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Rats Break into ATM, Munch through $18,000 in Cash

Indian police on Thursday said rats nibbled through more than a million rupees of banknotes after busting into a cash machine in the country's northeast.

The rodent heist in Assam state was only detected by bank officials after locals complained that the ATM was faulty and had stopped dispensing cash, police in Tinkusia district told AFP.

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French Fighter Jets Go Quiet for School Exams

French students may be suffering one of the most stressful weeks of their young lives as they take their high school exams, but at least they won't be distracted by fighter jets.

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Woman Drowns in Prague Drains Playing GPS Treasure Hunt

A young woman drowned and a man is missing after they were caught inside Prague's drain system by torrential rains while participating in a global GPS-based treasure hunt, police said Sunday.

They were among a group of four people "geocaching" -- using their smartphone's GPS to search for little treasures hidden all over the world -- when the rapidly rising water from the storm trapped them in the Czech capital's underground drainage system on Saturday night.

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Beirut's Dapper Barber-on-a-Bike Offers Curbside Cuts

Dressed in an old straw hat and navy suspenders, Abo Tawila pedals around a southern district of Beirut. A rare sight in modern-day Lebanon, the young barber-on-a-bike is looking for his next customer. 

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London Introduces Contactless Payments for Buskers

London is introducing a contactless payment scheme for buskers in what organisers said would be a world first, Mayor Sadiq Khan said on Sunday as he unveiled a partnership with tech company iZettle.

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Spiderman's French Fairy Tale Sparks Migrant Pride and Envy

At the French migrant workers' hostel where "Spiderman" Mamoudou Gassama was sleeping on a floor before becoming a folk hero for saving a child, his exploits have triggered a wave of pride tinged with envy.

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Pair of Japanese Premium Melons Sell for Record $29,300

A single pair of premium melons on Saturday fetched a record 3.2 million yen ($29,300) at auction in Japan, where the fruit is regarded as a status symbol.

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Marauding Monkeys Injure Tourists at India's Taj Mahal

Indian officials on Tuesday urged tourists to steer clear of monkeys after two French visitors were attacked by apes while taking selfies at the Taj Mahal.

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Estonian Town Adopts Highly Popular Cannabis Leaf Logo

A rural Estonia town whose name literally means "cannabis" has voted to adopt a marijuana leaf as its official logo, a local official said Thursday. 

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Stop Leaving Us off the Map Says New Zealand PM

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has joined an online campaign launched by Kiwis tired of finding their remote South Pacific homeland missing from global maps.

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