Israeli Army Opens Heavy Gunfire on Outskirts of Shebaa Farms

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Heavy gunfire was reported at dawn on Tuesday in the occupied Shebaa Farms near the Israeli military site of Ruwayssat al-Alam.

According to the state-run National News Agency, the Israeli army opened sporadic fire on the outskirts of the occupied area for half an hour.

The NNA said that the incident was accompanied by Israeli drones that flew over the Shebaa Farms, Golan Heights and Mount Hermon (Jabal al-Sheikh).

An Israeli armored force patrolled the occupied parts of al-Wazzani area and al-Abbasiya.

On Monday, the Israeli army planted a surveillance device along the technical fence to spy on Lebanon, the NNA reported.

In March, a bomb along the Syria-Israel frontier in the occupied Golan Heights wounded four Israeli soldiers, prompting the Jewish state to retaliate by striking Syrian army positions.

It was one of several incidents on Israel's northern borders with Syria and Lebanon last month.

Hizbullah, which supports the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, has threatened to retaliate after an air raid in February, in what was first reported Israeli strike on the group inside Lebanon since a devastating 2006 summer war between the arch-foes.

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Default-user-icon Wolf Hunter (Guest) 01 April 2014, 09:13

They must be afraid of karim,mystic,wolf,josephani,FT and other Persian pi-g followers. This year in Chinese calendar is the end of HA.The dream is over....the Mihdi it will not show even in their dreams.

Thumb popeye 01 April 2014, 10:40

partners in crime: Israel and the terror party and the rest is post production and special effects.

Thumb FlameCatcher 01 April 2014, 11:57

Pff ... amateurs !

Heavy gunfire heard around beirut almost daily ! Especially when Nasrallah speaks !

Hezbollah planted not one but hundreds of surveillance equipment all over beirut and the country !

Israel is nothing compared to the great "Divine Powered" Hezbollah and their glory hole Nasrallah !

Thumb -phoenix1 01 April 2014, 14:27

Sorry, there's something I am missing: Israel is shooting on the outskirts of a contested area, namely by Hezbollah, yet I see no sign of retaliation by the resistance. I mean....., this is getting routine, Israel provokes, the resistance keeps its quiet, dunno, this is getting me worried.

Thumb FlameCatcher 01 April 2014, 16:14

@Roar : If (as Nasrallah states) God is on their side, they can open 10 fronts no ? Divine victories have proven Hezbollah is unbeatable :)

And "HA will retaliate on their own terms" is the same nonsense statements we heard from the Syrian regime for decades... It simply means : We're secretly partners with Israel but put up a masquerade for people to be "affraid" of the great zionist satan devil zombie cannibal warriors ! We need millions of guns and missiles for that so get off our backs. PS : The LAF sucks ...

Thumb falanges 01 April 2014, 19:02

your HA is too weak to fight anyone

Thumb -phoenix1 01 April 2014, 19:51

Hi FD, definitely I cannot dispute your post, no matter how much I may want to wince out of it. But you see, since pretty much of the country no longer believes in the resistance, I fear that it would be only a matter of time when the powder keg will light up. And as you rightly pointed out, there is room for concern. Cheers bro.

Thumb -phoenix1 01 April 2014, 15:49

Hi brother Roar, no, I am not pretending dear bro, I am just toeing sayed Hassan's lines which do give the impression that he will fight and retaliate an any front and at a time of his convenience. Sarcastic as my post may seem, I just proved that Sayed Hassan was blowing hot air. I know what he knows and what we all know, the man is cornered and now is near crippled. Only yesterday a poll showed that 28% (if my memory serves me right that is) that over 25% of our Shiite siblings disaprove of Hezbollah's meddling in Syria.