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Hizbullah Denies Report on Changes in Rules of Engagement with Israel

Hizbullah denied on Thursday media reports about “changes in the rules of engagement with Israel” after last Sunday’s Quneitra raid which killed six members of the group, while also denying that its response will happen outside Lebanese territory.

“We deny the claims that were attributed to a so-called source who is close to the party about the situation in the region,” the party said in statement, dismissing a report by the Reuters news agency.

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Iraq Calls for More Weapons to Fight IS Threat

Iraq on Thursday called on the international community to provide more weapons to help it push back Islamic State amid growing fears the jihadists are planning to bring their fight to the streets of Europe.

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, speaking in London at a meeting of the international coalition, also warned of the impact of falling oil prices on his country's ability to defeat IS.

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U.S.: Coalition Aircraft Pound IS in Northern Iraq

U.S.-led aircraft hammered Islamic State militants in northern Iraq over the past 24 hours, the American military said Thursday, as Kurdish forces pressed an offensive against the jihadists in the area.

U.S. and coalition bombers, fighter jets and drones carried out a total of 31 air raids since Wednesday morning, including ten in Syria and 21 in Iraq, according to the American military command overseeing "Operation Inherent Resolve" out of headquarters in Kuwait.

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Saniora Warns of Implementing Foreign Agendas, Jeopardizing Future of Lebanese

Head of al-Mustaqbal Movement MP Fouad al-Saniora warned on Thursday that Israel will not skip a chance to attack Lebanon, stressing that it is no longer acceptable to risk the lives of the Lebanese.

“It is no longer acceptable to risk the lives of the people to implement foreign agendas that don't meet the demands of the Lebanese and achieve their interests,” Saniora said in a statement.

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Syrian Opposition Meets in Cairo to Discuss Moscow Talks

Syria's regime-tolerated domestic opposition and members of the main exiled group demanding the president's ouster met Thursday in Cairo to discuss Moscow's invitation to host talks with the Damascus government.

The exiled National Coalition and top opposition figure Moaz al-Khatib have already announced they will not attend the talks aimed at finding a political solution to Syria's nearly four-year war.

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U.S. Gives $6 Million to Syria Opposition Government

Syria's opposition interim government said Thursday it had received $6 million from the United States in the first direct U.S. financial support for the rebel body.

The money is for development and relief projects in "areas liberated by the moderate Syrian opposition," it said in a statement, including food deliveries, public services and supporting local rebel councils.

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Syria Regime Barrel Bombs Kill 13 in Homs

Thirteen people were killed in Syrian government raids using barrel bombs dropped by helicopter on a rebel-held area of central Homs province, a monitor said on Thursday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said two children were among the dead in the Wednesday attack on Hula.

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Malaysian IS Detainees Isolated after Preaching to Prisoners

Malaysian authorities have removed detainees suspected of supporting the Islamic State group (IS) from the general jail population after some were found preaching the extremist IS ideology to fellow inmates, the home minister said Thursday.

"They have been found to influence other criminals in joining the ideology," Zahid Hamidi told reporters, saying the IS suspects were being housed in dedicated cells blocks.

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Agents from Lebanon, Denmark Recruiting Suicide Bombers to Carry Out Attacks

Several agents are recruiting jihadists to carry out suicide bombings in Lebanon and Syria as the latest report says that a man, who resides in Denmark, is suspected of brainwashing youth to join extremist organizations.

Al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Thursday that security forces are suspecting that M.A., who is residing in Denmark, is playing an important role in recruiting youth to join terrorist organizations with the aim of carrying out suicide attacks in Lebanon and Syria.

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Syrian Refugees Plot Cyprus Escape as Camp Closes

It costs thousands of euros for a false passport and place on a boat to Turkey, but Syrian refugees stranded in Cyprus are ready to try anything.

After already paying thousands last year to take a boat from Syria that was abandoned by smugglers at sea, many of the 345 refugees who were rescued and bought to Cyprus are already planning another treacherous voyage.

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