Syrian Army Seizes Bomb-Laden Cars in Yabrud Carrying Lebanese License Plates

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Syrian army found on Wednesday a number of explosive-rigged vehicles carrying Lebanese license plates while combing through southwest of the strategic town of Yabrud.

According to the Syrian state television, the Syrian army located a factory for manufacturing bombs in Ras al-Ain village in Yabrud and seized several booby-trapped vehicles carrying Lebanese license plates.

Al-Mayadeen Network said on Thursday that the bomb factory turned out to be a farm in al-Sarkha area near Yabrud.

The channel said that the farm contains several chambers that are specified to manufacture certain explosive material.

On Sunday, the Syrian army seized full control of rebel bastion Yabrud along the Lebanese border.

Yabrud is a strategic prize because of its proximity to the highway and the Lebanese border, across which rebels have smuggled fighters and weapons.

The capture of the town, and continuing army operations in the surrounding area, will sever important supply lines for the rebels as they face army advances on different fronts.

The town's seizure could also pile new pressure on the Lebanese border town Arsal, which is hosting at least 51,000 Syrian refugees, many from the Qalamoun region.

Hizbullah's involvement in Syria has prompted bomb attacks by extremist groups against areas in Lebanon sympathetic to the group, killing mostly civilians.

Hizbullah and Lebanese security forces have said many of the car bombs used in those attacks originated in Yabrud.

The town's fall comes a day after Syria's conflict, which has killed more than 146,000 people, entered its fourth year.

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Default-user-icon sempre (Guest) 20 March 2014, 10:46

Good news, we don't need those cars here. Keep the drilling going.

Thumb Mystic 20 March 2014, 10:47

Actually it is true, that is how the explosive cars from Yabroud, could be smuggled into Lebanese soil. Now Yabroud is freed, so we are one step closer to see the end of these attacks.

Thumb ice-man 20 March 2014, 16:18


Default-user-icon sempre (Guest) 20 March 2014, 10:47

And shukran hezbulla :p

Thumb eagledawn 20 March 2014, 10:59

one of the cars rigged by the syrian intelligence to be sent to lebanon.

Thumb zahle1 20 March 2014, 12:58

No way my friend. This is all takfiri work to try to punish Shiites. The regime only does those types of actions to Christians to create strife.

Missing helicopter 20 March 2014, 14:30

Will those cars be turned over to the LAF now? If not, then it is either propaganda or will be used later by the regime against Anti-Assad elements in Lebanon (like all our assassinated M14 leaders ..... The regime will have to find other Samahas later to drive those cars to their designated destinations as told by his Syrian handlers.

Thumb cedre 20 March 2014, 15:03

if u say so zahle1...

Thumb zahle1 20 March 2014, 15:17

We have cars exploding all over. There is no way the regime is doing that to HA areas.

Thumb cedre 20 March 2014, 17:54

if u say so zahle1, i know u're sincere...

Thumb cedre 20 March 2014, 15:02

ft, i pity u, ur wife, ur kids,ur relatives and ur colleagues.
Even if i doubt u have family and colleagues...

Thumb Bandoul 20 March 2014, 15:09

@anonymetexasusa, are you stating the LAF aides and abets the enemies of the Lebanese state? Are you accusing the LAF of corruptions? I don't understand. I believe the LAF is the noblest institution left standing and I believe for the most part it has not been successfully manipulated by either M8 or M14. The proof is that the LAF has not collapsed along sectarian lines. Taking pot shots at the LAF is in my humble opinion simply wrong and in poor taste. I realize that there are bad element in any institution but not enough to tarnish the LAF as a whole.

Thumb Bandoul 20 March 2014, 15:14

...and by the way, let's pretend for a second that it is true that a whole bunch bomb laden cars have been stopped from reaching their civilian targets, meaning the act of maiming and obliterating, innocent men, women and children, all of them your fellow citizens: wouldn't that be cause for celebration? When will we learn the blood of a Lebanese, any Lebanese, is more precious than all the causes in the entire world let alone the asinine and vulgar war next door?

Thumb Bandoul 20 March 2014, 15:50

"twisted sick way"??? listen man, I am sorry I engaged you. I refuse to insult you like you are insulting me. Have a wonderful day, may peace and love be upon you.

Thumb cityboy 20 March 2014, 16:01

Sorry Tex, I guess I am not at your level to understand the difference between bombs and how they are acquired and used by the Syrian army. You really need to notify the LAF that this is happening.

Thumb ice-man 20 March 2014, 16:17

@Jaafar: Have you ever been in love with someone.... I mean other than yourself?

Missing coolmec 20 March 2014, 16:21

Can anyone tell me why my comments get deleted when I corner a HA supporter and his is unable to reply back?
It happened twice so far
This is ridiculous

Thumb ice-man 20 March 2014, 17:07

Where is mowaten these days?

Missing coolmec 20 March 2014, 16:41

I refrain from using names but a pro HA was defending HA fighters in Syria saying that they are preventing takfiris from entering Lebanon. So I asked him why fight takfiris who MAY enter Lebanon? why not fighting the takfiris tat alreadu are in Lebanon namely in Palestinians camps and some villages equipped with booby trapped cars..
why isn't HA fighting those who already are in Lebanon?

Missing coolmec 20 March 2014, 16:50

sorry for typos

Missing coolmec 20 March 2014, 16:52

I am neither pro or anti I am simply pro Lebanon and want to see this country at peace, unified and prosperous

Thumb cityboy 20 March 2014, 20:43

coolmec, I did read that post that you asked the HA supporter before it was deleted. I think you asked mystic. He did respond with an answer so not sure why you feel he felt cornered and ignored you.

Thumb ice-man 20 March 2014, 17:05

excuse me, but you concluded all this just from his one sentence:)

Missing peace 20 March 2014, 17:58

easy to stage by the syrians to fill their propaganda and give credit to hezbi actions in syria....
so easy.........