Jordanian King Ready to Aid, Train Lebanese Army

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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King Abdullah II of Jordan expressed readiness to aid and train the Lebanese army as Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq began an official visit to Amman.

“We are one... Jordan is ready to offer the Lebanese army all its needs of arms and military equipment, including free training at all our bases,” sources quoted King Abdullah II as saying in comments in al-Mustaqbal newspaper on Thursday.

The sources pointed out that Mashnouq discussed with the king Jordan's role in supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces.

“Amman recently delivered the Lebanese military gift arms shipment upon a request by (Mustaqbal Movement chief) Saad Hariri,” the sources said.

They added that the delay in announcing the shipment is due to the death of Maaz al-Kassasbeh by the Islamic State militants last week. The pilot was captured in December after his F-16 fighter jet went down in Syria.

“Jordan is skillful in combating terrorism,” Mashnouq said after talks with the king on Wednesday.

General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim accompanied the interior minister on his visit.



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Missing humble 12 February 2015, 10:24

At least Jordan doesn't have an internal Ebola destroying it from within.

Missing humble 12 February 2015, 10:36

Norma Jean for president

Missing humble 12 February 2015, 10:47

Congratulations on your mission. Visit

Thumb eagledawn 12 February 2015, 11:20

Spot on @norma.jean!

Thumb -phoenix1 12 February 2015, 12:57

Well, wasn't it said that a stitch in time was better than none? Well, good move, even though a little late, it's better than never. Lest we forgot, Jordan was not a long time ago a key facilitator for the rebel groups in Syria, now that the reality check has settled in, it's good to see the king make the right moves.

Default-user-icon josephani (Guest) 12 February 2015, 15:25

HAHAHAHA! This phoney "King" was allowing foreign government to train and cross Jordan's borders to Syria. These same foreign terrorist and takfiris he wants to defeat by "Training and readying" the Lebanese Army were the same people he was aligned with last year. Oh how "nostalgic" some people can be? Those who don't learn fron their past are doomed to repeat it...

Thumb chrisrushlau 12 February 2015, 20:45

I wonder if Lebanese in Lebanon talk about politics in this way. I doubt they wonder about how many 155mm howitzers the so-called Lebanese army has, except maybe to hope the army keeps them in good condition in case the people ever need to use them to defend the country against foreign invasion. An Iron Dome missile costs 20,000 dollars. In 2003, the US government bought "Non-precision 155mm HE ammunition. The Army's most recent purchase of M107 HE 155mm projectiles was $240 per round for 155,000 rounds."
So a Lebanese artillery barrage on Israel would cost Israel a hundred times as much to block as it cost Lebanon to launch. So maybe resistance isn't futile. The 2006 invasion was stopped by brave men with RPG-29 dual-head anti-tank rockets. Compare that cost to the cost of a Merkava tank.

Default-user-icon Zouhair (Guest) 13 February 2015, 03:46

How come Iran does not give any arms to the lebanese army ??? But They know only to send heavy weapons to HA ya ??? Hyppocrite !!!!