Report: Armed Groups to Advance into Lebanon from Eastern Border

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The armed groups entrenched along Lebanon's eastern border are reportedly preparing to advance towards army posts on the outskirts of the northeastern villages of Ras Baalbek and Arsal, Ad Diyar newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Sources told the newspaper that there are around 3,000 to 4,000 armed man on the outskirts of the two villages, and coordination between the Islamist groups, in particular between the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and al-Qaida-affiliate al-Nusra Front resumed.

The sources said information indicates that the gunmen will try to advance towards Lebanese villages, especially if all the illegal crossings were blocked. The sources stressed that the army is on high alert and will retaliate to any attack or infiltration attempt by the armed groups.

The newspaper also reported that the Lebanese army fortified its position in the Bekaa region of Kfar Zabad and Majdal Anjar after obtaining information that militants will advance in the areas.

The report comes in light of a military operation on the outskirts of Ras Baalbek in line with efforts to secure villages near the eastern border with neighboring Syria. The Lebanese army seized last week two hilltop positions in the area.

Three soldiers were wounded in the operation, during which militant positions were shelled with artillery and heavy weaponry, the army said in its communique.

The statement did not name the militants, but most are believed to be from the Islamic State group. They and Nusra Front have been holding around 20 Lebanese soldiers and policemen hostage since August.

The army frequently clashes with the militants in their hideouts near the Syria border.



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Thumb eagledawn 03 March 2015, 08:39

Ad Diyar, As Safil, Al mowaten same same.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 11:09

Are we eaglyawn? But why did Ad Diyar fall from grace in your eyes? Is it because they contradicted the doctor's thesis on the "non-existence" of nusra and ISIS?

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 15:06

How about you go and stop the arms flow ya couch warrior? Farjinah shatartak ya abaday enta, instead of sitting here venting your frustrations and thinking you're in any position to give lessons.

Thumb eagledawn 03 March 2015, 15:40

lol mowaten, you have some serious inferiority complex issues, always barking pointlessly and trying to convince yourself that everybody is stupid and you're the smart one, yet you were never able to make an articulate argument or point. The best you ever do is call names, yell a few read-made lines you heard daddy say, and add "HAHAHAHA" before or after it as if this makes them facts. Habibi, if you want to make a point be a big boy and provide supporting sources yourself, or ask your daddy where it came from

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 03 March 2015, 15:57

It is estimated there are between 30,000-50,000 shiite foreign terrorists including afghanis, pakistanis, iranians, and lebanese shias fighting along assad criminal forces. A simple search would yield hundreds of articles on this issue. Here is a report from LBCI:

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 03 March 2015, 16:10

Iran Mourns 7 Afghans Killed Fighting for Damascus Ally

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 16:26

eaglyawn: reposting my comments out of context makes you look like a fool

anonyme: you're diverting towards an unrelated issue, what brought afghan volunteers here?

lubanini.takfiri: and may they become 100,000 and a million even, why not? why is it only okay for fanatics from saudia, turkey, the UK, the US germany, tunisia, chechnya etc... to go to syria to slaughter "infidels", but wrong for other volunteers to go there to help defend against the takfiri bloody urges?

Thumb lubnani.masi7i 03 March 2015, 16:43

pathetic indeed.... mowaten brought in his reinforcements and fake accounts to insult people who put him to the task.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 18:03

wow... what kind of neurotic mind does it take to make those kind of haphazard connections? Must be a hell of a mess inside your head, wouldnt want to be you mate...
Anyway, let me try to disentangle it for you (my good deed of the day):

1- I was discussing with eagleyawn, not you.
2- We were discussing the way he dismisses any information regarding takfiris and their threat, as if he believes it does not exist.
3- You attacked me first (quite childishly actually. "ya zakzak"? lol), not the other way around
4- the fact that there were volunteers in syria fighting against the takfiris was never denied, by me, the hezb, or iran. The claims that they were recruited by the iranian government however are still as unfounded as they were a year ago when they were alleged by the wall street journal.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 18:15

If you knew the first thing about afghan shias, you'd know they've been persecuted for centuries by extremists very similar to the takfiris we see today in syria. They were called infidels, slaughtered by the thousands and expelled from their homeland. It started long before the rise of the taliban and half of the hazara population is now refugees in countries surrounding afghanistan.
Do you think after all this they need someone to "recruit" them when they see the same thing happening again in syria? Why do you find it normal that american christians go voluntarily fight alongside christian militias or the YPG, but these afghans who were persecuted for decades need 500$/month from iran to volunteer?

