Warrant Out for Dissident Syrian Colonel over Terror Plots

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The military examining magistrate issued on Thursday an arrest warrant against a dissident Syrian colonel for forming an armed gang to carry out terrorist activities.

The warrant was issued after Judge Fadi Sawan interrogated the suspect identified as Ahmed Amer, a Syrian Army colonel who has defected.

He referred him to the military prosecution to take the appropriate action.

On Wednesday, the State Commissioner to the Military Court, Judge Saqr Saqr, charged 12 people, including a Lebanese and 2 Syrians who are in custody, with plotting terrorist activities and planning assassinations.

The three suspects were arrested by the General Security Department.

But LBCI TV said Amer is not linked with the 12-member network.

He was seeking to recruit fighters to send them to Syria, it said.

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Default-user-icon pick and choose justice (Guest) 10 October 2013, 12:41

if only lebanon's corrupt justice system treated all criminals and assassins the same

Thumb _mowaten_ 10 October 2013, 14:20

silly diversion tactic. the fact of the matter here is that it's your beloved syrian REBELS who are planting bombs and committing assassinations here. doesnt seem to bother you more than that eh?

Default-user-icon A Fact Provider (Guest) 10 October 2013, 14:31

Face of the matter is: Hezbollah is listed as a terrorist organization in the civilized world....Hezbollah is an iranian militia that kills anyone (including its own sect) if they stand up to them...hezbollah killed rafik harriri and his companions...hezbollah has tried to kill numerous politicans including boutrous harb....hezbollah is in syria illegally carrying out a war on behalf of its masters in iran (illegal because they signed a declaration stating they would stand neutral)...hezbollah has illegal telecommunication networks all around lebanon to spy on its own citizens....hezbollah carries out wars whenever it chooses....hezbollah has killed members of the lebanese army. Those are just a few facts for you to think about.

Thumb geha 10 October 2013, 17:12

you better zip it little boy.
the day samaha and his accomplices are finally judged we will believe that hizbushaitan is with the law in this country.
other than that, all this are air balloons.

Missing peace 10 October 2013, 17:50

"with silly comments." sure hezbollah NEVER planted any bombs ... we believe you mowaten... so i don't know who is the most ridiculous here! LOL

Thumb _mowaten_ 10 October 2013, 18:33

1-samaha is not HA
2-he is being judged
3-saying "little boy" doesnt make you sound big, more like the opposite

peace: they planted bombs alright, ask the israeli commandos who came visiting in august, or colonel aql hashem :)
however for the bombings you accused them off, as long as there was never any evidence that's hot air.

Missing peace 10 October 2013, 18:58

"however for the bombings you accused them off, as long as there was never any evidence that's hot air."

yes there are.. only hezbis to refute them...

Thumb _mowaten_ 10 October 2013, 19:01

for the millionth time: show me the proof.

Thumb _mowaten_ 10 October 2013, 19:02

yea i know what you're going to say, "i should find them myself" lol. nice excuse.

Thumb benzona 10 October 2013, 14:42

1.OOO.OOOO % flame catcher.

Thumb _mowaten_ 10 October 2013, 14:47

hahahhaha you think you can press on SHN's neck? that really cute and endearing habibi.
for the rest, i'm very much enjoying the reactions here, as always, you are shown crimes by people on m14's side, takfiris, syrian rebels, and find refuge in denial, still yapping "hezbollah hezbollah" like traumatized losers.

Thumb _mowaten_ 10 October 2013, 14:48

"this was PROVEN as the culprits were apprehended" hahaha nice humor flamecatcher! you dont really believe what you say, do you?

Thumb benzona 10 October 2013, 15:09

Movaten of Isfahan,

SHN who is no S, just like GMA is no G will not have his neck pressed on, but it will get broken at the very least if we catch him and hang him before the Israelis. If they do, only ashes will remain and will send him straight to visit cheikh Ahmad Yassine.

Thumb benzona 10 October 2013, 15:15

Twinny, will you join me for a coffee? :-)

Thumb benzona 10 October 2013, 15:17

This colonel is one of Mameluke's right hand men in the implementing bachar's terror in Lebanon.

Thumb benzona 10 October 2013, 15:23

Then go get one now and let's drink it at the same time, lol :-)

Thumb benzona 10 October 2013, 15:31

And next time I go to Beirut, we shall enjoy a real one in downtown beirut , you know the place that has been rebuilt by RAFIC HARIRI with Saudi money ΔΔ



Got a go for a few hours

Thumb _mowaten_ 10 October 2013, 15:18

hahaha very "enlightened" indeed! brainwashed stooges.
benzo: stop trying to be a man on internet with your kindergarten threats, you're not impressing anyone. either bring it on or STFU