Israeli Troops Open Fire at Shepherd, Fail to Abduct him

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Israeli troops opened fire on Sunday at a shepherd as he was herding his cattle in the South, reported the National News Agency.

It said that the soldiers fired five shots at Hussam Akasha in the Jabal Sadana heights, but they missed him.

They also attempted to abduct him, but he fled towards a nearby position of the Indian contingent in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon.

On April 7, an Israeli patrol abducted two shepherds and three women near the Blue Line at the Bastra Farm near Shebaa.

They were soon released however.

Israeli troops frequently kidnap shepherds near border areas.

They are usually interrogated before their eventual release.


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Thumb kanaanljdid 06 July 2014, 15:50

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Thumb kanaanljdid 06 July 2014, 20:38

bilke, if you really study the message of Jesus and agree with it, I don't think you would come to such hateful assertions.

And anyway, saying that all the individuals of one human groups are all bad is not very clever, especially when you hardly maybe met 3 or 4 of them in your life...