Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade Vows to Silence Church Bells in Bekaa

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The vague group known as the Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade vowed to task gunmen to attack churches in Lebanon and in the eastern Bekaa valley in particular.

The Brigade announced on its twitter account that a “specialized group of free jihadists were tasked with cleansing the Islamic state of Bekaa in particular and in Lebanon in general from the churches.”

“We will target crusaders in the state and in Lebanon to silence the ringing of the bells,” the group said.

The Brigade recently pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, previously known as the Islamic State of the Iraq and the Levant.

The Islamic State declared over the weekend the establishment of the “Islamic caliphate” led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ordering ordered Muslims worldwide to pledge allegiance to their chief, in a spectacular bid to extend their authority.

A "caliphate" is an Islamic form of government last seen under the Ottoman Empire.

The mysterious Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade had in the past claimed that it is an affiliate of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, but the ISIL later denied that.

On March 16, the Brigade engaged in a war of words with the al-Nusra Front in Lebanon, believed to be a local franchise of the Syria-based, Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front.

The dispute erupted after both groups claimed responsibility on Twitter for a deadly suicide bombing that rocked the Bekaa town of al-Nabi Othman.

The Brigade has claimed responsibility for several rocket and bomb attacks inside Lebanon, the last of which were the suicide blasts in Dahr al-Baydar and Raouche's Duroy Hotel.



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Thumb geha 03 July 2014, 08:07

thank you hizbushaitan for bringing thee terrorists to us!

Thumb ado.australia 03 July 2014, 08:16

Geha go play with yourself.

Blame everything on Hezbollah but don't dare blame the terrorists and their local supporters and justifiers. You and others like you, that justify these freaks are to blame... you traitor!

Missing 03 July 2014, 08:32

Ado - the reality is that the Hizb is a big reason for the radicalization of some in the Sunni community. This does not mean that the state should be lenient with these terroist groups. Indeed all organs of the state should follow these groups and dismantle them. It also means that no one can be above the law in Lebanon and that include the Hizb.

Missing imagine_1979 03 July 2014, 08:32

No ado it is guy like u to blame, guys who wants us to believe that hezbollah action in lebanon like 7 ayyat, like not giving a damn abou STL, neither lebanese judiciary, neither hachem salman, nor distantion policy, that hezbos going to jihadist duty in syria, with her collegies from irak and only few hundreeds of iranian revolutionary gards (just for tecnical support) th all this has nothing to do with the shit we are in, yes ado its guys like u to blame,
We just want a country were we would have the same right and duty, were if u kill in daylight like hachem salaman at least a legal investigation should be open, when u kill an army officier in an army hellicopter )by mistake, maybe it was a bird) u get more than 6 month jail, when u are part of a governent u dont send ur private miliciq on jihadist duty..
Guys like u who just approve all hezbos does like there would be no concequence...
Go have some chupachups man, really...

Thumb geha 03 July 2014, 08:33

if you are used to play with yourself, I would not be surprised. but assuming that others do is simply stupid :)
\in case you do not understand: the surge in sunni extremism is due to the shia extremism. whether you like it or not, it is a reality.

so the only traitor is yourself and your likes. simply by aligning yourself to your Iranian masters you defined yourself as a traitor.

Missing greatpierro 03 July 2014, 09:32

Who are in your opinion the local supporters ?

Missing imagine_1979 03 July 2014, 09:38

Blabla bravo tripoli 80s islamic law, hachem minkara: actual hezbollah ally in tripoli to confront this fanatic hariri..
Bravo, glad u finaly remember that...

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 July 2014, 12:41

bless the free sunnis of baalbeck in their rightful vengeance against the christian terrorist crusading mercenaries who sent baby killers to Syria!

Thumb zeinab.ali.jaafar 03 July 2014, 12:42

church bells are annoying. not only should the brave islamist men silence them, they should also demolish the churches themselves. long live kahmeneï!

Missing imagine_1979 03 July 2014, 13:13

Dear blabla tawhid mouvement was split in 2 since 80s with hachem minakara and saiid chaaban both fanatic muslims hachem
Minakara tried to implement chariaa in al mina, forced vield spread acid on non vieled women, executed leftist and christians, buried many alives, please go check ur history especialy when it comes to those..
And anyway hachem
Minkara is now part of march 8 forces in tripoli and bilal chaaban (son of said chaaban who died few years ago) also..
So what a nice secular, demacratic alternative to hariri, bravo...
Now time for chupachups blabla...

