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Sudan Military Rulers Invite protest Leaders for Talks

Sudan's ruling military council said Wednesday it has invited protest leaders for talks later in the day, as demonstrators continued to demand that it cede power to a civilian government.

"The military council invites the leaders of the Alliance for Freedom and Change to a meeting at the presidential palace this evening," a statement from the military body said.

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Sudan Tensions Escalate after Talks with Military Break Down

Tensions are rising in Sudan after talks broke down between protesters and the country's military rulers who earlier in April ousted President Omar al-Bashir after months of street protests against his rule.

Large crowds lit up the night sky with their cellphones, singing and chanting as protest leaders delivered fiery speeches in the capital, Khartoum, on Sunday night.

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In South Sudan, Illness is As Deadly as War

By the time he was brought into the remote clinic in northeastern South Sudan, two-year-old Nyachoat was already convulsing from the malaria attacking his brain.

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Sudan Protest Leaders to Unveil Civilian Ruling Body

Protest leaders Friday announced plans to unveil a civilian body to take over from Sudan's ruling military council as crowds of demonstrators kept up the pressure outside army headquarters and Washington said it will send an envoy to encourage the transition.

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Crowds Converge as Sudanese Mark One Week after Bashir Ouster

Crowds are expected to converge Thursday in the Sudanese capital as protesters mark one week since the army ousted president Omar al-Bashir, determined to complete their revolution seeking civilian rule.

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Sudan's Bashir Transferred to Prison

Ousted Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir has been transferred to a Khartoum prison following his toppling by the army last week, a source from his family told AFP on Wednesday.

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Fear of Army Action as Sudan Protesters Toughen Stand

Sudanese protesters have hardened their stand, demanding a transitional military council be scrapped and immediately replaced with civilian rule as Tuesday they refused to end a days-long sit-in outside army headquarters.

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Sudan Leaders Face Pressure for Transfer to Civilian Rule

Sudan's military rulers faced pressure from demonstrators and Western governments to hand power to a new civilian government Monday as activists warned of an attempt to disperse a 10-day-old mass protest outside army headquarters.

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Amnesty Calls for Probe against Sudan's Former Top Spy

Sudan's new authorities must investigate the role of the country's former spy chief in killings of demonstrators during months-long protests that preceded the fall of president Omar-al-Bashir, Amnesty International said.

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Sudan Protesters Present Demands to Military in Talks

Sudanese protest organisers presented demands including the creation of a civilian government in talks with the country's new military rulers late Saturday, the group spearheading demonstrations said.

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