Jihadists Cut Down 150-Year-Old Oak in Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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Jihadists cut down a 150-year-old oak tree in Atme, on Syria's border with Turkey, after they accused locals of worshiping it, a pro-jihadist source said.

"Thank God almighty, the tree... aged more than 150 years has been removed, after people were worshiping it instead of God," said the source on Thursday via his Twitter account named "our call is our jihad."

He also posted pictures of a man in a black mask using an electric saw to cut down the tree. A black al-Qaida-style flag bearing the Islamic profession of faith had been planted on top of the tree.

The jihadist sympathizer used the hashtag used by supporters of the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Rami Abdel Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the tree had been cut down, adding that it stood next to an ancient shrine in Atme.

After jihadists took over the shrine and prevented people from going to pray there, prayers were held by the tree instead.

The reports came hours after ISIL took over the town of Atme in northwestern Syria's Idlib on Thursday, according to the Observatory and a local rebel source.

ISIL "have taken over Atme... They have set up checkpoints across the town," said Abu Leila, a rebel from Idlib who was angered by the capture.

He saw it as a strategic loss for mainstream opposition fighters, many of who have been at loggerheads with the jihadists.

"Atme was oxygen for the (rebel) Free Syrian Army" fighting to topple Syria's President Bashar Assad, he told Agence France Presse.

The rebels had been using Atme "as an entry point for everything from weapons to food, and as an exit point for the wounded" into Turkey's hospitals, said Abu Leila.

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Thumb chrisrushlau 22 November 2013, 23:44

Spoken like a true Zionist.
I mean, I have no idea, but if you want to be a satirist, go after the biggest target, eh?

Default-user-icon Indivisamanent (Guest) 23 November 2013, 07:29

.... A shilling reminder of the common punishment Israel perform on Palestinian farm lands, uprooting olive trees and growing a settlement.

Default-user-icon me (Guest) 23 November 2013, 17:08

Islam is so weak it fears a simple tree?

Default-user-icon trex-tailyban (Guest) 13 December 2013, 01:30

so true..and cowards, they have to wear a mask so that the three cannot recognized them.

Thumb ado.australia 23 November 2013, 20:14

sagh... very funny but also so sad! there are some "educated" people that actually agree with these things! cutting down a tree?... they are that insecure, that they cut down a tree!!! as if a tree can be a threat to the all mighty GOD that made the tree?!!!

What people could support these medieval ignorant terrorists? how can the m14 and dr geagea support them??

Yes you can be against the assad regime in syria, but how can you be allied with these people ?

Missing peace 23 November 2013, 20:47

where did you see M14 supports these mad people? so if you support the opposition to bashar the butcher means you support such idiots?

oh! yes, binary thinking like those against hezbis mean they are proisraeli... LOL

Thumb ado.australia 23 November 2013, 20:56

All western intelligence and media now accept the truth that the syrian rebels are controlled by the islamists. the fsa are nothing but speech writers! they cant even agree on a peace conference! The real armed forces against the Syrian army are islamists. the m14, or anyone that supports the fsa or rebels are supporters of these islamists terrorists that are committing suicide bombings in lebanon.

If you support the syrian rebels than you support these people!

Missing peace 23 November 2013, 21:28

LOL so the only solution is to support bashar the butcher? LOL
i support the syrian people that are against bashar and his evil regime that you support, but i do not support the islamists mostly created by bashar... it is exactly what he wants people like you to do: scare you then you will support bashar while he manipulates the islamists....! LOL