عون "يرفض" اقتراحيْ جعجع: "انا الاقوى مسيحياً"

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لم يعلّق رئيس "التيار الوطني الحر" النائب ميشال عون على الاقتراحين اللذين قدمهما رئيس "حزب القوات اللبنانية" سمير جعجع، مشيراً الى ان "الاحصاءات تدل على انه الاقوى مسيحياً".

فقد أوضحت مصادر وفد المؤسسات المارونية الذي زار الرابية الخميس، ان عدم تعليق عون على اقتراحي جعجع هو بمثابة رفض للاقتراحين، وان عون "اكتفى بالاشارة إلى احصاءات تدل على انه الأقوى مسيحياً".

يُذكر ان معلومات صحافية كانت قد أفادت الخميس ان جعجع طلب من وفد الؤسسات خلال لقاء في معراب ان ينقل لعون اقتراحي جعجع القاضيين بـ"اما اللقاء والاتفاق على اسم لرئاسة الجمهورية أو المنافسة".

الى ذلك، ووفق مصادر "اللواء" الجمعة، فان عون لفت الى انه ما يزال ينتظر جواب رئيس "تيار المستقبل" سعد الحريري، حول دعم ترشحه للرئاسة "ليتكون لديه الخيط الأبيض من الخيط الأسود".

يُشار الى ان جعجع هو مرشح قوى 14 آذار للرئاسة في حين ان عون المنتمي الى 8 آذار، يصرّ على عدم خوض الانتخابات ما لم يتم التوافق عليه، وكانت معلومات صحافية قد أفادت انه ينتظر "اشارة" من الحريري لخوض المعركة الانتخابية.

ولفتت مصادر "اللواء" الى ان عون "يضع نفسه أمام احصاءات تشير إلى انه الأقوى على الصعيد المسيحي، وانه الأحق في الوصول إلى بعبدا، وانه، كما قال، الأقدر على معالجة الملفات العالقة وايجاد الحلول لها".

وكانت المؤسسات المارونية قد زارت رئيس "حزب الكتائب" امين الجميل، الاربعاء، ومن المتوقع ان يجمعها لقاء في بنشعي برئيس "تيار المردة" سليمان فرنجية يوم الاربعاء المقبل. وتختتم المؤسسات جولتها، بلقاء البطريرك الماروني الكاردينال مار بشارة بطرس الراعي.

ودخل لبنان في الاسبوع الاول من الشغور الرئاسي بعد فشل النواب في انتخاب رئيس جديد ورفض الرئيس السابق ميشال سليمان تمديد ولايته والقى خطاب الوداع في 24 أيار.


التعليقات 33
Thumb sophia_angle 09:12 ,2014 أيار 30

the best General ever!!!

Thumb general_puppet 09:37 ,2014 أيار 30

sophia_angle meant, the best Running General ever!!!

Missing forces 11:28 ,2014 أيار 30

At least the funniest to watch ever anyway.

Thumb sophia_angle 14:26 ,2014 أيار 30

it's Napoleaoun :)

Thumb freedomarch 22:33 ,2014 أيار 30

Better than Nero? (Ni lessons in Italian please)

Thumb general_puppet 09:27 ,2014 أيار 30

"Aoun told the members of the delegation on Thursday that he was the strongest Christian leader and should reach Baabda Palace"... sounds like the_roar, I said so it Must be True!

Thumb popeye 09:32 ,2014 أيار 30

It seems the ghosts are reporting comments as usual. Anyway, Aoun is mum about Geagea proposal, the terror party is still mulling while the country is deteriorating. Meanwhile, the terror party is busy organizing the re-election of their president, Bachar Assad for a third term.

Thumb freedomarch 22:38 ,2014 أيار 30

Breaking news: Aoun s mumness is due to him calmness before the storm (khabeeth ya Aoun). Unless he is dead by now, tawil bi 3omro.

Thumb freedomarch 22:39 ,2014 أيار 30

His mumness is a sugn if his deceiving nature nithing more or less.

