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Super Typhoon Mangkhut Claims First Victim

Super Typhoon Mangkhut -- the biggest storm of the year -- smashed through the Philippines on Saturday, claiming its first victims as two women were killed when a rain-drench hillside collapsed on them and another drowned in Taiwan.

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Kuwait Expels Philippine Envoy amid Tensions over Domestic Workers

Kuwait said Wednesday it is expelling the Philippine ambassador and recalling its envoy from Manila as tensions rise over the treatment of domestic workers.

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Kuwait Condemns Manila Ban on Filipino Workers

Kuwait's foreign minister on Tuesday condemned what he called an "escalation" by Manila after the Philippines expanded a ban on its nationals working in Kuwait. 

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Philippines' Duterte Vows to Eat Militants after Beheadings

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to eat alive the Islamist militants behind the abduction and beheadings of two Vietnamese sailors in a furious reaction to the killings.

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Supreme Court Backs Martial Law in Southern Philippines

The Philippines' Supreme Court on Tuesday endorsed President Rodrigo Duterte's enforcement of martial law across the southern third of the country, which he said was necessary to defeat Islamic State group-backed militants.

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Islamic Militants Take Hostages at Philippine School

Islamic militants launched a day-long assault on a southern Philippine village Wednesday during which they held 31 people hostage inside a school, authorities said, raising fears of spreading violence as other jihadists fought a month-long urban war nearby.

Hundreds of gunmen attacked a lightly guarded military outpost at dawn, with some then taking over the school and using civilians as human shields throughout the day before fleeing at night, the military said.

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Philippines' Duterte Reignites Martial Law Fears

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte warned Thursday he may impose martial law and suspend elections for tens of thousands of local posts, fueling concerns about democracy under his rule.

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Philippine Dictator Allowed Hero's Burial in Controversial Court Ruling

Ex-Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos can be given a hero's burial, the Supreme Court decided Tuesday in a hugely controversial ruling which critics said would whitewash his crimes and divide the nation.

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Beijing to Reject Hague Ruling on South China Sea Case

Beijing will reject any ruling by an international tribunal in a contentious case brought by the Philippines over the South China Sea, the foreign ministry said, as tensions mount over the disputed waters.

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Philippines' Duterte Extremely 'Irresponsible', Say U.N. Experts

U.N. rights experts on Monday urged the Philippines' president elect Rodrigo Duterte to stop instigating deadly violence, especially against journalists, slamming his comments as dangerously irresponsible.

U.N. expert on summary executions Christof Heyns described recent remarks by Duterte as "irresponsible in the extreme, and unbecoming of any leader."

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