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Six Shot Dead as Sudan Sees Breakthrough in Civil Rule Talks

Five Sudanese protesters and an army major were shot dead Monday in the capital, hours after protest leaders and the ruling generals reached a breakthrough agreement on transitional authorities to run the country.

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Brother of Sudan's Bashir Not in Detention, Says Army

Sudan's ruling military council said Tuesday that a brother of ousted president Omar al-Bashir who it previously announced had been detained was actually not in custody.

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Sudan Army Rulers, Protesters Resume Civil Rule Talks

Sudan's army rulers and protest leaders Monday resumed crucial talks over handing power to a civilian administration after days of deadlock in negotiations, a spokesperson for the protest movement told AFP.

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Month after Bashir Ouster, Sudan Far from Civilian Rule

One month after ousting veteran president Omar al-Bashir, Sudan's military rulers show no sign of handing power to a civilian administration and talks with protest leaders remain deadlocked.

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Cash Crisis Tops Sudan's Economic Woes

Women queue for hours under scorching sun in the hope of withdrawing cash from an ATM in the Sudanese capital Khartoum. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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Protesters Slam Sudan State Media for Coverage Blackout

Grasping an empty plastic bottle that stands in for a microphone, young Sudanese protester Abu Bakr Marghani pretends to be a journalist interviewing demonstrators at Khartoum's sit-in outside the army complex.

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At Khartoum Sit-In, Protesters Dream of a New Sudan

They brave the sweltering summer heat and the accompanying dust to pursue their dream: building a new Sudan.

While some protesters at a weeks-long sit-in outside Khartoum's army headquarters dare to hope for democracy, others say they will be content just to secure a prosperous future.

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Sudan Army Rulers, Protest Leaders Differ on Joint Council Make-Up

Sudan's army rulers and protest leaders on Monday offered differing visions for a joint council, but a military spokesman said he hoped a final structure for the body could be agreed soon.

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Symbol of Sudan Protest Movement Pushes for Further Change

Sudanese student Alaa Salah emerged as a singing symbol of the protest movement that toppled leader Omar al-Bashir, and now insists she will keep demonstrating until civilian rule is secured. 

The 22-year-old engineering and architecture undergraduate shot to prominence when a picture of her in a white robe leading chanting crowds from atop a car in Khartoum went viral on social media.

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Sudanese Face Uphill Climb in Unfinished Revolution

The Sudanese Professionals Association, which led months of protests that eventually forced one of Africa's longest-ruling leaders from power, says its revolution is far from over.

The umbrella group of unions succeeded where war and sanctions failed — in ending President Omar al-Bashir's three-decade rule. This week the protesters scored another victory by forcing three figures seen as too close to the ousted regime to resign from the military council that assumed power after overthrowing al-Bashir on April 11.

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