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Syria Says Trump Position on Golan Ignores International Law

The Syrian government on Friday condemned US President Donald Trump's pledge to recognise Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights, which it seized from Syria in 1967.

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Syria's Kurds Criticise Damascus 'Threats'

Syria's Kurds have criticised the "threatening language" of the Damascus regime after it pledged to retake northeastern areas they control by reconciliation or by force.

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U.S. Denies Report it is Leaving Up to 1,000 Troops in Syria

The United States strongly denied Sunday a report that it intended to leave almost 1,000 troops in Syria, adding plans for a residual force of around 200 troops had not changed.

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Syria Force Locked in Battle with IS Jihadists in Holdout Village

US-backed forces battled Islamic State group fighters Saturday as the holdout jihadists clung onto the last dregs of their crumbling "caliphate" in eastern Syria.

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For Syrians, 8 Years of War Leaves Stories of Loss and Hope

War is personal. And in Syria, after eight years of a grinding conflict, there are as many stories of loss, dispossession and desperate hope as there are people.

What started as peaceful protests in 2011 asking for government change turned into one of the cruelest modern wars and left a trail of broken lives among the country's pre-war population of 23 million. Now half are displaced, nearly half a million dead and many live with permanent scars or have joined militias.

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Diehard Syria Jihadists Go Down All Guns Blazing

Their last Syrian bastion is levelled and burned, they are using rifles to battle warplanes and tanks, but the hardline jihadists holding out in Baghouz are still putting up a fight.

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Donors Pledge $7 Billion Aid for Syrians at Brussels Conference

International donors on Thursday pledged nearly $7 billion in aid for 2019 for civilians caught up in Syria's bloody civil war but the total fell short of what the U.N. says is needed.

EU Humanitarian Commissioner Christos Stylianides announced the total at the end of a three-day conference of 80 countries and organizations in Brussels, on the eve of the eighth anniversary of the start of the conflict.

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Eight Years On, Assad Clings On but Beleaguered

Bashar al-Assad has won his war for political survival but as Syria's conflict enters its ninth year, his country is fractured, cash-strapped, and prey to both friend and foe.

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IS Fighters Blitzed into Surrender as Defeat Looms in Syria

US-backed forces said Wednesday the Islamic State group was living its "final moments" after thunderous shelling on its last scrap of land in eastern Syria prompted 3,000 jihadists to surrender.

But the die-hard IS fighters who stayed to defend the remnants of their "caliphate" struck back with a wave of suicide bombings, according to the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

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As IS Fight Nears End, Violence Flares on Other Syrian Front

Violence in northwestern Syria has killed dozens over the past three weeks and displaced tens of thousands, raising concerns a truce reached six months ago between Turkey and Russia is in danger.

The violence in Idlib comes as the world is focused on eastern Syria, where U.S.-backed Kurdish-led fighters are on the verge of defeating the Islamic State group in the last area they control.

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