Report: ISIL Names 'Emir' for Lebanon, Sets Up 'Suicide Bombers Training Camp'


The extremist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has appointed an “emir”, or leader, over Lebanon and has set up a camp to train would-be suicide bombers and send them to Lebanon, a media report said on Sunday.

According to information obtained by LBCI television, security agencies' investigations have revealed that “the ISIL has appointed Abdul Salam al-Ordoni as an emir over Lebanon.”

Ordoni has been giving instructions to Al-Monzer al-Hasan, the Lebanese intermediary between the ISIL and the two suicide bombers who were busted at the Duroy Hotel in Raouche, LBCI said.

The interrogation of detained Saudi would-be suicide bomber Abdul Rahman al-Shenifi, who survived the Duroy blast, confirmed that the duo were sent to Lebanon by the ISIL, the TV network added.

“According to the plan devised for them by Al-Monzer al-Hasan, the attack on al-Saha Restaurant (in Hizbullah's stronghold Dahieh) required one of them to enter the restaurant and open fire from a machinegun at the biggest number of customers before blowing up his suicide vest,” LBCI's report said.

“The second suicide bomber would blow himself up when medics and citizens gather for rescue operations,” it added.

Investigations also revealed that the Saudi operatives had three suicide vests in their possession, one weighing three kilograms and the other two weighing 10 kilos each.

"Shenifi was the one who noticed the arrival of General Security forces to the hotel. When General Security members arrived at their room's door, (Ahmed Abdul Rahman) al-Thuwani armed the suicide vest and hurled it at the door where it exploded, which resulted in his death and the wounding of Shenifi and the General Security members,” LBCI said.

On Saturday, the TV network said Shenifi told his interrogators that a Syrian man informed him and his partners in the Turkish city of Istanbul that their mission was to attack security forces and army troops in Lebanon.

But later, al-Monzer al-Hasan, the man who provided the Duroy bombers with explosives, asked the two Saudi militants to change their target and instead attack al-Saha Restaurant in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

On Wednesday, al-Thuwani detonated a suicide vest at the Duroy Hotel room during a raid by General Security officers.

LBCI reported on Friday that the suicide bomber and his accomplice had arrived in Lebanon from Istanbul where they had spent five days.

The TV network said investigations have highlighted a “key role” for al-Hasan in several suicide bombings.

It said al-Hasan receives $50,000 for facilitating the mission of every suicide bomber.

Al-Hasan's picture was circulated by the General Security agency on Thursday.

Wednesday's suicide attack was the third in Lebanon in less than a week and sparked fears of renewed violence in a country that has been deeply affected by the civil war in neighboring Syria.


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Thumb eagledawn 29 June 2014, 21:02

any selfies, youtube videos, to substantiate your fantasies or is it just another attempt to post nonsense. Certain things never change......

Missing 30 June 2014, 04:51

FT - you are talking nonsense.

Thumb lebpatriot2223 29 June 2014, 21:14

The Emir can take March 14 and rule with Hariri and Geagea in Saudi Arabia. Leave Lebanon to real Lebanese that descended from Phoenicians.

Thumb Maxx 29 June 2014, 22:42

And the Sayyed can take March 8 and rule with Khomeini and Mughniyeh in hell. Leave Lebanon, indeed, to real Lebanese who put Lebanon first and get down on their knees neither before the Saudis or the Iranians.

Thumb Elemental 30 June 2014, 00:34

You're right, and since you're of Iranian origin, please leave.

Thumb lebpatriot2223 30 June 2014, 01:20

Keep dreaming elemental terrorist

Thumb Elemental 30 June 2014, 02:52

Nice comeback, and if you read anything correctly, I don't support these people, nor your Hezbollah Iranian counterparts, so please come up with something more creative to say.

Thumb lebpatriot2223 30 June 2014, 03:49

I know calling you an idiot is a fact and not creative but Ce la vis

Thumb Elemental 30 June 2014, 03:52

You're entertaining, but predictable. HA and ISIL, same garbagem different methods. Both problematic yet, can't break their programming, thank you for proving this "Fact" yet again.

Thumb freedomarch 29 June 2014, 22:20

It seems that all these sources are coming from "YR" ..

Thumb beiruti 29 June 2014, 22:20

Ooh Lebanese, be afraid, very afraid!!! ISIL has come to get you!!! Better get with Hezbollah and their program quick to save yourselves. This is all very amateurish.

Thumb Kalzyturks 29 June 2014, 22:43

Get behind HA, as if this is the only patriotic group in Lebanon.

