Al-Manar Reporter Hajj Hassan Killed with Cameraman, Technician in Maalula

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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An al-Manar television crew came under gunfire Monday during its coverage of the Syrian army's recapture of the Christian town of Maalula from rebel hands, which resulted in the death of the reporter Hamza al-Hajj Hassan along with a cameraman and a technician.

Al-Manar said 27-year-old Hajj Hassan and his two colleagues -- cameraman Mohammed Mantash and technician Halim Allaw -- were killed when "armed groups" opened fire at their convoy in Maalula.

Two other members of the crew were wounded in the attack, al-Manar added.

The TV network, which is owned by Hizbullah, noted that the cars of its team were clearly marked with press signs.

“With the bless of the martyrs' blood and the vigor of heroic fighters, we will sleep tonight at the al-Safir Hotel in Maalula,” Hajj Hassan wrote on his Facebook page hours before his death on Monday.

Al-Manar General Manager Ibrahim Farhat mourned the slain crew during a press conference, stressing that the TV network will continue its coverage of the conflict in Syria regardless of “the sacrifices.”

Earlier on Monday, Syrian troops retook the ancient Christian town of Maalula from rebel hands.

"The army has taken full control of Maalula and restored security and stability. Terrorism has been defeated in Qalamun," a security official told Agence France Presse, referring to the region in which Maalula is located.

An AFP journalist in Maalula said the al-Safir Hotel, which rebels had been using as a base, was almost completely destroyed.

The instrumental assistance of Hizbullah -- which has sent thousands of fighters into Syria -- has helped Syrian forces recapture most towns in the Qalamoun and Qusayr regions near the border with Lebanon.



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Default-user-icon Samer (Guest) 14 April 2014, 19:54

Good news. I wish everybody related one way or the other to Hizb el Thugs will face the same fate. No mercy for these people. I wish them all dead including their families. Now come call me takfiris as much much as you like. I don't give a D A M N thing about what Iran supporters think

Thumb popeye 15 April 2014, 11:34

freedom of press..... gotta be the comment of the century!

Thumb .mowaten. 15 April 2014, 12:05

yes poppy, freedom of press isn't only when it suits your views, and then when it doesn't you murder journalists.

i guess it must be your israeli mentality, we know how many journalists were deliberately killed by tsakharal

Missing cedars 15 April 2014, 14:10

Yesterday I wrote to those rejoicing the Syrian army capture that things will go back and forth and stop interfering in other countries business, today we have witnessed it.

Thumb ice-man 14 April 2014, 20:03

I am overwhelmed with sorrow, sadness, and tremendous pain at this great national loss. Life can be cruel sometimes. Why did this happen? Why? These professionals were simply covering the news of the resistance's victories and did not deserve such a painful death.

Missing mohammad_ca 15 April 2014, 00:32

Check out his latest tweet

Thumb Maxx 16 April 2014, 19:51

I suppose you were equally "overwhelmed" when Hizb rampaged through Beirut in May 2008 and caused a very cruel, painful death to 110 unarmed civilians (plus a bunch of others). Always glad to know there's a Lebanese patriot like you among us!

Thumb eagledawn 14 April 2014, 20:08

Good Riddance, 3 less iranian thugs.

Missing nouneh 15 April 2014, 22:43


Thumb geha 14 April 2014, 20:12

more extremist terrorists are getting killed to defend the chief terrorist murderer regime of bashar.

Thumb skeletor 14 April 2014, 20:16

Rest in Piece(s)

Missing gcb1 14 April 2014, 20:17

It overwhelms me with sadness to see these destructive and despicable comments. These men were innocents and did not kill anybody. They may have supported a cause you do not condone, but they did not deserve to die. Did they kill anybody? No. They are reporters and part of the press.

You people are not any better than the terrorists you speak of, for you both condone the loss of innocent life.

Missing undefined 14 April 2014, 20:23

I do not support Hizbullah, and I agree with you

Missing gcb1 14 April 2014, 20:29

I am extremely critical of Hezbollah too, but I'm proud to have at least some humanity in me to understand that reporters - regardless of which side they are on - are not murderers and should not be treated as such.

Thumb eagledawn 14 April 2014, 20:33

They are murderers and criminals. What were they filming? The heroic barbaric footage of HA killing civilians. HA multiple rocket launchers raining death on syrian villages. Interviewing HA warriors talking about their criminal acts. come on ..! They are active participants in every massacre HA has committed in Syria.

Missing gcb1 14 April 2014, 20:27

I hope one day Lebanon will abolish this civil war mentality and a bit more humanity can be restored in our land.

Missing gcb1 14 April 2014, 20:27

I hope one day Lebanon will abolish this civil war mentality and a bit more humanity can be restored in our land.

Missing gcb1 14 April 2014, 21:40


They are not my cousins. I have no affiliation to them. I do not even support Hezbollah. I only value the human life of an innocent.

Is it that foreign to you for someone to express sympathy to others if they are not from the same sect?