Missing 7alesh 03 July 2014, 13:27

Even a caveman would figure out that this group is operating to the interest of the Syrian regime and his allies.
ISIS itself hasn't made such a declaration in Iraq. nothing can convince me that a group called "ahrar el sunna-baalbak",for which we haven't seen any member, making such a declaration, is not another hizbiz bluff.

Thumb ado.australia 03 July 2014, 15:14

rafehh... i agree with you that hezballoh is an excuse for radicalisation of some in the sunni community... but they are not the fault and justification of these extremists and threats against lebanese civilians and Christians in general. I want, like most lebanese, Hezbollah to integrate into lebanese state and army, but these terrorists cannot be justified. people like geha, that immediately justify these murderous extremist are more to blame than Hezbollah. Hezbollah do not hate other lebanese sects nor do they aim for their destruction. Foreign fuelled sectarian hatred is the cancer to all innocent civilian peoples around the world.

Thumb ado.australia 03 July 2014, 15:18

great pierro... the local supporters are people like geha that try to justify every terrorist by blaming anyone but the terrorists. Those that fly the black Al Qaida (salafist) flag and support the islamic state! these are the local supporters. The majority of lebanese sunni are against these people and many lebanese soldiers and security forces being killed by these freaks that geha supports, are sunni.

Thumb ado.australia 03 July 2014, 15:28

imagine_1979, what has happened to the 16 lebanese soldiers who had their throats slit in their sleep in akkar last year? no one has even been arrested! the hezbollah operative that killed the LAF helicopter pilot apologised and was handed in to the judiciary. Maybe his sentence was inadequate but it was a mistake. was the murder of the laf soldiers a mistake? in sidon, did assir mistakenly kill the laf? I do not approve hezbollah and i want to work constructively toward their integration into the state... i dont want to kill innocent civilians, blow up security check points, destroy churches, and murder shiites. how can you justify this?

Missing imagine_1979 03 July 2014, 15:42

Ado nobody was against laf going to naher el bared (exept the one putting red lights but he explained himself), there is 1/3 of lebanese population sunis if they wanted to protect assir they would have done that so please stop ur nonesence
Hezbos appologies for killing an laf officer in a hellicopter because he thought it was a bird??? and got jailed 6 months, samaha didnot even got trialed (officialy bc mamlouk could not be reached by liban post) no case was ern open in hachem salman assassination in daylight (even if it was iranian security gardes who did this an official investigation should hv been openned) ali eid and friends and tripoli bombing..assination attempt on boutros harb (the guy inculpated is now a hero martyr of hezbollah....
So no biase in the way our country is ran, no? What do u think?...

Missing imagine_1979 03 July 2014, 15:47

I'm a secular person, i wish for a secular state, a civil code wich we would all be equal under the law, everyone has the right to think and wish and try to convice other of what he wants but not by force, this is where the line should be... (In my opinion)
And talking about musilims, christian in central africa and south soudan can teach da3ech a lot...
Man wake up, extremism will only bring more extremism, hezbollah jihadist duty will bring even more jihadist
And hachem minkara and saiid chaaban as an secular modern m8 alternative to hariri, really man?...
Blabla really go have some chupachups

Thumb saturn 03 July 2014, 08:30

This scum was coming sooner or later, being in denial is not going to stop it. As awkward as it may be, eventually HZBLH may turn out to be your only friend!

Thumb geha 03 July 2014, 08:35

this scum is the creation of the shia extremism that started with Khomeini. it is a direct reflection of it.

whether you like it or not, it is a reality that all analysts confirm.

Thumb eagledawn 03 July 2014, 08:48

No... and a thousand No... these terrorists came as a direct result of HA actions and sectarian policies in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, and now Iraq. Go sell your propaganda elsewhere. We know the truth....

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 July 2014, 12:47

totally agree with geha and eagledown, it's all a result of HA's sins and diabolical incantations made with baby blood, just like H1N1, smallpox, the killing of kennedy and least but not last, the holocaust.
the free takfiris of baalbek-arsal are totally right and justified in their logic of revenging on christians

Missing imagine_1979 03 July 2014, 13:18

No jeha hezbos have nothing to do with it, they are just inculpated in hariri assassination, they went throw 7ayar, they are implicated in assassination attempts, they covered ali eid and co suspected in tripoli bombings, when for jihadist duty in syria... No u are perfectly right what could they hv done to piss others against them?...
Time for chupachups mowaten?...

