Jumblat Will Choose Presidential Candidate 'at Last Minute'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Head of the National Struggle Front MP Walid Jumblat ruled out the possibility of the nomination of MPs Henri Helou or Fouad al-Saad for the presidential elections, saying that he will not declare his candidate at the moment, reported al-Joumhouria newspaper on Saturday.

He explained: “I will choose the candidate at the last moment and after consulting my conscience and political partners.”

These consultations include talks with Speaker Nabih Berri and the Mustaqbal Movement, he added after a National Struggle Front meeting on Friday.

He expressed his preference for a candidate with clear presidential programs, especially one who focuses on social and economic issues.

“I cannot vote for a ghost,” he said.

Berri had called parliament to convene on Wednesday in order to elect a president.

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea is so far the only official to submit his candidacy for the elections.

The March 8 camp has not yet announced its candidate, but recent reports said that it may nominate MP Emile Rahme.

Other reports had said that Kataeb Party chief Amin Gemayel may be running in the polls, but he is yet to make an official announcement.



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Thumb popeye 19 April 2014, 08:24

He explained: “I will choose the candidate at the last moment and after consulting my conscience and political partners.”

How can one consult his conscience if he does not have one in the first place? Strange

Thumb geha 19 April 2014, 09:02


Thumb ex-fpm 19 April 2014, 08:49

or Iranian

Thumb ex-fpm 19 April 2014, 10:09

yes flamethrower, that is why he elected Miqati and sided with HA. You always make sense

Thumb eagledawn 19 April 2014, 10:55

but aoun has yes flamethrower?


Missing coolmec 19 April 2014, 10:29

Joumblatt's decision is a deja vu. His late father did same when Frangieh was elected. he won with one vote which was that of his late father. civil war erupted during Frangieh's term and I hope this is not a repeat to war.

Thumb -phoenix1 19 April 2014, 11:22

Coolmec, given the current impasse, maybe the best way forward will be for another military man to take the seat of power, General Qahwaji. he is strong and has the army behind him, I think that civilians are not quite ready for the job yet but the military is a lot better poised.

Missing coolmec 19 April 2014, 12:17

Kahwaji is worthless

Missing coolmec 19 April 2014, 12:15

Hi speakfreely
How are you today?
I will be in Miami by month end
by the way Happy Easter

Missing coolmec 19 April 2014, 14:29

thanks Bro I presume I will have the opportunity to talk to you in Beirut right before I leave.. I wish you a good and safe flight.

Missing coolmec 19 April 2014, 12:17

the scary part is that jounblatt a flip flopper and unstable, and flip flopper can be the determining factor.

Thumb -phoenix1 19 April 2014, 12:48

Coolmec, it's true Jumblat does flip flop a lot, but all said and done, he does hold some trump cards, at times they've been known to tip matters the other way. But anyway, Wednesday is now just round the corner, we shall see what happens.

Default-user-icon Abu Quahafa (Guest) 19 April 2014, 15:14

Jumb is a silly opportunist. He has no principles and no sense of patriotism and not much power to influence the outcome of this election. He shall wait to see who shall the presidency then he will vote for him.

Missing peace 19 April 2014, 22:14

he ll vote according to where the dollars come from....

Missing VINCENT 19 April 2014, 23:40

Jumblat has situated himself whereby can benefit from either side. "Go with the flow" would work for his interests and those he represents.