Getting involved in Syria, telling if you want to fight let's have in your country (syria) but please don't fight us here.

Now the scare tactics....

Hey let's get behind HA or the ghost will be here soon!

Default-user-icon Ghosham Zingavil (Guest) 29 June 2014, 22:25

They also named GabbyStradamus14 as vice emir. takfir, Dr. Arret 7akeh style.

Thumb Maxx 29 June 2014, 22:39

Be they Saudi or Iranian, they are not Lebanese.
As for Daher, akbar minnak w bayyak w sittak put together. He might be an idealistic idiot, but at least he's a Lebanese idealistic idiot, and puts Lebanon before Iran or Saudi. Could anybody say the same for you?

Thumb gaby 29 June 2014, 22:42

What happened to M. Samaha? Can we please not let Lebanon turn into a laboratory again? Hizbullah made the mistake of stepping into the Syrian war. Now we have this to deal with? Seriously?!?!?! I just want my zaatar + cheese and morning tea in peace.

Thumb irus_da_virus 29 June 2014, 22:54

Flamethrower: he fired at an ISF checkpoint in the air to push through a pregnant lady, oh Lord, the humanity!! Ya habibi your M8 Hizbulla invaded Beirut killing dozens and terrorizing an entire nation, this you forget and continue to support M8

Thumb Elemental 30 June 2014, 00:32

The extremist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has appointed an “emir”, or leader, over Lebanon and has set up a camp to train would-be suicide bombers and send them to Lebanon, a media report said on Sunday.....AND we have Hezbollah, who are members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard who basically also act as if they own the country...this is a sad sad time as HA are responsible for bringing these "wonderful" sick individuals to our beloved country. Thanks so much religious extremism! You've proven time and time again how productive for civilized society you are.

Thumb Elemental 30 June 2014, 00:35

Your "resistance" is solely responsible for bring the chaos over, so stop with the double standards and hypocrisy.

Thumb ice-man 30 June 2014, 10:35

whoever you are and wherever you are full-closure, respect man! Still an atheist?

Thumb Elemental 30 June 2014, 00:36

That doesn't make sense, Hezbollah brought this garbage onto Lebanon, and they take orders from Iran, thanks for more proxy war bs all because of both of your extremes, now more innocents will suffer because of it, sad sad time.

Thumb lebpatriot2223 30 June 2014, 03:51

Lol@stupid elemental of course you don't get it. You should kiss the ground Hizbollah walks on otherwise you would be crucified by your Emir by now.

Thumb Elemental 30 June 2014, 03:53

Hush Ali-Ahmed

Thumb Elemental 30 June 2014, 00:38

I see 6 people disagree and want to be taken advantage of, or are pro-Iranian, surprise surprise.

Thumb Elemental 30 June 2014, 02:49

Touche Pajama ;)

Thumb lebpatriot2223 30 June 2014, 01:21

lol @ the new Emirs' gimps, March 14

Thumb Elemental 30 June 2014, 03:14

Nothing new from you as usual. Tell you what dear, how's about to keep leeching off of the US system and keep quiet.

Thumb lebpatriot2223 30 June 2014, 03:21

Lol @ elemental gimp. I pay more in taxes in one year than your lifetime in income terrorist.

Thumb Elemental 30 June 2014, 03:49

Again, you miss the point completely.

Thumb lebpatriot2223 30 June 2014, 04:58

Go get a life gimp

Thumb Elemental 30 June 2014, 05:04

Case in point.

Missing karim.. 30 June 2014, 01:58

I'm surprised they didn't appoint Samir Geagea as emir lol.

Missing action-man 30 June 2014, 02:02

Gaby,i am sure if you ask she3let el zaka Ft he will claim that Samaha was paid by the Saudis ,Ghazi kanaan committed suicide with 3 bullets to the head ,Antoine ghanem,Rafi harriri,Samir qassir,Georges Hawi,Gibran Tueni etc etc were all assassinated by M14.
As for this P.O.s Emir he is nothing but one of many who tried to assassinate Lebanon and he will never succeed ,Hopefully will return to wherever he is from in a body bag ...

