Suleiman Urges Forming Govt. before March 25: Neglecting Rotation of Power Harms Democracy

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President Michel Suleiman urged on Wednesday the need to form a new government before March 25, which marks the beginning of the constitutional period to elect a new president.

He also stressed: “Neglecting the rotation of power will harm democracy.”

He made his remarks after holding a closed-door meeting with Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi ahead of Christmas mass at Bkirki.

He added that time is running out for the formation of a new government ahead of staging the presidential elections.

“I will seek Lebanon's interest,” Suleiman said in response to a reporter on what measures he may take should the constitutional period end amid the political powers' failure to form a new cabinet.

“We must form a new government and come up with a ministerial statement, both of which need at least a month of work,” he warned.

“On the occasion of the new year, the Lebanese should remember democracy, bolster and practice it through the rotation of power,” he stated.

On talks over the nature of the new government, he wondered: “What is the definition of an all-inclusive government?”

“We have a democracy and constitution. They alone determine Lebanon's political fate,” stressed the president.

Suleiman's six-year tenure ends in May 2014.

There are growing fears that the presidential elections will not be staged given the political powers' failure to reach an agreement over a new government.

Suleiman had recently suggested the formation of a government capable of staging the elections regardless if it does not enjoy parliament's confidence.

The March 8 camp however rejected the proposal, deeming it unconstitutional.

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Thumb geha 25 December 2013, 19:48

shia are not the largest secte: they represent less than sunnis :) and that is according to the official figures of the ministry of interior.