Mouawad: Joining Inclusive Govt. without Political Guarantees is a Major Mistake

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Independence Movement leader Michel Mouawad on Sunday stressed that March 14's acceptance to join a cabinet without prior agreement on its policy statement would be a “major political mistake.”

“The independent figures in March 14 have played an important role in bridging differences in the March 14 camp with a view to accepting participation, but that must happen according to clear principles based on including the Baabda Declaration in the policy statement, removing the army-people-resistance equation and rejecting any text that legitimizes any weapons operating outside state institutions,” Mouawad said at a press conference.

“The political principles are clear: rejecting to provide cover to Hizbullah's fighting in Syria and operations outside Lebanese territory through including the Baabda Declaration in the policy statement with the aim of neutralizing Lebanon from the Syrian inferno,” Mouawad added.

He warned that “joining a cabinet with Hizbullah without prior agreement on the government's mission and political principles … would be a major political mistake.”

Mouawad suggested an alternative step that endorses Speaker Nabih Berri's latest proposal.

“I suggest adopting the proposal of Speaker (Nabih) Berri, who has suggested early presidential elections, and thus we would be rebuilding authorities starting by the top post and separating the presidential juncture from the negotiations over cabinet, which have been turned into a systematic deceit operation,” added Mouawad.

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Thumb primesuspect 26 January 2014, 19:17

Threats.... That's all they can do!

Thumb primesuspect 26 January 2014, 21:22

I'm talking about M8, we can't rule with them. it would be a fatal mistake for Lebanon.

Thumb beiruti 26 January 2014, 20:10

Actually, M14 has some political leverage in the current environment. Hezbollah has been legally designated as a terrorist organization by several international law enforcement agencies. But for the Lebanese Government and its policy statement which legitimizes Hezbollah under the formula "People-Government-Resistance", Hezbollah is exposed in its world wide illicit operations.
It is a good hand for M14, but they must play it well and not over play it. Mouawad seems to have sided with Geagea in his strategy of holding out on the policy statement.

Missing cedars 26 January 2014, 21:57

They won't disarm period. If you have cancer then how do you fix the problem? Chemo-therapy to destroy all cells, so they need to be destroyed to give up the arms. Do not ask me how by air or ground force but the cancer will not be stopped until you destroy it. unfortunately that's the cancer language.

Thumb general_puppet 26 January 2014, 22:02

"March 14's acceptance to join a cabinet without prior agreement on its policy statement would be a “major political mistake.”… this is 100% correct. The Iranian militia as usual will do all they can to shove their BS motto down everyone's throat. I hope M14 block leaders stick to their principles on this major point.

Thumb lebanese.hash 26 January 2014, 23:23

hahahahah Mouawwad >??? hahahaha lol ! how low is the lebanese society's IQ is getting to let such kid get on with a speech and throwing his opinion.

Default-user-icon true lebanese that loves his country (Guest) 27 January 2014, 13:08

you mention this kid let me tel this kid is a son of a former president he is clean wel spoken he is highly inteligent and wel respected he has no blood over his head he sleeps without guilt he has no militia and he is lebanese and wher ever he travels he is respected

Thumb lebanese.hash 27 January 2014, 20:44

if you still think that because being the son of someone makes you get higher position than you are nothing but a me3zzeye