Default-user-icon guest (Guest) 03 July 2014, 11:46

@Geha Because of HA they want to kill all the christians?

Missing 7alesh 03 July 2014, 13:31

Even a caveman would figure out that this group is operating to the interest of the Syrian regime and his allies.
ISIS itself hasn't made such a declaration in Iraq. nothing can convince me that a group called "ahrar el sunna-baalbak",for which we haven't seen any member, making such a declaration, is not another hizbiz bluff.

Thumb ado.australia 03 July 2014, 08:26

Nothing can stop the church bells ringing in The Lebanon! For ever and ever....

Missing ransar 03 July 2014, 12:02

Keep living in ignorance and denying whats happening around you, and keep blaming the people who are defending your lands and point the finger as much as u can on them, and our bells will stop ringing for sure!

Thumb ado.australia 03 July 2014, 15:36

ransar... i dont think i'm ignorant or in denial about whats happening. maybe your misinformed of my positions. Nevertheless, our bells will not stop ringing even if these free baalbek sunnis unite with every crazy muslim extremist from every corner of the globe.

Thumb geha 03 July 2014, 08:41

it looks like this is one of those imaginary communiques fabricated by hizbushaitan to divert attention from their own extremism?

Missing imagine_1979 03 July 2014, 09:06

U mean like abou addass???
I think it lokks more like shaker el abssi freed from syrian jail (while hundreeds of political prisoner are still tortured in those jail) and sent to lebanon as a gift...

Thumb eagledawn 03 July 2014, 08:43

These rogue unknown groups are a creation of the iranian and syrian intelligence bureaus. They contribute nothing to the cause of the oppressed in Syria, Lebanon, or Iraq. They got their orders to scare the Christians in Lebanon and they issued this silly message. Before Church bells are silenced in Lebanon, I will bet everything I have the Sunni community in Lebanon will rise and silence them forever.

Thumb eagledawn 03 July 2014, 08:45

This is another propaganda by HA to say "look, we are not the only ones targeted but you Christians too". Similar to what the paid mouthpieces on this forum say like crusher, southern and mowaten. Only fools will believe this... As a Christian, I feel much safer among my Sunni friends and compatriots than with a farsi khomenei terrorist organization claiming to protect me and my country from an imagined enemy.

Missing ransar 03 July 2014, 17:18

hal2ad enta btefham ya ahbal ... nshalla awwal ma yousalo ydallo jeyin 3lek w 3a 3ayltak barke bet2oul eno kamen hol 7ezb alla

Thumb ice-man 03 July 2014, 18:11

@full-closure: are you still a doctor?

Missing imagine_1979 03 July 2014, 08:52

Few years ago during a storm the statu at the entrance if tripoli felt down (the one with allah and tripoli the citadel of muslims) mostakbal movement draw a petition and made a sitting with some of it parlementarians to change this statue cause tripoli is a city for all...
That's the suni hezbos are fighting in leb, while allying with hachem minkara and billal chaaban... Go figure...
So yes a da3ech loke in lebanon, do u think hezbos are buying fuel from free sunni brigades like assad and da3ech?...
Yalla chupachips for everyone..

Thumb ex-fpm 03 July 2014, 09:15

hoax report, hoax reporting

Thumb habib 03 July 2014, 08:53

Free Sunnis of Baalbek Brigade hawdi 3omala bashar wa iran

Missing karim.. 03 July 2014, 09:02

And yet the February 14 Al Qaeda sympathizer still rush to their defense. The February 14 pro-Al Qaeda vision is simply incompatible with Lebanon as a free, independent, and democratic society.

Default-user-icon absi daisy (Guest) 03 July 2014, 10:36

The only one to rush into doing sush a thing was Hassan Nasrallah in 2007 with clear red lines, François Hajj dared to cross Nasrallah's red lines...

Thumb ado.australia 03 July 2014, 16:30

absi daisy... please refrain from mentioning the martyr Brigadier General Francois Hajj in your conspiracy theory. Ask his son and family who know why he was killed and by whom. They told Saadadine Hariri whom they thought was responsible when he visited.