Thumb general_puppet 09:39 ,2014 أيار 30

Reporting instantaneously... and all I said is that I agree he has a fat head, but there was no need to call him an Elephant :-)

Missing forces 11:28 ,2014 أيار 30

He is the strongest and has the strongest motor. Made in japan. Call me General Electric. :(

Missing karim. 09:28 ,2014 أيار 30

God bless General Aoun for his staunch patriotism, defense of democracy, and opposition to February 14-sponsored Takfirism.

Thumb general_puppet 09:50 ,2014 أيار 30

Hello Karim, Aoun is still waiting for Hariri's phone call.... he is as useless a politician as he was a military man, Hariri played him.

Why is Aoun not man enough to stand up for himself?

Missing coolmec 10:45 ,2014 أيار 30

Aoun is the worst thing that could ever happen to Lebanon!!
I just am baffled just by the fact that he is considered for the top post let alone be elected. what would it take to make him understand that he will NEVER be president?

Missing forces 11:29 ,2014 أيار 30

A mirror?

Thumb kris 12:23 ,2014 أيار 30

A push off a cliff?

Thumb popeye 14:38 ,2014 أيار 30


Missing forces 11:50 ,2014 أيار 30

Me aoun you are a failure and have become the laughing stock in Lebanese politics. So much for you MOU. Memorandum of Under the boot. How many times have you covered for HA to now have the devil even reject you. It must really hurt to have your sworn enemy Geagea throw you a lifeline when nobody else wants you. Come back into the fold little sheep and succle on the bosom of humility. Swallow your pride and be a man for once.

Thumb kris 12:25 ,2014 أيار 30

what pride?!!

Missing forces 12:34 ,2014 أيار 30

don't say that kris..you will hurt his feelings..

Thumb freedomarch 22:42 ,2014 أيار 30

Well right, no pride to begin with ..mm except the rainbow pride!

Thumb kris 13:31 ,2014 أيار 30

forces, what feelings ?I Lol :D

Thumb freedomarch 22:45 ,2014 أيار 30

Well, true no feelings to begin with also, except crocs feelings to it's pray. Mtamsa7.... true story..

Thumb habib 13:34 ,2014 أيار 30


Thumb freedomarch 22:49 ,2014 أيار 30

Chihuahua? :)

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 16:26 ,2014 أيار 30

I think Aoun is playing the only card he has left to become president (not going to hapen). He is stating to the world, either I become president or no one becomes president. A vacuum suits his allies just fine so they will play on his emotions and let him take it as far as he wants.

Thumb lebanonforever 16:44 ,2014 أيار 30

By far the funniest post

Thumb lebanonforever 17:27 ,2014 أيار 30

Great post beiruti

Thumb kris 18:29 ,2014 أيار 30


Thumb beiruti 21:39 ,2014 أيار 30

When you look at it, the issues with the Lebanese Presidential succession in 1988 after the end of the Amin Gemayel Mandate;
Elias Hrawi in 1998; Emile Lahoud in 2007 and now Michel Sleiman in 2014, Aoun's obstructionism played a role in creating a vacuum in the office after Gemayel's departure, Lahoud's departure and now Sleiman's.
Aoun did not want Rene Mouwad, or Hrawi or the other two generals to serve, preferring himself. These Presidents were selected outside of Lebanon, everyone and were weak and ineffectual, due, in part, to this guy. He has been a curse, not a blessing on Lebanon.

Default-user-icon shimon (ضيف) 21:44 ,2014 أيار 30

Mujnoun!!! where are you from? if you want to use arabic, try to find the proper dialect!

Thumb freedomarch 23:06 ,2014 أيار 30

Remember the time we had to wait for his son inlaw to get his post in government (miracle kid)... how long we have to wait this time for this old man himself?

Thumb saturn 23:25 ,2014 أيار 30

You typically shut up and let others think you're crazy, rather than speak and prove it.