Hariri: Only Rafik Hariri Project Will Prevail despite Arms, Terror, Assassinations

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Mustaqbal movement leader MP Saad Hariri stressed Thursday that the political and economic project of his slain father, former premier Rafik Hariri, will eventually “prevail” despite attempts to stop it through “arms, terrorism and assassination attempts.”

“Ten years ago, Lebanon was being built and someone tried to stop the process of Lebanon's reconstruction … and after 10 years, we're witnessing recurrent attempts to stop this project, but we shall continue,” Hariri told LBCI TV, two days before the tenth anniversary of his father's assassination in a massive bombing in Beirut.

Emphasizing that Rafik Hariri's project is a project of “construction, development and economy,” al-Mustaqbal's chief noted that those who murdered his father “assassinated the body, not the project.”

“Sooner or later, only Rafik Hariri's project will prevail in this country,” Hariri underlined, adding that “only the Lebanese can continue it.”

“The Lebanese people are stubborn and they will continue this journey, no matter how much they try through arms, terrorism or assassination attempts,” Hariri added, describing his father's project as a “force of moderation.”

Addressing the young men and women who “believe in Rafik Hariri's project,” Hariri underscored that “it is prohibited to lose hope.”

“Rafik Hariri never lost hope throughout his life and he was building as people were destroying and killing each other,” the ex-PM added.

Hariri is expected to deliver a long speech during a rally commemorating his slain father on Saturday.


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Thumb marcus 12 February 2015, 22:52

Yeah and Mustapha Badreddine the assassin of your father was among those offering condolences in Dahyeh at Jihad's Moughniyeh funeral while your party was "dialoguing" with HA.

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 13 February 2015, 01:03

What is he supposed to do: start a civil war? The reality is he has no choice but to put the interest of the country above his personal feelings.

Thumb saturn 12 February 2015, 23:16

Rafik Hariri Project as in Solidere?

Thumb saturn 12 February 2015, 23:26

Well, if just on Solidere he pocketed $3 billion, imagine how much he could pocket on the rest. They didn't let him though.

Thumb ashtah 12 February 2015, 23:36

Idiot haters such as you are always ready to provide evidence.

Thumb saturn 12 February 2015, 23:41

What, his bank statement?

Missing ArabDemocrat.com 13 February 2015, 01:14

You can choose to make up things all you want. The project of Hariri was to rebuild Lebanon.

Missing humble 13 February 2015, 01:20

Today, the greatest corrupt has a name : capiral of rabiyeh and his inner circle.

Missing humble 13 February 2015, 01:22

Today, our civilization has been robbed by middle aged obscurantist Ebola.

Missing humble 13 February 2015, 01:24

Today, Iran is occupying Lebanon through Ebola aiming at creating an Islamic Republic.

Missing humble 13 February 2015, 01:26

Today, we see hatred, violence, warmongers and evil souls working on the destruction of Lebanon.

Missing humble 13 February 2015, 01:28

Today, we see traitors supporting a corrupt caporal who are unable to see their responsibilities in the destruction of the Christians.

Default-user-icon defacto (Guest) 13 February 2015, 07:58

Meh I remember when I was in Lebanon and it was Ramadan I was in place in dahieh, at a famous fast food place, I believe it was called abu ali falafel, but not sure, anyways. I am sure it was in dahieh because there were so many shia mosques. I was eating that tutifruity and falafel sandwich and the shias were looking at me with anger, until one guy came, told me something in Farsi Arabic "Allah Akbar, Labayka Ya Nassrallah or something Labayka Ya Hussein", and tried to take away my cup of fruits and the falafel sandwich. Until a police or army some security guy, told the fanatic to back off.

Default-user-icon dezabro & demosso (Guest) 13 February 2015, 08:03

excellent point you make there @defacto

Default-user-icon Phil (Guest) 13 February 2015, 09:30

I couldn't agree more. I'm really ashamed that downtown Beirut has become known for its humongous mosque. Now whenever a photo of Beirut is shown on foreign media (CNN, BBC, France 24, Euronews...) they use a photo with that ugly structure in the background. It's appalling really.
Thank you Naharnet moderator for publishing this comment. I'm just stating my mind. It's called freedom of speech.

Missing Je_suis@libonase 13 February 2015, 13:31

I guess when you lose the crusades to the victors go the spoils

Thumb megahabib 13 February 2015, 16:20

Yes, hariri's companies will continue to buy up land owned by poor people and create buildings for rich people.

Thumb Mystic 13 February 2015, 18:25