Thumb lebpatriot2223 30 June 2014, 03:24

March 14 has a new Emir lol

Missing 7alesh 30 June 2014, 06:16

This is what Islamic sectarian hate brought on to us.
Radical militarized shiaas demanded radical militarized sunnis.
Both should get a life (literary) and get over who should have governed 1500 years ago. live and let us live. or go die elsewhere far from us.
on one hand HA wants to hijack Lebanon and make it an extension of the Islamic republic of Iran, and on the other some radical lunatics want to make it part of the khalifet.
Da3esh = HA

Thumb cedre 30 June 2014, 06:25

'Radical militarized shiaas demanded radical militarized sunnis.'
'Da3esh = HA' +1000. Iran is behind ISIL lunatics...

Missing 7alesh 30 June 2014, 06:40

southern who among your family members is the most "Fida sirmaiyit el syed" ?

Thumb music66 30 June 2014, 16:00

Al-Monzer al-Hasan, hmm he didnt stop to think that one of them will get caught , or captured. All involved should be so ashamed of themselves. How could you consider taking innocent lives for Money, and political bullying.
World leaders are not taking good control of the situations happening throughtout the middle east. Orchestrated by the west for shia and sunni to divide and cause genodcide on people of the same FAITH> . To me a muslim is a muslim, Shia , druzi, alawai, sunni . Throw in the mix of OIL and MONEY and there goes the middle east. Question is how long can this keep going on. YA haram for all the children across the middle east who have witnessed these crimes.

Thumb music66 30 June 2014, 16:04

There are always bad apples in a box of fruit who ruin it for the good apples.

Default-user-icon john (Guest) 30 June 2014, 16:21

Dear naharnet I have been given reason to believe that you're moderation of comments on the board is selective in a way that favors a specific political agenda, if you care about the country, please allow more comments on the board regardless of profanity. Anyone should be able to post anything on this board due to the tense political situation. Aggressive comments are understandable and you are undermining the expression of many Lebanese people regardless of what your own biases entice you to do. I beg of you, this country needs more open communication, violent or not.

Default-user-icon sami (Guest) 30 June 2014, 16:25

Reading the comments, I realize why Lebanon is screwed. You're all still bickering about March 8 and 14? You're going to have armies invade your neighborhoods w ba3dkon 3am tithablano? E btistehalo.

Default-user-icon sami (Guest) 30 June 2014, 16:27

I'll miss you, Almaza.

Default-user-icon Abraham (Guest) 30 June 2014, 16:28

Let the men of moral conviction set aside their petty differences and unite. You should wish well to each other and learn to work as one. Very few people care enough to post their opinions on here. You complain about Lebanese stupidity while simultaneously portray an embodied example of what being a stupid arab fanatic is all about. You need each other, start taking some clean initiative for once in you pathetic lives.

Thumb beiruti 01 July 2014, 03:46

Their wearing white tennis shoes. Why dress in all black and then wear white tennis shoes?? How can you take these guys serious if they wear tennis shoes??

Default-user-icon Rajah (Guest) 01 July 2014, 16:45

I can't believe such evil and wicked people exist. Let them blow themselves up and BURN IN HELL.

Thumb doubledigits 03 July 2014, 00:11

@Elemental, I only signed up after I read you comments soaked in hatred and blinded by foolish alliance!! what is wrong with you, are you really talking in a sectarian racist way to your fellow citizens during this particular intense period!!! We all know that the initial foundation of our country is WRONG, we are a deeply racist and sectarian society and our laws support this none sense, while the West moved on from such barbarian claims after WWII , Hence we all know that all the leaders out there are serving their personal vindictive/financial purposes and other international alliances wether it is Hezbollah or Gegea or What's his face!!

Thumb doubledigits 03 July 2014, 00:11

why are we still arguing now that we have a common enemy, NOW Lebanese people need to be one hand and one voice to fight those terrorist coming to our land, and most of all RUINING our reputation abroad (I know that very well because I don't live in Lebanon anymore) and trust me they don't care if you are a muslim or a christian, you are an ARAB and that's enough for them to judge

Thumb doubledigits 03 July 2014, 00:14

wether you are pro Hezbollah or not, you cannot deny the fact that they are the only one standing between your head and ISIS, our army isn't strong enough and our politicians are too busy stealing your money and fighting for power... so pause, stop your arrogant non sense and stand together for once... be grateful that you have someone to defend you when there will be an attack even if you don't agree with their ideology, eventually they love the country as much as you do. wether their alliance is with Iran or the US or whatever

Thumb doubledigits 03 July 2014, 00:17

wake up!! because today alliances in the West are shifting, US backing Iran decisions, Germany defending Israel, so where are you lebanese people, you have been left behind, you are too consumed with politicians claims that change and shift over night!! so think about your country and what is best for it now, and exchanging hate and blame isn't one of them.