Geagea Slams Aoun Pledge to Guarantee Security of Hariri if in Power

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea said on Wednesday that his political arch-foe Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun isn't responsible for head of al-Mustaqbal Movement Saad Hariri's security, stressing that staging the parliamentary elections amid presidential vacuum is a dangerous precedent.

“It is early to discuss the legislative polls... But if we carry out the elections without a head of state then we will return to the same crisis,” Geagea told reporters at Maarab after lawmakers failed for the seventh time to elect a new president.

Geagea stressed that “the presidential elections must be held before the parliamentary elections.”

The Christian leader lashed out at Aoun without naming him, wondering how some parties are justifying vacuum with the fear of electing a weak president.

“Christians are now sobbing over the ongoing vacuum.”

“It is totally rejected to choose the weakest Christian as president and I will not tolerate this,” Aoun said Tuesday about Geagea without naming him.

“I'm the strongest and I'm the one who represents (the Christians). My popularity is on the rise,” he added.

Geagea slammed the March 8 alliance, asking the Change and Reform bloc, which is head by Aoun, and Hizbullah's Loyalty to the Resistance bloc “what they are waiting for” to attend the parliamentary session and elect a new head of state.

The failure to choose a successor to President Michel Suleiman, whose term expired on May 25, is the result of the boycott of the majority of March 8 alliance's MPs.

The March 14 official voiced concern over the presidential impasse, expressing hope that the rival parties would have at least one percent consensus over any candidate.

“It's not right to elect a president who has minimal representation but now we will not be able to agree on a nominee who could garner the majority of votes,” Geagea said.

He proposed on Aoun to accept “any of the available options or head to the parliament to vote for his candidate because vacuum will harm us all.”

Aoun has said he would run for the presidency if there was consensus on him.

Geagea said that meeting with the FPM chief will not lead to any positive result.

“They are manipulating the system and the constitution, which poses a great danger on the country and the Lebanese amid the developments in the region.”

He considered that the Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi as the “saddest person” over the ongoing deadlock.

“We shouldn't undermine the presidential vacuum,” Geagea said, urging those who have “conscience” to attend the July 2 session set to elect a new president.

Speaker Nabih Berri postponed the session to July 2 to fill the seat of the country's top Christian post at Baabda Palace.

Geagea concluded that Aoun is not responsible for Hariri's security, a day after Aoun said that he could guarantee the political security of the Mustaqbal official if he returns to Lebanon if he was in power.

“Hariri will not also ask him for such a demand.”



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Thumb thepatriot 18 June 2014, 14:30

Aoun IS responsible for Hariri's security, because Aoun is the Christian mouthpiece and puppet of Hezbollah!

Thumb geha 19 June 2014, 05:52

what is amazing is that Aoun wants to guarantee the security of Hariri!
how can he? does he know who are the potential killers? if so, then he is an accomplice, or at least he should advise the judges of who is threatening Hariri!

Thumb thepatriot 19 June 2014, 12:30

Yaaa resistance_m8!
HA is not a majority of anything!
Aoun, divided the Christians, that is all he did. Shiaa and Sunni were already divided yaaa zaki!
And HA is monopolizing the power big time! They decide about war or peace, they controle the Port, the Airport, most of the administrations, a lot of the army, what more do you need yaa
Hezb is a Cancer!

Thumb FlameCatcher 18 June 2014, 14:41

I disagree with Geagea. This parliament is no longer representative of the people. It's mandate has expired according to the constitutional schedule.

Only a new parliament can legitimately elect a new president to best fit the choice of the people according to the new political balance in the country.

Having said this, its unacceptable not to have a president during the parliamentary election process.

This is why I believe Michel Suleiman should be nominated as INTERIM president until the parliamentary elections take place after which a new president should be elected which will in turn appoint a new prime minister. Having him as an interim president does not mean renewing his mandate but simply keeping the presidency active until our loser politicians decide to move on !

