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Libya Unity Government Bolsters Control despite Setback

Libya's new unity leaders worked to tighten their hold on Tripoli Thursday, taking over the website of a rival authority in the capital whose head is refusing to stand aside.

A week after arriving by sea with a naval escort, the U.N.-backed unity cabinet appears to be winning the support of key institutions that control Libya's wealth and, crucially, militias in the capital.

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Fayez al-Sarraj: Novice Politician Trying to Unite Libya

Libyan prime minister-designate Fayez al-Sarraj, who is facing the huge task of uniting a country ravaged by divisions, is a novice politician but comes from a family with deep political roots.

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U.N. Libya Envoy Meets Unity Government after Arriving in Tripoli

The U.N. Libya envoy traveled to Tripoli and met the new prime minister designate Tuesday, in the latest sign an internationally backed unity government is asserting its authority over the capital.

Martin Kobler flew into Tripoli for his first visit since Fayez al-Sarraj arrived with members of his cabinet in the capital last week.

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Libya's National Oil Corporation Backs Unity Government

Libya's National Oil Corporation has thrown its support behind a UN-backed unity government, a key pledge to a cabinet rejected by rival forces who seek to control the country's oil wealth.

Founded in 1970, the NOC is based in the capital Tripoli where Libya's Central Bank -- the depositor of the country's oil wealth -- also has its headquarters.

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Support Grows for Libya's New Unity Government

Libya's U.N.-backed unity government has won increasing pledges of loyalty as it gradually exerts its authority in the face of strong opposition from rival political forces in the conflict-wracked country.

Libya's warring sides are under intense international pressure to cede power to prime minister-designate Fayez al-Sarraj, whose arrival in the capital on Wednesday angered a rival Tripoli-based government.

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'State of Emergency' Declared in Libya Capital

Authorities in control of Libya's capital on Friday declared a "maximum state of emergency" after a U.N.-backed unity government that they reject said its members would head to Tripoli to begin work.

The city is under the control of an administration backed by armed groups including Islamists that is not internationally recognized.

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7 Dead in Clashes West of Libyan Capital

At least seven people were killed in clashes Wednesday west of Tripoli between tribesmen and forces loyal to Libya's unrecognized government, an army officer said.

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U.N. Envoy Prevented from Flying to Tripoli

U.N envoy Martin Kobler said he was prevented from traveling Wednesday to the Libyan capital for his work on the installation of a new unity government.

Tripoli is under the control of an unrecognized administration backed by a coalition of militias including Islamists that opposes the new government from starting work inside the country.

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Libya's Neighbors Say Unity Govt. Must Take Office in Tripoli

Libya's neighbors on Tuesday called on the U.N.-backed government to take office as quickly as possible in Tripoli to help tackle the growing influence of jihadists threatening their stability.

The call was made at a ministerial meeting hosted by Tunisia and attended by delegates from Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Niger and Sudan, as well as the U.N. envoy to Libya.

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Tunisia Reopens Libya Border after Attack on nearby Town

Tunisia reopened its border crossings with Libya on Tuesday after a two-week closure in response to a deadly jihadist attack on a town near the frontier, the interior ministry said.

The move came as Tunisia hosted talks with other countries neighboring Libya on the threat posed by the growing Islamic State (IS) group presence in the lawless North African nation.

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