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Maduro Vows to Block 'Fake' Aid 'Spectacle'

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro vowed on Friday not to let in "fake" aid from the United States requested by opposition leader Juan Guaido, which is being stockpiled at the border with Colombia.

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Brazil Police Operation in Rio Favela Leaves 13 Dead

An operation by Brazilian military police in Rio de Janeiro on Friday left at least 13 people dead in three city-center favelas, authorities said.

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Turkey Building Collapse Death Toll Rises to 15

The death toll from the collapse of an apartment building in Istanbul has risen to 15, a Turkish government minister said Friday.

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Ukrainian 'Clown' Zelensky Leading Polls ahead of Presidential Vote

Volodymyr Zelensky has already been elected president of Ukraine once -- in a television series. Now the popular actor with no political experience has confounded his critics to lead opinion polls before the real presidential race.

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Guantanamo Prison Looms as Option as IS Fight Ends

The Guantanamo Bay detention center would receive new prisoners for the first time in more than a decade under one option being considered as the U.S. withdraws its forces from Syria and works to resolve the fate of hundreds of captured suspected Islamic State fighters, officials say.

U.S.-backed Syrian fighters have custody of nearly 1,000 suspected IS fighters who the State Department said should be sent back to their home countries and prosecuted. The Syrian fighters have warned they may not be able to continue to hold the IS fighters after the withdrawal of American forces from Syria ordered by President Donald Trump in December.

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Fire in Brazil Kills at Least 10 in Flamengo Youth Football Facility

Fire swept through a training facility for Brazil's most popular football club Flamengo Friday, killing at least 10 people, news outlets said.

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France Takes Dig at Italy's Recession

The French government took a dig at Italy's populist leaders and the country's economic problems on Friday, while defending its decision to recall its ambassador to Rome.

Paris summoned back its ambassador in Rome for consultations on Thursday for the first time since World War II, a symbolic move that underlined the depths of ill-will between the two capitals.

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Thai Princess Makes Unprecedented Move into Thai Politics with Run for PM

A Thai princess will run for prime minister in March elections, in an unprecedented entry by a royal into frontline politics which pits her against the chief of the ruling junta, throwing into disarray his bid to stay in power.

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Brazil's Bolsonaro to Visit U.S. Next Month, Says Foreign Minister

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro will visit the United States in March, the country's foreign minister announced Thursday -- hailing the prospect of "very different, much deeper" ties between the two countries.

"We're almost settled on a date at the beginning of the second half of March. It should be announced officially very soon," Ernesto Araujo told a press conference in Washington.

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Tough Times for Iran's Political Parties as Revolution Turns 40

Iran's main political parties are on rocky ground as the Islamic Republic marks its 40th birthday, with reformists in disarray and conservatives seeking a new identity.

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