Report: Assad Conditions Election of Ally to End Presidential Dispute

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Syrian President Bashar Assad reportedly said that there will be no presidential elections in Lebanon any time soon unless dialogue with Damascus led to a candidate who is an ally.

“This year might witness the election of a new president in Lebanon if certain conditions were implemented,” Assad's visitors quoted him as saying in comments published in the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Seyassah.

“Assad stressed that the elections could happen if the international and regional players negotiated with Damascus the identity of the candidate, who should be an ally,” a Lebanese source, who visited the Syrian president said.

The embattled president also pointed out that the new head of state in Lebanon will not be from the military corps, in hints to Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji.

Syria dominated Lebanon for nearly 30 years until the international outcry over the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005 forced Assad's troops out.

However, Damascus still exerts influence over Lebanon through its allies.

For his part, Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali called on the Lebanese government to review its policies without “arrogance.”

“The Lebanese state only has to engage in dialogue with its Syrian counterpart,” Ali told As Safir newspaper published on Friday.

The diplomat wondered how Lebanon is negotiating with the al-Qaida-affiliate al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State group and not with the Syrian government.

“Lebanon will not be able to conquer terrorism without coordinating with Damascus.”

The cabinet is negotiating the release of captive policemen and soldiers, who were taken hostage by the Islamist gunmen in the wake of battles in the northeastern border town of Arsal in August.

A few of them have since been released, four were executed, while the rest are still being held.



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Thumb geha 09 January 2015, 09:12

the army should open its doors for people to join in and kick the Syrians and their allies from Lebanon once and for all.

Missing greatpierro 09 January 2015, 09:22

Maybe but back then the Syrian occupier ruled by force and any one who disagreed ended up in Beau Rivage, Mezze, or blown up. Now that that the Syrian occupier has left you and your alikes have nothing better to do then voicing your adamant support to Assaf regime even though evidence of their crimes against Lebanon are are everywhere.

Thumb eagledawn 09 January 2015, 09:26

When people talk about the terrorist party's and nassrallah's speeches of establishing a khomeini islamic state in Lebanon, the incredible and credible flamethrower says" it was back then, and situations change and contexts change". But, he uses the same logic against those who oppose him and still brings 1988.

Missing maroun 09 January 2015, 09:49

it is people like you who are the traitors still support him

Thumb nickjames 09 January 2015, 09:57

Well said Eagledawn

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 January 2015, 14:23

i dont care what franjieh said 6 months or 10 years ago. whatever he said or did not say, does not mean assad said anything that the kuwaitis claims.

Missing trend 09 January 2015, 14:29

Wlak who is this guy to decide who will be my president???????????
Tab kif haydeh!?!?!
qommet el wa27aneh!

Thumb Mystic 09 January 2015, 09:31

Full cooperation with Syria, is Lebanons only hope of containing the takfiris.

Thumb saturn 09 January 2015, 09:37

Syria blurs the line between "cooperation" and "occupation", but you knew that.

Missing jayjay 09 January 2015, 17:58

Who needs elections or even politicians and administrations and government when you've got hizbullah..

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 January 2015, 14:03

hi jayjay, just a little detail to add: he represents nothing except his minority sect... and the 11 million people who voted for him.
thanks and bye.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 January 2015, 14:23

anonyme please take your meds, i'm not free right now to treat your hysteria.

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 January 2015, 14:39

who needs elections when m14 and the west can decide from the top of their heads?

Missing helicopter 10 January 2015, 02:31

Damascus still exerts influence over Lebanon through its allies.

TRAITORS and proud of it, that is what your post says Mystic.

Thumb ex-fpm 09 January 2015, 09:41

إعتبر السفير السوري في لبنان علي عبد الكريم علي النظر ان “خطوة الحكومة اللبنانية بشأن دخول السوريين إلى لبنان مرفوضة بالكامل وغير قابلة للتطبيق، وهي جاءت من دون التنسيق مع الحكومة السورية، وهي خطوة غير مقبولة في العلاقات المميزة بين لبنان وسوريا كون الشعبين السوري واللبناني هم في الحقيقة شعب واحد في دولتين”، لافتاً النظر الى ان ثمة اتفاقات ثنائية بين سوريا ولبنان تنظم علاقة الشعبين مع بعضهما البعض.

Thumb nickjames 09 January 2015, 09:47

Right Flamey. Wasn't it Aoun who smuggled 130mm artillery shells and fuel through Dhour Chweir and Douar (Syrian-controlled areas) and took photographs of Ouwwet positions??? Was it not Aoun who used Hobeiqa as his ticket into Syrian-controlled areas? Was it not Aoun who even rescued Hobeiqa from Karantina???