Missing gcb1 14 April 2014, 21:45

If you are looking for a M8 vs. M14 debate with me, you will be disappointed - for I dislike them all. They are all confessional elites brainwashing all of you to think that "the other side" is causing our issues, while they share the spoils that come with being on top of the brainwashed masses.

Do not try to spin my comments on the M8 vs. M14 debate. While you all discuss the so-called Takfiri/Israeli "threat" or the Iranian hegemony threat, I'm happy thinking about some real issues that people actually encounter in everyday life: our government's unsustainable public debt, our clientelistic political system, our horrible electricity infrastructure, etc.

Thumb jabal10452 14 April 2014, 23:49

gcb1. I'm not going to celebrate the death of young man, but please keep this in mind: propaganda is a weapon.

Thumb thepatriot 15 April 2014, 10:11

gcb1 I agree... You guys are loosing it... even if we're against Hezb, and their propaganda machine (Al Manar), those guys were not fighters... just brainwashed journalists... Press should never ever get harmed!

Thumb ex-fpm 14 April 2014, 20:28

It is a war their hizb declared on the syrian people. They paid the price, no complaints there.

Thumb popeye 14 April 2014, 20:36

wel eyil

Thumb ice-man 14 April 2014, 21:03

well said flamethrower! allah yihmik for exposing their lies. I commend you for having the perseverance to educate those who are thicker than a brick wall. When one has no argument, they always tend to give it a sectarian outlook to provoke bi-polar reactions.

Default-user-icon Illusionist (Guest) 14 April 2014, 20:45

Its a combat zone where there are no laws of engaging or disengaging. There are in towns with terrorists and clearly their van must have had the manar sign. It is a sad act of vengeance because the salafists are losing ground in the city , nonetheless it was predictable that these creatures have no respect for anything. On the other side, Hezbollah has gone from a force protecting chiites shrines into a supporting regime militia under the pretext of battling takfiris. who's right who's wrong?

Default-user-icon Illusionist (Guest) 14 April 2014, 20:48

Anyways RIP for the journalists be it from hezbollah or any camp. They are risking their lives for their beliefs and convictions. whether you support them or hate them, i respect the fact that there are people dying without even killing their ennemies just to support their ideas and views.This war in Syria is the product of an American scheme to destabilize Syria till they get what they want from Iran.On the other hand Iran is helping Assad with hezbollah by resisting as much as they can so that she can have a say in negotiations and Assad still be a threat if an American-israeli war is waged on Iran.

Default-user-icon Illusionist (Guest) 14 April 2014, 20:50

What are we but toys be it march 14th or march 8th in the hands of this war between the west and Iran-Syria? one thing for sure, i do not support either camp, but i admire the fact that at least M8's allies be it Russia, iran, Syria, have always showed support not just by talks but by weapons and means of actions towards their allies. All the american and europeeans do is bark and condemn. Even if their interests are with you, they can let you die a hundred times before acting to be sure its worth their time and while, and money of course.

Default-user-icon hanoun (Guest) 14 April 2014, 20:55

RIP journalists
very well said southern

Missing samy.. 14 April 2014, 20:58

I remember you calling calling harriri a roasted big after he was murdered by your filthy militia. Does Le Phoenician ring a bell ??

Thumb sevilla 14 April 2014, 21:12

When more than 150 bodies of women and children were piled up in a big heap in Baniyas, flamethrower was mocking the horrific crime by saying it hardly qualified as a massacre. He has no morals and no respect for human life.

Thumb sevilla 14 April 2014, 21:23

flamethrower I am NOT lying. I still have your post!!!

Thumb sevilla 14 April 2014, 22:20

flamethrower no need for your insults! The final figures for the baniyas massacre were over 360 men, women and children. Your comments were on the initial reports that put the numbers at 63 and were later revised. I am sure people can read your comments and judge who is telling the truth. You even deny what you wrote! and yes you were mocking the killing of women and children. End of debate

Missing samy.. 14 April 2014, 21:01

my condolences southern terrorist

Thumb Mystic 14 April 2014, 21:05

heroic martyr reporters, god bless you all and Rest in peace, you will not be forgotten.

Thumb Mystic 14 April 2014, 22:01

Ibnladen, we will see you change the tone, next time we see a pile of takfiris on a new article.

Missing mohammad_ca 15 April 2014, 00:16

warrior reporters? WTF does that mean idiot.

Default-user-icon نمرود (Guest) 15 April 2014, 15:24

يعني بالعربي يا جحش هودي مراسلين حربيين لاحد الاطراف المقاتلة، يعني عسكر ومش صحافيين، ايمتى رح توعوا ؟؟؟

Thumb thepatriot 15 April 2014, 11:47

FT... at some point you have to shut up your big filthy mouth!

Default-user-icon hanoun (Guest) 14 April 2014, 21:06

they killed them cause they were showing the whole world what has been done to places of worship in maalloula and what kind of monsters these terrorists takfiries are
+oua nabka+

Thumb liberty 14 April 2014, 21:26

Mystic, If I were you I would be ashamed after you were caught red handed voting people down for 8 hours using multiple screen names. Remember?

