Marshall Islands withdraw Jamil Sayyed's UNESCO Nomination

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Marshall Islands have withdrawn their nomination of a former General Security chief Maj. Gen. Jamil Sayyed to the UNESCO, a well-placed diplomatic source told Agence France Presse on Wednesday.

Sayyed, spent four years in prison on suspicion of involvement in the 2005 murder of the former prime minister Rafik Hariri. He denies any involvement and claims to have been subjected to arbitrary detention.

The Marshall Islands' move to nominate him to UNESCO, the U.N.'s cultural arm, was revealed by French daily Le Figaro, which noted that acquiring diplomatic immunity could enable Sayyed to avoid potential prosecution by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the international U.N.-backed criminal tribunal looking into Hariri's murder.

The former premier was killed in a Beirut bomb attack which also claimed the lives of 22 others and left 226 people injured.

The attack was initially blamed on local officers suspected of being close to Syria but the Special Tribunal has since indicted four members of Hizbullah and begun to try them in their absence.

The diplomatic source said both UNESCO and France, as the organization's host country, had been informed that Sayyed would not be coming to Paris to represent the Marshalls.

The Marshall Islands are a former U.S. territory of around 70,000 residents in the Pacific Ocean.

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Thumb FlameCatcher 12 February 2014, 15:43

So you found out that it's a blasphemy to appoint this criminal to UNESCO which promotes PEACE AND RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS ?

Thank god !

Maybe Aounies, can explain how this man (who is their partner today) is a Human Rights activist and does in fact deserve this post ! They have a very close relationship with him. I hope their goldsfish memory will not make them forget. (I could remind them).

And maybe Hezbollah morons can also complain herebelow about the man they welcomed back on a red carpet ! The man who was the biggest opponent to a Lebanon free of Syrian dictatorship.

Missing imagine_1979 12 February 2014, 17:04

There was not enough evidence to keep him in jail flame not innocent (like there was no evidence to put aounis, lf, kateeb, ahrar, democratic left youth.. In jails at his time)..
Do u really think he has nothing to do with the assassination by the way?.. Not askng for a verdict (we are not juges) but only ur opininon...

Thumb ado.australia 12 February 2014, 17:38

sayyed is a criminal just like all syrian era collaborators are. This means that most of our heroic politicians are criminals that were in high positions. but this guy deserves no sympathy. 4 years in jail while cared for by the U.N., is nothing compared to what he did to those unfortunate souls that dared to question the syrian occupation of lebanon. he showed no mercy and treated them the same as the fanatical and violent Diniyyie terrorists. Tooz ala Jamil Sayyed and the karma he received.

Missing imagine_1979 12 February 2014, 17:50

Flame remeber 7 august, if FPM u should, what evidence did they have to trow us in jail then?...
Anyway i'm against arbitary detention, but i think he got a taste of his own medecine, u wont come tell me he was also some saint man, come on...
And yet deep inside do u think he had something to do with those assassinations? Really...

Thumb cedars2 12 February 2014, 18:07

"i agree. but he's far from a criminal. he's just a tool who obeyed orders, just like jumby, murr, hariri, harb, moawad and all those who are now 'warriors of freedom' in M14."

You forgot to mention the biggest tools (Aoun, HA, Berri, yourself and the list goes on)

Thumb FlameCatcher 12 February 2014, 18:20

Jamil el Sayyed is responsible for beating Aounies up. This is what it has to do with Aoun. He's a corrupt criminal irrespective of his involvement in Hariri's case. Yet you defend him ?

Can you deny he deserves to rot in jail for him being a Syrian traitor and beating all freedom seekers including AOUNIES during his reign ?

Thumb Loubnani 12 February 2014, 23:49

Who's defending this guy? He was always a tool of oppression. What baffles me however is that most if not all politicians that all of you seem to back were also tools of oppression, corruption or murder. Why do you all have double standards? Why can't you judge people on what they have done for you rather than take to their defence. The whole concept of za3eem is retarded and backing them blindly is beneath each and every one of you for goodness sake. We are all educated people yet it seems we act like we've learned nothing. Someone tell me why please, honestly why?

Thumb Loubnani 12 February 2014, 23:58

And by the way what happened to innocent until proven guilty. I'm not saying he in fact is innocent but if he wasn't found guilty then in the eyes of the law in all modern states he would be innocent.
However having this guy nominated to UNESCO is just plain wrong on so many levels.

Missing rami 12 February 2014, 15:59

They did their homework before the withdrawal.

Missing imagine_1979 12 February 2014, 16:48

Indded the fact, that's the kind of fun we leave with everyday... Fireworks, corruption, assassinations...
How is the weather in canada by the way?..

Missing imagine_1979 12 February 2014, 17:51

Well even like this it seems nicer than here..
Hv a good day thefact..

Missing imagine_1979 12 February 2014, 17:14

Gabby i usually agree with u but ur comment reminds me of march 8 guys accusing march14 to be takfiri/zionist/ksa/imperialists.. U know the all conspiracy theaory by wich they hv been assassinating themselves, blowing tripoli mosques, plotting against smaha/mamlouk and so on...
Please donnit fall in their crasy way of argumentation... Keep up man, israel is lebanon enemy untill land is back and frinteres secure (and we still hv martyrs bodies keept there)... Hezbollah by his actions is destabilizing lebanon and acting like it was above all laws, engaging in wars, supporting a regime that more (or less) than half lebanese judge bloody to say the less and by this jeopardising all our country future...
And when stability is achieve we will be tackles issues that makes us 3rd world country, corruption, gender equality....
Don't u think?..,

Thumb amatoury114 12 February 2014, 17:19

naharnet why r u removing my posts!!!! are you against constructive criticism?

Thumb amatoury114 12 February 2014, 22:07

it has been a while that i have not read or heard those 2 words ghasheem wa ghabeih :) LOLOOLOLL very funny words and applicable in this case

Missing people-power 13 February 2014, 00:55

I love this quote from Fifi:

"without proof, i prefer not to smear other people's life with empty accusations"

Does this include all his baseless unproven smears against Rafik Hariri, Saniora, Bahia Hariri, Rifi, al Hassan and all other M14 leaders????

This precious quote is almost as good as the quote when he admitted that Hezbollah most likely killed Rafik Hariri.