General Security Busts Terror Cell Plotting 'Bombings, Assassinations'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The General Directorate of General Security on Tuesday announced dismantling a “terrorist cell” that was plotting assassinations and bombings in several Lebanese regions.

“Three people of Lebanese and Syrian nationalities have been arrested on charges of belonging to a terrorist cell that was plotting acts of sabotage across Lebanon through bomb attacks and assassination operations,” a General Security statement said.

“The detainees were interrogated and referred to the military judiciary together with the seized material, which include explosives, communication devices and silenced weapons,” it added.

The directorate stressed that it “will not hesitate to pursue terrorist groups, subversive gangs and illegal emigration networks -- in coordination with the rest of the security agencies – in order to preserve the safety of citizens and the security and stability of the country.”

NNA later said two of those arrested were Syrians and a third was Lebanese.

The announcement comes after a wave of arrests by the various security services in the wake of four deadly bombings that rocked Lebanon – two in Beirut's southern suburbs and two in Tripoli.

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Thumb haile.selassie. 08 October 2013, 16:24

Bravo !!!! Keep it Up !!!!

Thumb eagledawn 08 October 2013, 16:27

Good, but the question begs itself: where was the General Security for the last 15 years?

Thumb liberty 08 October 2013, 19:15

flamer: you really are a well paid mouthpiece:))))))

Thumb lebanon_first 08 October 2013, 17:37

If General Security stops both the bombing plots of al Qaeda and those of the Assadists, even those under Hezb iran's management, then they will deserve our respect.
Anything short of that, they are security agency of Iran.

Thumb _mowaten_ 08 October 2013, 19:03

indeed too soon to draw conclusions. we'll find out soon who was behind them, but in the mean time just a few points:

anonyme: samaha is not linked to the tripoli bombings, he had been in prison for (what, over a year?) when they happened
the tripoli bombings case is still very unclear, they have a "witness" who suddenly decided to talk after the bombing, and failed the lie detection test when he accused some people.

also, you guys keep mentioning samaha but you forget that in parallel there were several terrorist networks which were dismantled and were takfiri, or pointing at takfiris. the ones who had hundreds of israeli-made detonators for instance, what ever happened to them? those who fired the rockets on baabda, on dahiyeh... those who bombed the liqor shops in sour (and turned out to be salafis based in ain el helweh)... etc etc..

Thumb haile.selassie. 09 October 2013, 01:20

It was under Rifi and therefore useless very well said Flame Thrower. you can know that from Rifi's behavior a piece of nothing coming from the Village as it says from his family name RIFI just because he became something and offcourse gets paid extra for dirty work now this crook has body guards who accompany his son to Beit mery and pull him up to his horse in order to do his weekly sport riding a horse. His horse? A Thorough bread worth more than 100.000$ i wonder how can a person who was just the general of the ISF get such amounts of money that he could spend this much on a horse. He was such a great man with no corruption i guess lol.

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 09 October 2013, 08:52

Hizbollah is a terrorist group which has become what we knew only in recent years. It has evolved under the radar, under different labels, Islamic Jihad, maybe others, sponsored by Iran , supported by Syria, and implemented their weapon of political domination: political assassinations (to be found nowhere else but in Lebanon!), and Kamikaze terrorists! Only recently have we known about the terrorist Moghaniyeh and his terrorist prowesses, and that the Hizb terrorist machine, had been behind many of the major political murders of recent years: always Hizb fingerprints to be found, never anyone to be arrested.The Hizb is today the active ally of Syria which has been proven to plot daily against Lebanon security. And yet....Some day, I hope this party will be banned, and presented along with his sponsors a full laundry list stretching back to 1980! However, unlikely under Obama I'm afraid.

Thumb sophia_angle 09 October 2013, 14:11

good job !