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 18:26

So "denying the credibility of Al Diyar" is not the same as dismissing the information contained in Al Diyar's article? That's a true face-palm moment here anonyme...

As for the second part of your comment, I answered you even before you wrote it. cf my comment above.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 18:27

look at point 4 specifically, i already knew you were going to refer to the wall street journal. (you're so predictable it's not even funny)

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 18:29

if you want to educate yourself a little, i suggest you read this:

it will go a long way in making you understand why they dont need anybody to recruit them or give them money to want to fight the plague of takfirism.

Thumb eagledawn 03 March 2015, 18:51

You're beating your head against a brick wall. You are wasting your time with someone who has no values, no shame or honor. If you quote wikipedia he will jump in and say "Wikipedia is a zionist organization" but when he uses it... it becomes his qoran. Just don't bother...

Thumb Mystic 03 March 2015, 18:56

Texas have a good way of beating walls, hurting himself everytime.
Ladies & gentlemen, anonymetexasusa openly admitting his support for the Israeli Defence Force & U.S Army.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 19:25

You're bordering hysteria and of extremely bad faith anonyme, as you usually become once confronted with facts and logic.

There is no point in wasting more of my time with you (not that there ever was) especially that everything has been said above, and your diversions and turning in circles bore me to death.

You may read again what I said if you wish to understand my point, because you obviously haven't, but if you are determined to remain this way there is nothing I can do about it.

Thumb marcus 03 March 2015, 19:38

listen to mowaten's logic or lack of it. So because you claim shia afghanis were persecuted in their country that in your distorted mind gives them the right to go to Syria and fight for Assad... Are they fighting in Syria those who persecuted them...? They are in Syria because they are driven by hate, because they are sectarians just like you.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 19:53

I never said they have the "right", but I said they have sufficient reasons to want to do it without needing to be recruited by anyone or given a measly 500$/month.
And yes, those are the same people, with the same ideology and the same backers they are fighting. In afghanistan, pakistan, iraq or syria, it all boils down to the same wahhabi-inspired, gulf-funded, takfiri-minded brutal sectarian genocidal maniacs.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 20:01

but a handful of people who have suffered from the same barbaric monsters who are today in daesh and nusra volunteer to help the victimized population > you go bananas because they came from iran... go figure.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 20:42

Lol anonyme, you speak way above your weight, big claims but nothing to back them, you're just full of it.

Missing baba_oreily 03 March 2015, 08:57

God bless the LAF.

Default-user-icon Mazen (Guest) 03 March 2015, 10:33

We shall crush them, nd must chop off the hands that feed them.

Default-user-icon Salim (Guest) 03 March 2015, 14:44

This method dosen't make you any better than them.

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 03 March 2015, 13:19

Anyone supporting those terrorists must be eliminated, once and for all.. This is a red line, no discussions.. like the world is round, there are some who still believe it is flat in our part of the world!! Trillions of petro USD last 6 decades have failed to produce an educated population in the Persian gulf. It has fueled extremism and on the other hand launched a generation that only knows how to shop and consume.. Unfortunately that lifestyle and lack of education has spread to the Levant.

Thumb -phoenix1 03 March 2015, 14:13

Let this filth called IS, Al Nusra and Al Jursa try, this time they will know what kind of wood we use to heat ourselves. This time let the army hit them real hard, show NO mercy and need be let every Lebanese citizen be on high alert and be ready to fight alongside our army. This is why I keep repeating to some of our brothers on this forum, to brothers who lately have not been kind to me, that we must ALL put our differences aside, to UNITE, that's right, you read me, unite, and stand side by side to fight the enemies of Lebanon. I repeat, side by side and NOT each one pulling in different directions. If we Lebanese are united, who can stand in front of us, ya 3ammeh, we will eat them alive.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 15:08

You say "let us unite", but you never miss a chance to throw a pike at hezbollah or aoun... It's easy to talk, but unless you start by applying your sermons to yourself you're not credible.

