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Hariri Chairs Cabinet Meeting: Holding Elections is Govt.'s Priority

Prime Minister Saad Hariri presided Wednesday over a Cabinet session at the Grand Serail, during which he stressed that the government's “priority” is the organization of parliamentary elections.

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Hariri Praises Closing Statement of Middle East Peace Conference

Prime Minister Saad Hariri praised the closing statement of the Middle East peace conference in Paris, which renewed the commitment to the two-state solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict.

On Twitter Hariri said: “We thank France for organizing the Mideast Peace and we thank President François Hollande for his just and courageous stance”.

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Mustaqbal 'Besieges' Rifi as Hariri Throws Support behind Mashnouq

The war of words between Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq and former justice minister Ashraf Rifi took a new turn after Prime Minister and al-Mustaqbal Movement leader Saad Hariri threw his support behind Mashnouq.

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Hariri Says Parties Seeking 'Consensus' on Electoral Law, Jumblat 'Open to Dialogue'

Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced Tuesday that the political forces in the country are seeking “consensus” over the electoral law, while noting that the concerns of minorities will be taken into consideration.

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Hariri: Disputes in Lebanon Not Sectarian, I'll Seek Compromises for Country's Sake

Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced Thursday that the disputes in the country are not “sectarian” but rather “purely political,” adding that he will seek compromises “for the sake of the country.”

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Hariri, Miqati Trade Jabs after New Government Formed

Prime Minister Saad Hariri and ex-PM Najib Miqati exchanged tirades on Monday in connection with the formation of a new 30-minister government led by Hariri.

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Hariri Meets Aoun, Says Govt. Line-Up Needs More Consultations despite Optimism

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri held talks Wednesday with President Michel Aoun at the Baabda Palace, amid reports that the cabinet line-up will be announced in the coming hours after the main obstacles were resolved.

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Hariri Emphasizes Lebanese Back Army and Security Forces

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri assured on Tuesday that the Lebanese will stay united behind the army in its confrontation against aggression following an attack at an army position in north Lebanon that killed one soldier and wounded another.

“We will remain united to face any assault on our army and security forces,” said Hariri via Twitter.

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Hariri Meets Aoun, Vows to Maintain Good Ties with Berri

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri held consultations Monday with President Michel Aoun at the Baabda Palace after which he pledged to maintain good ties with Speaker Nabih Berri.

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Hariri and Aoun in Agreement on Cabinet Formation

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri stressed on Monday that there are no disagreements between him and President Michel Aoun on the process of lining-up the new cabinet.

“We are in agreement with the President on everything. There are only some difficulties,” said Hariri after meeting Aoun at the Baabda Palace.

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