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Porn Mogul Offers Job to Disgraced U.S. Lawmaker

Porn mogul Larry Flynt offered disgraced U.S. lawmaker Anthony Weiner a job Thursday, after the New York congressman resigned over a tawdry "sexting" scandal.

Hustler founder Flynt said he would pay Weiner, who posted pictures of his intimate anatomy to a number of women on Twitter, 20 percent more than what he earned in the House of Representatives.

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U.N. Rights Council Passes 'Historic' Gay Rights Resolution

The U.N. Human Rights Council passed Friday a historic resolution that seeks equal rights for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation, marking progress for gay rights despite strong Arab and African opposition.

The resolution was passed narrowly with 23 votes in favor, 19 against and three abstentions, after an emotional debate that saw African states accusing South Africa of breaking ranks with the region and siding with the West after it introduced the issue.

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U.S. Man Who Quit College in 1932 Graduates at 99

A man who dropped out of college just short of graduation in 1932 has earned his degree at age 99.

KTVZ-TV in Bend reports that Leo Plass, of Redmond, received his diploma a few days ago from Eastern Oregon University in La Grande.

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Japan Region to Cut Power Use with Siestas

As Japan looks to save electricity this summer amid its ongoing nuclear crisis, one regional government has come up with a novel solution not usually found in workplaces here -- siestas.

The government of central Gifu prefecture is urging its staff to go home for a nap between 1:00 and 3:00 pm to cut down on air conditioning and other power usage during the sweltering summer months of July to September.

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Ash Cloud Forces U.N. Chief to Spend Birthday on Bus

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was forced to rough it on an overnight bus to meet Argentine leaders on Monday because of Chile's volcanic ash cloud. Worse still -- it was his birthday.

Ban became the highest-profile person to fall victim as the eruption of Chile's Puyehue volcano, high in the Andes, entered a second week, spewing ash that has disrupted air travel from South America to Australia.

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Total Lunar Eclipse Set for Africa, Middle East, C. Asia Wednesday Night

Astronomers in parts of Europe, Africa, Central Asia and Australia were hoping for clear skies on Wednesday to enjoy a total lunar eclipse, the first of 2011 and the longest in nearly 11 years.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when Earth casts its shadow over the Moon.

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Fur Flies Over Philippine Facebook Puppy Pegger

Animal rights activists and thousands of members of the public expressed outrage Wednesday over a photo on Facebook showing a puppy pegged to a clothes line in the Philippines.

The photo was apparently posted by a young Filipino man on his Facebook account, where he initially ignored reprimands by pet lovers and boasted he would not be jailed for "washing" his dog.

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Finnish Foreign Ministry Wins Prize for Sauna Diplomacy

Finland's foreign ministry on Monday won the Steam Spirit Prize for promoting sauna culture abroad, organizers said, hailing Finnish diplomats for using saunas to help forge international relations.

"The prize is given for a deed, a person or an event promoting sauna culture. The recipient meets all these criteria," Sauna Society chairman Ben Grass said in a statement.

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Gandhi's Spectacles Missing from Museum

A pair of round-framed spectacles belonging to India's independence icon Mahatma Gandhi have gone missing from a museum in western India, officials said.

Staff at the Sevagram Ashram, a religious retreat some 75 kilometers (47 miles) from the city of Nagpur, noticed that the glasses had disappeared as they made preparations to mark the anniversary of its founding.

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World's First Mom-Daughter Womb Transplant

The world's first mother-daughter uterus transplant could take place next year in Sweden, the head of an international research team in the western Swedish city of Gothenburg said Tuesday.

"We have reached a stage where we have started to plan for a human transplant and we are investigating 10 pairs, most of those are mother and daughters," Mats Braenstroem told Agence France Presse, adding the first of such transplants could take place "hopefully at the beginning of next year."

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