Thumb nickjames 09 January 2015, 18:14

Loooooool if you're gonna be funny at least get the joke right

Thumb nickjames 09 January 2015, 21:20

You're right. It's not funny, it's a poor attempt of humour

Thumb nickjames 09 January 2015, 09:51

Aoun used Syria to fight the Ouwwet and bring them under his command. He wanted all Christian power for himself because he's greedy and all he cares about is the chair

Thumb thepatriot 09 January 2015, 15:36

he wanted... and he still wants! ;)

Thumb saturn 09 January 2015, 09:57

here how it's going to go: we invade Lebanon, rescue it from "Takfiris", and stay another 30 years. Mafhoum?

Thumb justin 09 January 2015, 10:04

norma ya norma:)
"He still wants to control every move she makes, every breath she takes and he says " I'll be watching you".

She should call the police then ( pun intended)

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 January 2015, 11:17

what are "houthians" norma? how are they even remotely relevant here? and what's that with your imaginary friend, why do you keep telling us about her imaginary life we couldnt care less about?

Default-user-icon TheCh (Guest) 09 January 2015, 10:26

The last person's consent we would want on our presidential candidate is certainly you, officially the world's most bloodthirsty current president.

Missing humble 09 January 2015, 10:31

The Butcher will be taken to Int. COURT and judged. Full stop

Missing humble 09 January 2015, 10:47

The Butcher means the Caporal who is more than an ally: a servant and a traitor. Who wants better proof????

Default-user-icon the patriot (Guest) 09 January 2015, 11:02

I hope you will die the same way your pal Khaddafi died you low life rat... Lebanon threw you out and if it was not for your remaining rats in lebanon you would not utter a word... once you thrown to the dogs, they will soon follow you...

Thumb geha 09 January 2015, 11:06

your hizbushaitan lately admitted the Bulgarian terrorist attack :)

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 January 2015, 11:17

lol geha, also according to anonymous sources of the kuwaiti paper? you're such a joke with your random claims.

Thumb geha 09 January 2015, 11:21

go back to when hizbushaitan admitted they caught the Israeli operative, they said this guy was behind the Bulgarian terrorist attack being foiled. :) :) :) :)

Missing humble 09 January 2015, 11:24

It is time for Christians to denounce this megalomaniac madman who is ready to destroy the Christians, the institutions, accept a Mutelateh for his own sake to become president. Ya Caporal you are a born loser go and dump yourself...liar, traitor, corrupt, mareed who has stabbed his best friends in the back: Gen. Fayez Karam, Gen. Nadim Lteif...., and the list is too long with hundred names among lawyers, magistrates, of honest and sincere patriots who discovered who you really are.

Missing humble 09 January 2015, 11:26

You really are a total nut.

Missing humble 09 January 2015, 11:27

@northern disease
you really are a total nut ...

Thumb _mowaten_ 09 January 2015, 14:01

lol geha, i challenge you to show me HEZBOLLAH saying that. as usual you take your fantasies, and the slander campaigns against HA, for realities.

Missing hajjradwan 09 January 2015, 14:43

Marada Movement leader MP Suleiman Franjieh: No President Can be Elected without Assad Consent - 18 June 2014

Default-user-icon +oua nabka+ (Guest) 09 January 2015, 15:14

nobody has the right to interfere in our domestic politics nobody
(neither by force nor by money )
from usa to france from syria to iran to saoudi arabia ,...........
vive la liberte

Thumb thepatriot 09 January 2015, 15:42

lol southy :)

Thumb thepatriot 09 January 2015, 16:11

WASHINGTON (JTA) — A Lebanese national on trial in Cyprus for planning to attack Israelis acknowledged membership in Hezbollah and staking out areas frequented by Israeli tourists.
Hosem Taleb Yaacoub, who has a Lebanese and a Swedish passport, was arrested last July carrying a notebook that contained license plates of tourist buses carrying Israelis.
On Wednesday, The New York Times reported, Yaacoub admitted in court to the stakeouts and to Hezbollah membership

Read more:

Default-user-icon TheCh (Guest) 09 January 2015, 21:12

"The Syrian government were not known of paying Lebanese politicians"

Well duh they were stealing from the state, it doesn't make sense to give the money back does it

Thumb Sanelebanese 10 January 2015, 07:51

I love your demand for freedom of speech, yet supporting the massacre of innocent writers.