Default-user-icon Shombardo Lizangwany (Guest) 18 June 2014, 14:43

Apparently, Dr. Arreet 7akeh not only does not understand art 7akyo elo. He does not understand any 7akeh for that matter. Send him back to the ebtida2i, perhaps then he will have a chance to become a real Doc of Bull in 19 or so years.

Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 18 June 2014, 14:47

parliamentary election on proportionality basis is the gateway real democracy in Lebanon
and at least the president must come from the biggest Christian parliamentary bloc issued by the proportionality election law
or by popular vote judst to curb outside interferrences
god bless democracy

Thumb sophia_angle 18 June 2014, 14:47

To summarize this; sooner or later GMA is president (it is his rights or not is debatable) what is not debatable, 'now' bel mnih accept him as such so just to have a good end n everyone is happy, or 'later' bel abih (use ur imaginations on dat..(yea democracy marhaba! sah bas amtin ken fi a true democracy in the region?! if democracy was well implemented GMA would have long became president)

Thumb sophia_angle 18 June 2014, 15:45

the third one:pp

Thumb Machia 18 June 2014, 16:42

Actually if popular democracy was implemented today in Lebanon the president will either be Hassan Nasrallah or Saad Hariri.
But our system is a parliamentary one that is governed by a confessional understanding.
Either way Aoun has 0 chance to become president.
I wish him a long and fruitful life but why is he so desperate to become president at 81.
At 81, people are usually wiser and more philosiphical about life.

Thumb kris 18 June 2014, 16:57

Isn't he too old for presidential candidate? Isn't there an age limit?!

Default-user-icon Paid Thinker (Guest) 18 June 2014, 14:51

Both Michel Aoun & Samir Geagea are disillusioned if they believe either truly represents the Christians of Lebanon. On that, I always believed the President was the president for all and not just for one particular religion or sect. With this logic, i'm not a maronite so I shouldn't really care about the president.

Missing trigger 18 June 2014, 15:05

If Aoun can garantee hariri's security, this means at least one of the following:
1- he is implicated in the past assassinations.
2- he could have prevented them and he did not.
3- he has knowledge of future assassination plans.
in any case he should be summoned for investigation for the mere fact of saying this.

i imagine comments will start raining, but any real neutral person would analyse it the same way

Thumb kris 18 June 2014, 17:00

Very true...

Thumb FlameCatcher 18 June 2014, 17:58

@Southern : If Hezbollah indeed had this capability :

1- It would warn Hariri of imminent danger instead of watching him get murdered

2- It would submit this evidence immediately to the investigation team long before an international investigation was even established and fingers pointed to Hezbollah

This means Hassan Nasrallah's evidence is crap ! It's actually Hezbollah drone footage !

Thumb Tony.Farris 18 June 2014, 20:12

@Southern Did you get your welfare check this week?
How's How Dearborn treating you?

Thumb cedre 18 June 2014, 15:09

the message is clear : accept our weapons and agenda, and we wont kill u like we killed ur father. Great deal...

Default-user-icon kazan (Guest) 18 June 2014, 15:24

Is it fair to think in terms of strong to represent the christians...
isn't it better to say strong for the Lebanese?
As long as we think we Christians,Muslims,Druz etc...we Lebanese people will remain ignorant.....

Thumb Machia 18 June 2014, 15:43

So Michel Aoun is applying to become Saad Hariri's bodyguard.
The position usually goes to men and women who are tough, courageous and are ready to take a bullet for their employer.
Aoun's CV and experience doesn't fit the description. It reads:
"- Courageously made a run to the French embassy when the Syrian troops invaded, left my wife, kids and men in Baabda to resist
- Courageously stayed in Paris while my supporters were being beaten up and tortured by the my present allies.
- Courageously allied myself to the assassins and car bomb specialists in order to seek the presidency."
What do you think should Saad give him a job?