Thumb ado.australia 03 July 2014, 16:32

absi daisy... please refrain from mentioning the martyr Brigadier General Francois Hajj in your conspiracy theory. Ask his son and family who know why he was killed and by whom. They told Saadadine Hariri whom they thought was responsible when he visited.

Default-user-icon absi daisy (Guest) 04 July 2014, 00:53

Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, ado enjoy you heavenly kingdom.

Missing imagine_1979 03 July 2014, 13:40

Exactly, hezbollah with its islamic resistance, and it's dear suni alternative like hachem minkara and said chaaban are the one that will make our country, modern, democratic, secular.... A perfect haven
Bravo karim, now chupachups?...

Default-user-icon disappeared (Guest) 03 July 2014, 10:06

It's uncanny anything the Syrian army already did to us these extremists threaten to do, on a much much smaller scale of course, no one can even ever come close to what the Assads did to the Lebanese not in a million years.

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 03 July 2014, 10:16

bravo keep showing the world that sunnis are fanatics and this way u are making iran a big favour and proving it right.. at the end shia krudis and christians as ennemies. I hate hizbo but when I see u I fall in love with him

Default-user-icon chapter and verse (Guest) 03 July 2014, 10:19

hassan seems to be hell bend on destroying Lebanon by proxy with his unilateral actions I hate to be "that guy" but someone has to say it, hey hassan we told you so!

Thumb dust 03 July 2014, 10:34

@ Phil, are u being sarcastic Phil or just playing silly? Do u think there are bad religions, or just bad people?! By your profile picture u don't seem a fanatic. By the way i'm from your religion. :) But that doesn't mean anything 2 me. I hope some day u will understand, but i doubt it. Lebanon remains dear Lebanon.

Missing ransar 03 July 2014, 10:38

I cannot understand how people think and believe that Hezbollah brought these extremists to Lebanon like most of the above guys do. GET A LIFE PEOPLE, they came to conquer and raise the ISIS flag since they believe this is gonna happen sooner or later and now is the perfect time. I wonder what the above stupid people would think if ISIS killed/raped/hanged/burnt/beheaded/or even cut in pieces as FATWA and HALAL their beloved ones when their war to Lebanon starts. I so wish that Hezbollah along with the Army keeps everything under control in Lebanon because these stupid people do not know whom they are supporting or they think that living in ignorance would lead them somewhere safe.

Thumb freedomarch 03 July 2014, 15:05

@ransar first all sects have loose nuts among them and they should be re educated to to be civil citizens. Second, hizbola is an iranian fully controlled thus all iranian tactics are used including shsdy groups thst mskes hizbollah look so nice when comparred with "sunna bregades" all as part of image cleaning machine. Thirdly, from where ever it comes we should live in peace and all forms of a religious people lunatics with arms should be stopped starting from hizbollah as they are clearly the biggest down to the rest.

Default-user-icon azarieh (Guest) 03 July 2014, 10:50

The "free sunni brigade" is noyhing more than a faceless Abou Adass style clones being used to take credit for Michel Samaha style crimes, many similarly named brigades were used throughout the seventies and eighties to take the blame away for Syrian regime's terrorist acts in Ashrafieh and elsewhere in the Christian free areas.

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 03 July 2014, 11:25

U cant silence the Church its bigger than u and your fanatism
Christ was before Mohammad why dont u give it a thought?(if u have brains)
why wont christians eliminate u per sei?!

Thumb FlameCatcher 03 July 2014, 11:39

Bashar el Assad is now unleashing his terrorists to threaten christians in Lebanon. This is what Hezbollah is fighting for ! Creating fear amongst the lebanese in order to take control of the country !

Default-user-icon UmmaGumma (Guest) 03 July 2014, 11:52

To whom this may concern among Christians;
Keep up the infighting, blaming each others, while your churches are being demolished. The End is Near.
“We will target crusaders in the state and in Lebanon to silence the ringing of the bells”: A notion supported by Hizb as well as by moderate and extremist Sunnis.

Default-user-icon Kashmando Bardavouz (Guest) 03 July 2014, 12:06

Why all the hoopla? After all, these fun-loving peaceful and cuddly lunatics are none other than Dr. Arreet 7akeh's minnohou!

