Ambassador Abdul Karim Ali: Cooperation is a Must between Lebanon, Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syria's ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali on Thursday criticized “those obstructing cooperation" between Lebanon and Syria," particularly after militants stormed the northeastern border town of Arsal.

Syria and Lebanon “are two countries with shared geography and one people and there is one enemy lurking both nations,” Ali said in an interview on al-Manar television.

"Cooperation is a must between the people and the armies of both countries and everyone should eliminate any obstructions that halt such a cooperation to avoid losses,” he stressed.

If agreements concluded between both states were implemented, Lebanon would have been saved from the dangers haunting Arsal and the cities of Akkar and Tripoli in the North, Ali added, noting that the latest developments in the Bekaa region “were planned and not related to the arrest of (Imad Ahmed) Jomaa.”

"It is in Lebanon's interest not to divert from this path in confronting dangers,” he warned.

Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq had declared on Wednesday that the Lebanese cabinet refuses to cooperate with Syria's armed forces on the Arsal clashes, explaining that Lebanon “will not position itself against the entire Syrian opposition.”

Commenting on March 14's call for deploying international peacekeeping troops on the Lebanese-Syrian border, according to the stipulations of U.N. Security Council's resolution 1701, Ali said this should be implemented on the border with Israel only.

"This serves the enemy lurking Lebanon, Syria and the region. It serves Israel,” he considered.

Foreign militants invaded Arsal on Saturday upon the arrest of Jomaa, a member of the al-Qaida-linked al-Nusra Front.

Since then, clashes erupted between the gunmen and army troops, resulting in the martyrdom of scores of soldiers and the injury of over 80 others.


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Thumb ex-fpm 07 August 2014, 20:49

Mr. Ambassador: Start by affirming the Lebanese identity of Shebaa Farms so we can claim it through political means and end the state of hostilities with Israel. Then, demarcate the borders which for 40 years you have refused to do. Third, release all Lebanese political prisoners from your torture chambers. Fourth, Stop meddling in Lebanese affairs. Fifth, Take back the refugees who overwhelmingly voted for your regime. Sixth, Spare us your hypocrisy.

Thumb galaxy 07 August 2014, 20:57

well said!

Thumb geha 07 August 2014, 21:44

sorry this is not an ambassador: this is a mafioso lieutenant representing bashar, his godfather.
these terrorists have no say in Lebanon, and they should be silenced for good.

Thumb eagledawn 07 August 2014, 21:14

they represent meowaten, flamethrower, and southern

Thumb eagledawn 07 August 2014, 21:20

2 flamethrowers already cast their votes

Thumb ex-fpm 07 August 2014, 21:22

lol, the night is still young;)

Thumb ice-man 07 August 2014, 22:03

in stealth mode evading radar:)

Default-user-icon Babjalon Vardoubz (Guest) 07 August 2014, 22:21

But Sannis (aka lunatics) disagree. The more soldiers get killed, the safer Sannis will feel. After all, they are Lebanon's 21st century ma7roumin. That's progress!

Thumb charlesmartel 07 August 2014, 23:04

by the way... how do we spell your name?

Default-user-icon UmmaGumma (Guest) 07 August 2014, 23:51

Mr Ambassador, If it wasn't for Syria, Lebanon would have no enemies.
Please Note: Syria and Lebanon are not same People

Default-user-icon Face (Guest) 08 August 2014, 01:41

he's a syrian Baathist like most pretend m8 posters

Missing ayoub 08 August 2014, 01:44

sorry dude but the "two countries one people" bull died with hafez.

Default-user-icon udsar (Guest) 08 August 2014, 12:01

ouf ma ajdabak wma askhafak

Default-user-icon tricPortugal (Guest) 08 August 2014, 18:23

of course Lebanon have to help Syria against ISIL...or the Lebanese are stupid like the Ocidentals, in special the Portuguese regime