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Libya Pro-Govt. Forces Preparing 'Decisive' Sirte Assault

Libya's unity government forces said Tuesday they were preparing for a final assault on the Islamic State group's stronghold of Sirte, after repelling multiple counter-attacks from the surrounded jihadists.

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Libya Car Bombing Kills 10 Anti-IS Fighters

A suicide car bombing on Thursday killed 10 members of forces allied to Libya's unity government who are fighting the Islamic State jihadist group, hospital sources said.

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Pro-Govt. Forces Repel IS Counter-Attack in Libya's Sirte

Forces allied with Libya's unity government said Wednesday they had repelled a counter-attack by the Islamic State group in the jihadists' coastal stronghold of Sirte.

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U.N. to Authorize EU Operation to Enforce Libya Arms Embargo

The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday was set to authorize an EU naval force to enforce the arms embargo on Libya by intercepting ships suspected of carrying weapons to the Islamic State group and other militias.

The 15-member council was to vote on a resolution drafted by Britain and France that would expand the mission of Operation Sophia, which has been combating migrant-smuggling in the Mediterranean.

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Libya PM Calls for Unity behind Anti-IS Sirte Offensive

The head of Libya's unity government on Tuesday urged Libyans to rally behind forces battling to retake the city of Sirte from the Islamic State group.

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Libyan Pro-Govt. Advance Slows as IS Hits Back in Sirte

An intense fightback by the Islamic State group in Libya's Sirte slowed an advance by pro-government forces Monday into the jihadists' North African stronghold.

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Libya's Sirte: From Gadhafi to the Jihadist IS

Forces allied with Libya's unity government are closing in on Islamic State group fighters in Sirte in a month-long operation aimed at ousting the jihadists from their North African stronghold.

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IS Bombers Hit Libya Pro-Govt. Forces as Sirte Battle Rages

Forces allied with Libya's unity government battled Sunday to retake the Islamic State group's last redoubts in its stronghold of Sirte, facing fierce resistance including a series of suicide car bombings.

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Libya Unity Govt. Forces Enter IS Bastion

Fighting raged for control of the Islamic State group's Libya stronghold of Sirte after unity government forces on Thursday battled their way into the center of the city.

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Libya PM Rules out International Military Intervention

The prime minister of Libya's U.N.-backed unity government has ruled out an international military intervention to fight the Islamic State group, which has had a growing presence in the country since 2014.

Some 25 nations including the United States and Russia agreed last month to help Libya arm itself against the jihadists, but Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj told French newspaper Journal du Dimanche he would not allow foreign troops on the ground.

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