Missing karim.. 03 July 2014, 12:06

Shou? Where are the February 14, Al Qaeda sympathizing "defenders of the Christians"? Fal ya7kom al ikhwan, right?

Thumb FlameCatcher 03 July 2014, 12:52

@FT : you really are as dillusional as Aoun.

1- What don't you understand about the words "Free SUNNI Brigade" threatening to "silence church bells" ?

2- I know you jerk off to the idea that this site is Saudi owned. Can you please back your claim ? You really have very weird fantasies. Unless you can deliver proof, shut up. You're really ridiculous. In fact, all your allegations and lies about this are never removed showing how utterly stupid your allegations are !

3- Where do you see a Sunni=good and Shiaa = bad ? If you believe so in your tiny tiny little brain, this doesn't make it true. Like all the BS you come up with daily !

Thumb zahle1 03 July 2014, 13:05

This is not fake. They hate us. Where in Lebanon are there Christian extremists that threatened mosques?

Missing karim.. 03 July 2014, 13:25

Well Zahle, these are your FSA-Al Qaeda jihadist terrorist allies. Be careful what you wish for.

Thumb freedomarch 03 July 2014, 13:12

Will never do, and why now? Seems clear who are behind this terror group.

Default-user-icon +oua nabka + (Guest) 03 July 2014, 13:15

sunni kalifate plan started since 73 , 75 (Palestinian jeish el islam )the moufti said then , 76 , 80 , .....naher el bared the dream of khalifate is always there
we tell these pigs and their funders that tlebanon and the cross and the bells will stay and they will here the bells until mekka

Thumb freedomarch 03 July 2014, 13:19

I wond wonder why do you want to inflame christian feelings with such article, you know this will creat rift. Naharnet admins: be careful of what role you play and not all news are ok to be put to public that is already killing each other and you add to it.

Default-user-icon +oua nabka + (Guest) 03 July 2014, 13:27

ou sa nabka ghass min 3an ra2bet all the terrorists in the world and their funders

Missing 7alesh 03 July 2014, 13:31

Even a caveman would figure out that this group is operating to the interest of the Syrian regime and his allies.
ISIS itself hasn't made such a declaration in Iraq. nothing can convince me that a group called "ahrar el sunna-baalbak",for which we haven't seen any member, making such a declaration, is not another hizbiz bluff.

Default-user-icon 7alib (Guest) 03 July 2014, 15:23

ZEINAB you are a disease plaguing this world, i hope there is a cure for your filth

Thumb popeye 03 July 2014, 15:37

I await the day when I will read ONE meaningful post, ONE counter argument, ONE credible or mature info from you, flamethrower._ , but alas!

Default-user-icon Rayan Saab (Guest) 03 July 2014, 17:19

Ironic that some Christians in Lebanon are so blinded by their hatred of Hezbollah, and rightfully so as I am a Shiite who is completely against this Iranian criminal organization, are willing to support takfiris and jihadists who consider not only Christians but other non-Sunnis as infidels and heretics. Bravo Geagea and March 14 Christians, you are a disgrace to Christianity and to the history of Lebanon's Christians.

Thumb jabal10452 03 July 2014, 17:49

In any case, if churches start getting blown up, Christians living in the Bekaa terrorized and the quasi-state cannot stop such attacks, what do we do? We would have two options.

1. Beg Hezbollah to protect us. Yippee! would Nasrallah say. I, myself, is the protector of the Christians. All I ask is a small political token.

2. Take matter in our own hands and in the process risk starting a civil war. Hezbollah is not about to tolerate armed Christians in its turf, and Sunnis would say "if the Shia are armed, and the Christians are armed, then we should be armed".

Somebody is cooking up something nasty for this country.... I smell it. do you?

Missing gcb1 03 July 2014, 17:56

For those who are saying this is a hoax in order to continue to believe that all is the fault of Hezb, I give you the direct source of the story, the organization's twitter account:

Missing gcb1 03 July 2014, 22:40

Hi M11er, I do have a brain - just because I may or may not disagree with you does not absolve my capacity to think.

Whether Hezbollah is or is not a terrorist organization (I acknowledge that they have committed some terrorist acts, as documented by impartial sources) is not an indicator of whether other terrorist groups are operating in Lebanon. I agree that Hezb's weapons are an issue, but it does not make other issues any less pressing. One of these issues happen to be the recent rise in militant groups formally or informally linked to Al-Qaeda, both in the Middle-East broadly and in Lebanon. One reason may be related to Hezb, but it is not the only reason.

