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Kerry Tells U.N. that Russia Must Ground Syria Air Force

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry demanded on Wednesday that Russia force Bashar Assad's regime to ground its air force in order to revive hopes of a ceasefire in Syria's civil war.

Addressing the U.N. Security Council, including his Russian opposite number Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Kerry said efforts to find peace could yet be salvaged but only if Moscow takes responsibility for recent air strikes.

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Raids Shake Syria's Aleppo as U.N. Holds Crisis Talks

Intense air raids shook Syria's Aleppo and killed a team of medics as the U.N. Security Council held crisis talks Wednesday on reviving a failed ceasefire.

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Moscow Denies Russia, Syria Jets Hit Aid Convoy

Neither Russian nor Syrian planes bombed an aid convoy in Syria's Aleppo, Moscow said Tuesday, as outrage mounted over strikes which the Red Cross said killed around 20 people.

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U.N. Suspends Syria Aid Convoys after Deadly Strike

The United Nations suspended all humanitarian convoys in Syria on Tuesday following a deadly air strike on aid trucks, as fighting intensified after the regime declared an end to a week-long truce.

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Raids across Syria Battlefronts after Aid Convoy Hit

Air raids and shelling pounded key battlefronts in Syria on Tuesday, as outrage mounted over a strike on an aid convoy hours after Syria's military declared an end to a week-long truce.

The raid and renewed violence across the country dimmed hopes that the fraught ceasefire negotiated by Moscow and Washington could be revived.

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U.S. Expects More Syria Aid Deliveries, Question Mark over Truce

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said he expected more aid deliveries to reach civilians in Syria on Monday but it remained to be seen if a ceasefire would hold.

The ceasefire "did pretty well last night, trucks are moving to maybe eight locations or more" to deliver aid, Kerry told reporters as he met Tunisia's foreign minister in New York.

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Hours before Truce, Assad Vows in Daraya to Retake All of Syria

Syria's President Bashar Assad vowed to retake all of Syria from "terrorists," hours before a truce brokered by Russia and the United States was due to take hold on Monday.

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Iran Welcomes Syria Truce Plan, Calls for 'Comprehensive Monitoring'

Iran on Sunday welcomed the proposed ceasefire in Syria brokered by Russia and the United States, but said a monitoring system was needed to stop it being exploited by "terrorists."

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For U.S. and Russia, War in Syria is Mainly in the Air

The United States and Russia, two former Cold War foes that have brokered a ceasefire deal for Syria, rely mostly on air raids in their separate military campaigns in the war-wracked country.

Here are key points about how these two powers are trying to fulfill their military objectives in Syria, where a bloody civil war has raged since 2011.

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Syria Opposition Weighs Truce Deal after Raids Kill Dozens

Syria's opposition was weighing whether to take part in a truce brokered by Russia and the United States due to start on Monday, after air strikes killed dozens in rebel-held areas.

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