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Growing Pains for Spain's Podemos as Rifts Emerge

Podemos has risen at meteoric speed to become Spain's third political force in just two years, but rifts and tensions are starting to bruise the far-left party's image of watertight unity.

Led by the charismatic Pablo Iglesias, the party has been shaken by resignations and increasingly vocal regional discontent, just as it engages in delicate political maneuverings following inconclusive elections in December.

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Turkey Stability Fears as Kurdish Conflict Threatens to Escalate

Sunday's suicide car bombing in Ankara has raised fears of an escalation in Turkey's long-running Kurdish conflict, as the country grapples with the Islamic State threat while relying on a security system weakened by a political crackdown, analysts say.

No-one has claimed responsibility for the blast which killed 35 people in the heart of the Turkish capital, but the government has pointed the finger at the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), against which Ankara has waged a relentless assault since late last year.

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What Does Russian Withdrawal from Syria Mean for Moscow?

Russian President Vladimir Putin said his forces have "on the whole" completed their task in Syria as he ordered the surprise withdrawal of the bulk of Moscow's forces.

But questions remain over why the Kremlin has chosen this moment to scale back its intervention in Syria and what the move could mean for the protracted conflict, now entering its sixth year.

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Analysis: N. Korea Nuke Threat not all Bluff and Bluster

Skeptics of North Korea's nuclear threat, and there are many, have long clung to two comforting thoughts.

While the North has the bomb, it doesn't have a warhead small enough to put on a long-range rocket. And it certainly doesn't have a re-entry vehicle to keep that warhead from burning up in the atmosphere before it could reach a target like, as it has suggested before, Manhattan.

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'Omar the Chechen': Notorious, Red-bearded IS Warlord

A fierce, battle-hardened warlord with roots in Georgia and a thick red beard, Omar al-Shishani was one of the most notorious faces of the Islamic State jihadist group.

On Monday, the Pentagon confirmed that Shishani -- whose real name is Tarkhan Batirashvili -- died after being wounded in a U.S.-led coalition strike in northeastern Syria earlier this month.

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Right-Wing Populist AfD Shakes up German Political Landscape

The success of the anti-migrant AfD marks a turning point for Germany's usually stable and consensus-driven politics -- the rise of right-wing populists at the expense of old mainstream parties.

The accelerated splintering of the political landscape further erodes the moderate center, sparking disarray that will make coalition building more difficult, analysts warn.

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What would U.S. Foreign Policy Look Like under Trump?

But that hasn't stopped the billionaire real estate developer from making outrageous declarations on his foreign policy plans if elected president.

So far, the Republican frontrunner has said he would force Mexico to build a border wall to keep illegal immigrants out of the U.S. 

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Analysts: Rise of the Jihadists in Yemen may be Unstoppable

Rivals al-Qaida and the Islamic State group are cementing their presence in south Yemen in the absence of state authority and little opposition from pro-government Arab coalition forces, experts say.

For the first time since its campaign against Iran-backed Shiite rebels in Yemen began almost a year ago, warplanes from the Sunni Saudi-led coalition this weekend targeted jihadists in Aden.

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A Look at How the Syrian Conflict has Changed the World

The Syrian conflict has had outsized impact on global politics. Five ways the world has changed:


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Activists who Lit Syria Revolt Washed away in Migrant Wave

When hopeful pro-democracy activists in Syria took to the streets in 2011, they couldn't have imagined that five years later they might end up living as refugees in Europe.

Using smartphones to keep up with the news from camps and relatives' homes thousands of kilometers (miles) away, they mourn a revolt that gave way to an internationalized war.

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