Thumb sophia_angle 18 June 2014, 15:51

lady gaga were is ur new outfit? this ninja-da3ish style falyahkom da3ish hereyyyy! :))

Thumb habib 18 June 2014, 16:44

Sophia shaytan lanya7kom aoun bi l7ili wa nifaq ma3rof wa makshof bi kol al3abo shakh sa3ed sa7i7 ba3do shab bas l3omer byefre2 bas ma3 jebran basiil your gma binafeq ktir bi siyesi.
La wala waalfi la li aoun 7elem blis bel janni

Thumb Machia 18 June 2014, 16:46

Can you please tell us what Aoun said instead of castigating us. Instead of your great opinion, you could have posted a fact.
Please illuminate us.

Thumb Machia 18 June 2014, 16:48

From the Daily Star: "I told him [Hariri] that I can guarantee his political security if he returns to Lebanon but noted that I cannot guarantee it if I'm not in power,” Aoun said."

Thumb Machia 18 June 2014, 16:50

Now either Flamethrower you are either a great literary critic and understand the hidden meaning of words or Aoun has worked his voodoo on you. Deprograming time!

Thumb Machia 18 June 2014, 17:43

Can you please back your opinion with a quote. Thanks.

Thumb Machia 18 June 2014, 17:44

Criticizing the Daily Star and Naharnet and everyone else on the forum does not constitute a fact.

Thumb FlameCatcher 18 June 2014, 17:50

@Machia, FT is either an idiot or a really really bad loser who cannot accept the fact that his GREAT GENERAL AOUN THE MAGNIFICENT is a complete joke. He jumps to accuse M14 media when he could just listen to Aoun live on TV come up with his BS and atrocities.

@FT : Go have a look on, the toilet paper website (i'm actually insulting toilet paper) and accuse Tayyar of being a M14 propaganda machine !

Thumb Machia 18 June 2014, 19:08

Sorry Flamethrower but I do not understand what you mean.
As for the quote, please look at Flamecather's comment below and you will see the same exact quote taken from

Thumb Loubnani 18 June 2014, 17:26

Is it me or does naharnet overuse the word "slams".? Everything seems to be slams this or slams that. I suggest you use a thesaurus.

Thumb FlameCatcher 18 June 2014, 17:47

@FT : The only one who doesn't seem to understand Aoun is you.

Here's the transcript on Tayyar :

" قلت له أنّني أستطيع أن أضمن له أمنه السياسي إذا أراد العودة إلى لبنان. ولكن إن لم أكن في موقع السلطة، لا أستطيع أن أضمن شيئاً."

You're a joke FT. You wouldn't believe Aoun would say such atrocities if he told them to your face !

And you go on accusing M14 media like a crying little girl. You are pathetic, otherwise known as a AOUNIE!

Missing peace 18 June 2014, 17:53

great minds think alike ;) LOL

Thumb FlameCatcher 18 June 2014, 18:28


Missing peace 18 June 2014, 18:51

hey southern: it is not the subject here... your boyfriend was accusing naharnet and daily star to have distorted what your buddy aoun said and accusing them of spreading hatred by it ...

we just proved him wrong!

Thumb FlameCatcher 18 June 2014, 20:59

@Southern : Hariri doesn't need Aoun's help regarding political oppression or personal security.

The only reason Aoun is giving guarantees is that he will not be blown up to smithereens by your Kezb

Thumb lebpatriot2223 18 June 2014, 19:02

Who's gonna protect the children from this child killer Geagea!

Missing imagine_1979 18 June 2014, 19:57

Please can u define "political safety" i enjoy readding ur post, but i got lost on this one...
Political safety.... He will assure that his political path will be fine?... Hariri is outside leb for political safety? (In my opinion he should hv never left, better die with ur fellows but political safety?...)
Are u sure that was what he meant? And he cannot assure this "political safety" except if he is president?....

Default-user-icon Illusionist (Guest) 18 June 2014, 20:01

@flamethrower, M11er, or all others that have lots of time arguing always here, Iran and USA are negotiating, becoming best pals. Thus Iran is negotiating with Israel because USA will never get into negotiations with iran unless it guarantees israel's safety. Which also means Hezbollah's bullshit against Israel is just to scare masses and unite them under the same old slogan. Hezbollah wants lebanon, Saudi arabia wants bachar to kneel and leave the iranian alliance. thats it thats all. The USA has weakened Assad in order to have better power for negotiations with Iran's nuclear program.