Thumb -phoenix1 03 March 2015, 15:56

(1). Mowaten, you're behaving like a spoilt child or at least giving such an impression, or maybe it's your ingrained if not insidious cultural level of intolerance to criticism. It is my right to criticize whomever I wish, a man of my age does not dispense opinion so lightly if you need reminding. You're making it look as if Aoun your ally and by default a clown is above criticism, or even worse, Hezbollah that was once a glorious and loved Resistance now turned an army of mercenaries for rent. Both entities are not beyond criticism because of their repeated proscribed acts, so if we do not act as sentinels against proscription, who will? Your partisans or those of your FPM allies of sheepish obedience? Mowaten, ask yourself and this applies to all of you guys at HA/FPM incorporated, why are more and more people getting alienated from you people, why? Isn't your failure to detect my goodwill, hence my call for national unity not above all other consideration?

Thumb -phoenix1 03 March 2015, 15:57

(2). Think well my dear brother before you allay blame in such atypical ways, I hold no ill wish towards anyone, certainly not against Hezbollah or the FPM or Aoun, I just am sick and tired of speaking to walls, deaf and dumb walls. It is meaningful and durable solutions I am looking for as a Lebanese citizen, all directed at what I still deem as a national partner, and not parrot chants as you seem to suggest.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 16:47

Phoenix let's skip the endless prose and cut to the chase: when you call hezbollah "an army of mercenaries for rent", knowing full well this is not true, you're not criticizing, nor "extending a hand" nor being open for dialogue. You're simply being insulting, disdainful and provocative. This kind of attitude and talk is what keeps people alienated.

Without respect, without understanding there can be no unity, and what you're showing is not "goodwill" it's basically saying we're all evil, wrong, mislead or "obedient sheep", but you're so magnanimous you'd "forgive us" if we were to repent and follow your views which you seem to take for some sort of absolute truth.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 15:16

Yes, wait until they knock at your door, certainly when you see them face to face you'll change your mind. You'll suddenly decide you want to "unite" with those you kept insulting all your life hoping they'll come and save your sorry behind.

Thumb Mystic 03 March 2015, 15:20

How will you unite with us Phoenix? You are among those who smear the Resistance, when you do that then I start history lessons about the Lebanese Forces/Phalangists which you dislike. Sure we can unite together in the LAF. Then first you have to act like it, then I will follow, I seek we should destroy the takfiris by uniting with the Syrian Army, you don't want that ofcourse you rather want to wait for Saudi deals and U.S scrap forever.

Thumb -phoenix1 03 March 2015, 16:06

(1). Mystic, meet me halfway and I'll meet you halfway. Didn't I include in my posts that we need to desist from all of us pulling in different directions? Was I or was I not alluding to every single political entity in Lebanon? Aren't such dynamics now causing us serious harm already? No brother, no ya habibi ya akhi, I am not smearing Hezbollah, Hezbollah did it all to itself and very proficiently trust me. You tell me ya akhil habib, how many times have people warned HA from abstaining into another wild venture, Syria for reminders? Where did such advise fall but on deaf ears? wasn't your agenda more that of a debt repayment than ideological ones there? Or maybe more sinister calculations could it be? OK, now we need not ponder too much on spilled ink nor on spilled blood either, Syria will somehow splodge it way out of this mess,how would it come out of it is beyond us all, but like all things human, this tragedy will end, one way or the other.

Thumb -phoenix1 03 March 2015, 16:11

(2) Mystic. As I said, now the onus should be our focus on now, the present, and how we can build our national capacities as a people, as a nation, and as a country that should survive the onslaught of IS and beyond IS. The ideological equation is now past us all, Hezbollah, or Mustaqbal, or Kataeb, or LF, or FPM or Marada, PSP, all of Lebanon's parties will dent zilch the shield of the threat that is about to befall us if we do not close ranks, and for good reasons. We are now well past petty considerations or thinking, we MUST start by working as one nation and most possibly this would be our main instigator to free us from our shackles, yes, those shackles that have emasculated us to the point we make no more sense these days.

Thumb -phoenix1 03 March 2015, 16:16

(3). Mystic. I repeat, me, a diehard LF fighter, and one that is still fully capable on the battle ground, look at just how many times I have extended the hand of fraternity to you people, do you think I am alone in this? Has not Saad Hariri been doing this for a long time now and albeit until recently, how many times have you belittled his noble positions priorly? M14 is a political rival and NOT your enemy, M14 and M8 need each other, they both need to work closely from now on. It is not Bachar Al Assad, nor Obama that will bring us salvage from the hands of the savages but us Lebanese. Would it have been thinkable in war years that an LFer says he wishes no harm to Hezbollah, or a Hezbollah partisan talking as a sibling to an LFer? This is how it should have been ages ago, take my goodwill in good faith, then we can all move ahead, but continue labeling me and people like me, we will all surely die as absolute fools. I hope my message gets to you without any further distortion.