Default-user-icon just a lebanese (Guest) 03 July 2014, 17:59

It is really sad to see that you guys are fighting about who is responsible for what instead of realizing just for once that the entire country is threatened, sunnis, chiites and christians... you really are all a shame and it is because of people like all of you and because of your mindsets that Lebanon is here today. Learn to live as one, take responsibility, listen to both 8th and 14th of March as they both are right for some things and wrong for others. Stop being blind and start loving that land that will soon dispear due to human stupidy

Thumb ice-man 03 July 2014, 18:12

when are you up for parole?

Thumb ice-man 03 July 2014, 18:13

and you are christian?

Thumb lebpatriot2333 03 July 2014, 23:10

Sunnis are the cancer of this world

Missing peace 03 July 2014, 23:22

that is what i like about fanatic fools... they are soooo predictable!

i repeat for you once again : hezbollah and your master bashar are the only responsibles for those crazy sunni terrorists... they created them! LOL

Missing peace 03 July 2014, 23:24

hezbollah and your master bashar are the only responsibles for those crazy sunni terrorists... they created them! LOL
poor full of...
still defending terrorists that created other terrorists , so now deal with it! LOL

Thumb beiruti 03 July 2014, 23:27

Big John, have you never heard of the Boogie Man?? It is a ploy, much as the Assad Regime used to Copt the loyalty of the Syrian Christians away from the Syrian Opposition (and later became a self-fulfilling prophesy). Hezbollah is using the same tactic as was used by it's ally, basher Assad, to Copt the loyalty of the Lebanese Christians. And for what do they want the loyalty of the Lebanese Christians?? The presidential elections, the parliamentary elections. Shia are only 35% of the population, Christians make up 40% of the Lebanese. So with Christian loyalty to Hezbollah as the ally and protector from this fictitious Boohie Man, Hezbollah's consolidation of power in Lebanon is complete. Come on man, stop looking at the surface, that's the show card, look at what's in the hole!

Thumb freedomarch 04 July 2014, 02:31

علوش لـ”الوطن” السعودية : مخابرات الأسد تثير “البلبلة”
قال النائب السابق مصطفى علوش لـ”الوطن” السعودية، إن بيان أحرار السنة في بعلبك وتوجيه رسائل ضد المسيحيين “مجرد محاولة لزيادة عامل الخوف والإرهاب وإثارة “البلبلة”، وربما عناصر مخابراتية تدخل في الموضوع على طريقة بشار الأسد، أي إرسال الإرهاب من أجل استغلاله لاحقاً”.
وأكد أنه “طالما أن “حزب الله” موجود في سوريا وصولاً إلى العراق فهذا يفتح الأبواب أكثر نحو مزيد من التشرذم في لبنان وإمكانية الخروج ولو بشكل جزئي من جهنم الحالي هو خروج “حزب الله” في سوريا والذهاب إلى تفاهمات سياسية أساسها إعلان بعبدا”.

Thumb cedre 04 July 2014, 03:13

syrian/iranian moukhabarats are so original...

Thumb lebpatriot2333 04 July 2014, 06:24

Sunnis are the cancer of the world

Default-user-icon Catherine (Guest) 14 July 2014, 09:51

Asking questions are really pleasant thing if you are not understanding something entirely, except
this post presents nice understanding even.

Default-user-icon Hope (Guest) 12 August 2014, 01:38

Shame on you guys , Sunnis Christians or shites. Don't you think we got enough blood in this country
Didn't you get enough lessons from the corpses on the streets during 30 years ?
Trust me if you go to google you will find out that da3ech has a plan that must be accomplished in 5 years .

This plan is to take the lands that Israel still need to archive the great Israel , . Y
If you think all this war is between Sunnis and Shiites or Christians so mrs zainab Ali doesn't hear the bells of the churches
You are all wrong .
Just wake up guys read about the great Israel they want to dissolute the Muslim world , or the be
Exact the Arab world , .
They are winning we are fighting and becoming weak .
Go and read instead of fighting each other and hating each other. It's not about hariri , or Iran, or hizballah..
And soon you will remember these words ... Go read , don't let them win .. They r going to kill us all