Israeli Force Fails to Kidnap Shepherd, Seizes Goat Flock Instead

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

An Israeli force failed on Friday to kidnap a Lebanese shepherd who hails from the border town of Shebaa, but managed to take the flock of goats instead.

"An Israeli infantry force comprising 20 members crossed the border line near Borkat al-Naqqar and marched 50 meters (inside Lebanese territory) in an attempt to kidnap shepherd Asaad Hamdan,” LBCI television reported.

But Hamdan managed to escape while around 120 goats remained in the captivity of the Israeli troops, according to the same source.

Consequently, the Lebanese army contacted the UNIFIL to retrieve the seized flock.

Kidnapping incidents of Lebanese residents by the Israeli forces are frequent near the border area.

They are usually interrogated before their eventual release.

On April 7, an Israeli patrol abducted two shepherds and three women near the Blue Line at the Bastra Farm near Shebaa.

They were soon released however.



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Missing zgmdf 18 July 2014, 21:25

Don't return the goats!They were accessory for spying, make some real good meal from them!!

Missing zgmdf 18 July 2014, 21:26

Where is Hizballah defending Lebanon? Too busy killing other Muslims to care!!!

Thumb cedre 19 July 2014, 06:04

defending lebanon is not the goal, controlling it for khamenei is their job...

Thumb galaxy 19 July 2014, 10:29

he does look like a shepherd does he not?