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Top Saudi Clerics Warn against Joining Jihadists

Saudi Arabia's top religious body on Wednesday warned Muslims against joining militant groups, saying their "deviant doctrine" has no place in Islam.

The Council of Senior Ulema, a group of top Muslim scholars, said it was prohibited under Islamic sharia law to join the fighting.

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Syria Opposition to Probe Measles Vaccine Deaths

Syria's opposition said Wednesday it had launched an investigation into the deaths of 15 children inoculated against measles in the northwestern province of Idlib.

The vaccination program was carried out in areas under rebel control near the Turkish border but halted on Tuesday after reports of the deaths. 

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Israel Warns EU against 'Bad Deal' on Iran

Israel's Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz on Wednesday urged the European Union not to make a "bad deal" with Iran over its nuclear program, ahead of crucial talks.

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Kosovo Arrests 15 over Promoting Radical Islam

One of Kosovo's leading Muslim clerics was among 15 people arrested by police on Wednesday for recruiting people to join the jihad in Iraq and Syria, local media reported. 

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Syria Air Strikes Kill Dozens in Rebel Town

Syrian air strikes on a besieged rebel town in the heart of the country have killed nearly 50 people in recent days, a monitoring group said on Wednesday.

A rebel commander, seven women and a child were among 25 people killed in air strikes on Talbisseh in Homs province on Tuesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

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France Detains Six People Suspected of Recruiting Jihadists

Six people have been detained in France on suspicion of recruiting candidates for jihad, a judicial source said Wednesday, as the number of French citizens travelling to Iraq and Syria increases.

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Jihadists Face Growing Pressure as U.S. Mulls Strategy

Elite Iraqi troops backed by U.S. jets battled jihadists near Baghdad Wednesday as Washington devised a strategy for expanded operations against the Islamic State group.

President Barack Obama prepared to meet with U.S. commanders to decide how to turn the tide on the powerful and brutal extremist organization while keeping a promise not to drag America into another military quagmire.

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Arsal Residents Block Road to Protest Army Measures

Several residents from the northeastern border town of Arsal blocked on Wednesday the road after the army prevented the transfer of diesel and gasoline to the outskirts of the town.

According to the state-run National News Agency, the army prevented several men from moving the two substances to the outskirts of the village where gunmen are taking positions.

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U.S. Man Indicted for Material Support to IS Group

A Yemini-born U.S. man was indicted Tuesday for allegedly providing material support to the Islamic State by recruiting members for the jihadist group.

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Boehner: Congress Should Back Obama's 'Sound' Syria Plan

The top U.S. Republican said Tuesday he backed President Barack Obama's "sound" plan to arm and train vetted Syrian rebels for battling extremists and called on Congress to authorize the action.

Lawmakers began a marathon debate on the strategy, with many seeking a united front for the commander-in-chief's opening salvo against jihadists in Syria but adamant that Congress firm up its role in whether to authorize broader military action.

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