Security Council, it said.

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Libya Government Forces Say Repel Haftar Attack on Tripoli

Forces loyal to Libya's UN-recognised government said they fought off a "major" attack on the capital Tripoli led by strongman Khalifa Haftar that left casualties on both sides.

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Libya Demands Urgent Answers over French Missiles Found at Pro-Haftar Base

Libya's internationally recognised government on Thursday demanded urgent answers after Paris conceded French missiles were found at a base used by strongman Khalifa Haftar whose forces are fighting to take over the capital Tripoli.

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From Libya to Texas, Tragedies Illustrate Plight of Migrants

They are trapped in squalid detention centers on Libya's front lines. They wash up on the banks of the Rio Grande. They sink without a trace — in the Mediterranean, in the Pacific or in waterways they can't even name. A handful fall out of airplanes' landing gear.

As their choices narrow on land and at sea, migrants are often seen as a political headache in the countries they hope to reach and ignored in the countries they flee. Most live in limbo, but recent tragedies have focused attention on the risks they face and the political constraints at the root of them.

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Outcry as Dozens Killed in Airstrike on Libya Migrant Center

International condemnation mounted on Wednesday after more than 40 migrants were killed in an air strike on a detention centre in Libya that the U.N. said could constitute a war crime.

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Six Turks Held by Haftar's Forces Freed in Libya

Six Turkish sailors held by forces led by Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar have been freed, a Turkish foreign ministry official said on Monday.

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Haftar Vows Attacks on Turkish Assets in Libya

Strongman Khalifa Haftar has threatened to attack Turkish interests in Libya after suffering a serious setback in his push to take the capital Tripoli, accusing Ankara of backing his rivals. 

Anti-Haftar forces supporting Libya's internationally recognised government announced Wednesday they had retaken the strategic town of Gharyan in a surprise attack, seizing the main supply base for Haftar's months-long offensive.

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Libya Committing Suicide, Squandering Oil Riches, Says UN Envoy

UN envoy Ghassan Salame has bitterly denounced the conflict in Libya saying it is "committing suicide" and plundering its oil wealth to pay for the war.

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Hafter's Rule Brings Security to Eastern Libya, at a Cost

After years of assassinations, bombings and militia firefights, Libya's eastern city of Benghazi finally feels safe again — but security has come at a heavy cost.

Uniformed police are out at major intersections, cafes and restaurants stay open late into the night, and local groups hold art exhibitions and festivals. But the city center lies in ruins, thousands remain displaced, and forces loyal to commander Khalifa Hifter, who now controls eastern Libya, have cracked down on dissent.

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Libyans Band Together to Help Tripoli's Displaced

Peering through the gate of a home in the western suburbs of Libya's war-torn capital, seven-year-old Chehab shyly looked on as children streamed down the nearby street.

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