Missing samy.. 14 April 2014, 22:05

being American, beats anytime being a farsi scum like yourself

Thumb Mystic 14 April 2014, 22:40

Being American is nothing to be proud of, you stole the lands from the indians, and build the nation out of the Black slaves blood.

Missing samy.. 14 April 2014, 23:11

If it wasen't for the americans , you and your kind would still be living in caves. Have some appreciation . Delusional, backward camel jokey.

Thumb Elemental 14 April 2014, 21:49

Ok, who didn't see this coming?

Thumb lebanon_first 14 April 2014, 21:52

Rest In Peace. May God give strength to your families.

Default-user-icon Ma fi kahraba (Guest) 14 April 2014, 22:01

Generally it's bad when reporters die, but in this case I have no sympathy. First of all, look at the picture of the guy on the left, he's wearing a green cap and jacket. That doesn't look like someone from the media. He looks like a terrorist. Second, these guys decided to cover Hezbollah's activity in Syria, they knew the risks. Hezbollah shouldn't even be in Syria to begin with, let alone their reporters. Spare me the condolences ice-man, jerry is right they are the voice of hatred and evil. All they do is spread Hezbollah's propaganda, the fact that they work for Hezbollah makes them immoral. Ibnharethreik is right, when do we ever hear condolences to Syrian reporters dying? Real reporters, who were covering what was once a revolution. Sorry to say but that revolution is dead. It's now a war between al-Qaeda and Assad. As long as the US does nothing, war will continue for years. There are 20 million Sunnis in Syria, Assad is never going to regain the whole country.

Thumb jabal10452 14 April 2014, 23:57

The death of a man is no reason for me to celebrate, but please keep this in mind: this man was engaged in propaganda in a war zone. His last comment on Facebook proves that he was not an objective journalist, but Al-Manar's propaganda point man.
In wartime, propaganda is a weapon.

Thumb chad 15 April 2014, 00:14

I know one thing: when i see all this hatred and racism I am just so glad we have our resistance to protect us and I realize more than ever that we'd better stick to it really tightly!!

Glod bless our resistance!

Thumb freedomarch 15 April 2014, 03:42

A terror group is always a terror group.

Missing coolmec 15 April 2014, 00:25

Allow to reply to your post below I want you to know I am VERY VERY PROUD to BE AMERICAN and your post below does not make sense nor does it reflect the truth. I could debate with you but I feel there is no point we will not agree as your anti Americanism is limitless so...
I can say this I wish we Lebanese we live similar to the American system
we would be way way better off

Thumb thepatriot 15 April 2014, 11:49

Mystic is proud of his disgusting avatar picture...congrats!

Thumb cedre 15 April 2014, 01:56

Baklawas for everybody.... MUHAHAHAHAHA...
Let those iranian poodle burn in hell inshaAllah...
Nasral can have mut'a with ur wives now...

Thumb ice-man 15 April 2014, 07:04

@wolf: your medication not working again?! I thought they have good doctors in Australia?

Thumb -phoenix1 15 April 2014, 12:34

Lack of Rear Wolf, I am here and I am reading the hatred that you guys share mutually and abstain from joining the chat, but I don't see what has this got to do with me, Then you said something about respect. Well mate, respect is something that starts at home, just like charity, so if you want people to respect you, then you will have to start by respecting yourself. But it seems that this is too big an effort for some people. However it has been clinically proven that when such people receive the right treatment, they eventually come out on top of this challenge. Just for the record, and have a good day mate.

Thumb -phoenix1 15 April 2014, 12:49

And oh, you also said FAKE ya Lack of Rear Wolf. Then speaking professionally, there are some very good software in the market, the good ones cannot be cracked if you know what I mean. They do a character mapping analysis of writings, and guess what? People like you are easily unscripted to reveal the high level similarities that link those who use multiple accounts. I don'r know what you meant by your use of the word FAKE, but I hold no doubt that used it to refer to yourself. Can a thief live with decent folks without his attempt to steal from them? Highly unlikely? Can a liar attempt to be any better? Also highly unlikely. But the cure exists, and it all starts by accepting that not everyone is a parrot, thus freedom of speech. That's where your problem resides, intolerance.

Thumb smarty 15 April 2014, 03:34

What kind of reporter wears military outfit and carries anti-tank rockets?

Missing mark 15 April 2014, 03:36

Mystiz and Chack, job of dead thugs are available. Take it and darb tsid wala trid in advance

Thumb ice-man 15 April 2014, 07:06

@Full-Closure: your words, your poise, your aura, reminds me of sayyed hassan.

Thumb whyaskwhy 15 April 2014, 09:02

Darn another Pultzer prize winning reporting team lost!!! how will the world react? more photoshoped posters of the martyrs dressed in bullet proof vests on garbage cans....

Missing nouneh 15 April 2014, 22:44

I hear from a terrorist himself !!

Default-user-icon yasser (Guest) 16 April 2014, 12:26

it seems the administrator did not like my comment, knowing that it doesn't contain obscene phrases.

Default-user-icon Me (Guest) 17 April 2014, 10:06

admin is a joke here