Default-user-icon Illusionist (Guest) 18 June 2014, 20:08

The only sane person in this country doing its job is Riad Salemeh, preserving our banks and keeping us safe with reserves. Or else we would have collapsed a loooooooong time ago. good thing he didnt enter this political game, warlords would have ruined his good reputation like with Sleiman and Miqati.

Thumb Machia 18 June 2014, 20:16

Example of people who lost their "political security":

Hariri, Tueini, Kassir, Hawi, al-Hassan, Fleihan , Gemayel, Eido, Ghanem, Hajj, Hamadeh, Murr and Chidiac.

Aoun had lost his political security and stayed exiled in France until Hezbollah and Assad gave him back his political security.

Thumb Machia 18 June 2014, 20:18

Chatah of course was politically insecure too.

Thumb Machia 18 June 2014, 20:26

Tony Montana: "In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women."

Michel Aoun: "In this country, you gotta kiss Hezbi's hand first. Then when you get their blessing, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get Hariri back."

Tony Montana: "I kill a communist for fun, but for a green card, I gonna carve him up real nice."

Michel Aoun: "I ignited an inter-Christian war for fun, but for the Presidency, I gonna carve them up real nice."

Tony Montana: "Chi Chi, get the yeyo."

Michel Aoun: "Gi Gi, get the yeyo."

Missing imagine_1979 18 June 2014, 20:58

Machia, just thx for posting... Really..
Now we all missunderstood aoun, just like in syria accountablity act and the role of hezbollah then explained by aoun, we all missunderstood this brave general...
Bravo fpm guys:; but just a simple question, our polticians march 8 and 14 alike play on words cause they concider it part of politics but u really believe what u r wrttting?? Really? Political safety??? Hypochrits....
U don't even deserve chupachups...

Thumb lebpatriot2223 19 June 2014, 01:03

Lol @ gimp

Missing jean-pierre 18 June 2014, 21:39

Aoun is the most popular leader among christians and that's according to him. But according to the polls Dr Geagea now represents at least 45% of the christians by himself. Among men its about 65%. And if you ant to do polls on the onces that are willing to fight to death for the sake of lebanon, he will get 95% of the christians. So Aoun go and suck on a banana. Aoun your majority of support among christians comes from elderly women, girls and some young idiots (with all due respect to women). Geagea will take over East Beirut in matter of minutes. I swear I am not exaggerating (God forbids if we had to). What when the christians are in danger, there will be no one on the front lines but the LF, Kataeb and Ahrar. LF is the power broker in East Beirut. There is no danger on christians as long there is Hakim. Hakim for president

Missing imagine_1979 18 June 2014, 21:50

Well this is very construtive man... Bravo...
Remind me bass where were u in 7 ayyar?...
Go hv a chupachups u to man...

Missing peace 18 June 2014, 21:47

syria will never accept a president that does not lick their feet...aoun is the perfect puppet for that, that is why M8 are desperate that he is elected to please their masters... and they talk about "no foreign powers shall decide! " LOL @ those hypocrits!!!

Marada Movement leader MP Suleiman Franjieh to NBN: No president can be elected in Lebanon without Bashar Assad's consent.

Default-user-icon Paid Thinker (Guest) 19 June 2014, 10:31

I find it funny how you defend your sectarian despot leaders with such passion. Do you defend your country with such vigor? It looks like most of you are just cowards who stream to news forums like this for a chance to bash a point here and there against political opponents.

Thumb Machia 19 June 2014, 12:27

Thank you for your great insight Oh Courageous Paid Thinker.
Why didn't you publish your name, your picture and phone number?
Are you telling us to shut up and stop commenting? Does freedom of speech bother you?

Default-user-icon Paid Thinker (Guest) 19 June 2014, 13:59

@ Machia, exactly. Now that you got the point, maybe you take your senseless talk somewhere else... maybe a boxing ring.