Thumb Mystic 03 March 2015, 17:46

Phoenix your message would get to me, if you weren't such a hypocrite on this matter ya 7abibi. You seek Lebanese Unity, something that is very hard to achieve these days, yet you still smear the Resistance & FPM on other articles today, it is not a step forward phoenix, you are moving backwards.

What did LF do these days, to prevent the takfiris from entering Lebanon? You do not want to cooperate with the Syrians, you wish for the U.S coalition to enter Lebanon probaly alongside IDF to combat the takfiris they themselves fund everyday.

Geagea is a terrorist himself, and then he keeps on saying that the Resistance is a terrorist group alongside ISIS, he is a power hungry Judas, seeking dollars and titles instead of focusing on the threat at our borders.

Regarding the LAF, yes phoenix we agree on that matter, I believe too all Lebanese should stand behind them against these takfiris. What about Rifi the another terrorist, that denied any takfiri presence in Lebanon?

Thumb eagledawn 03 March 2015, 15:42

The third Reich had its Joseph Goebbels and Hizbollah has its mowaten:

“اكذب ثم اكذب ثم اكذب فلا بد من أن يصدق الناس في النهاية”
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Thumb -phoenix1 03 March 2015, 16:27

(1). My dear Tex. A big thanks for a great response, much of what you wrote I cannot deny either. However and to be honest in front of my maker and the public, our brothers Mowaten and Mystic, they too have written some things which we should not ignore either. If you read part 3 of my response to Mystic, you will see that I said that our salvation will come from no other place than from us Lebanese. Iran, Syria, Israel, the US, the EU, they all have their priorities, hence their policies of priorities, quite possibly we Lebanese don't take much paper-space in their books. This is why I keep extolling my siblings from Hezbollah and from the FPM too, to remove that thick veil that is preventing our mutual understanding M8/M14.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 16:31

tu parles beaucoup pour rien dire pijama.

Thumb -phoenix1 03 March 2015, 16:31

(2) Tex. Once we come to the fact that no one really cares for us Lebanese as a nation, must we continue servicing an umbilical cord that is now well gangrened and decayed for the good of our country? I say not, we must now disengage and renege with habits of old and reconcile with the best habit, that of national unity, all based on mutual trust and respect, hence a healthy and continuous dialog between all sides. If we look well at our capacities as a people, I can tell you this with the utmost confidence, that we have some formidable strength to us, Hezbollah, LF, all parties confounded, only if we work as a team with our noble army. Trust me Tex, we are all about to face evil, an evil like never seen before. This evil is color-blind, flavor-blind, this evil thirsts for blood.

Thumb -phoenix1 03 March 2015, 16:36

(3). Tex. In Iraq, IS and its allies are now in reverse gear, in parts of Syria too, in Lebanon our army has snubbed and rubbed its nose real hard. Boko Haram is also facing reverses of its own in West Africa, so we all fear that these evil forces will try to pierce one front and that is Lebanon's. I fully trust our army, it is capable and it's fighting like Lions. But our army mustn't be left alone in this atrocious war, our unity will give it a firm and renewed sense of purpose, knowing that the people they are dying for are worthy of their ultimate sacrifice. Then, there may come the need for the people's participation into this war effort, thus our a united people can put up such a formidable stance. May God put in us all that sense of patriotism and our distancing all of us from dangerous habits.

Default-user-icon Charbel (Guest) 03 March 2015, 14:43

Why Doesn't France or the U.S. help the Lebanese Army from the Air? We need their support, it is so easy for them to just press a button from 10 km from above.

Default-user-icon General Ali Mamlouk (Guest) 03 March 2015, 14:50

I am so releaved that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and al-Qaida-affiliate al-Nusra Front give Ad Diyar newspaper their future military plans this way you guys can stay one step ahead of them. I wish they did the same with us.

Missing helicopter 03 March 2015, 16:17

Why is HA fighting in Aleppo, Damascus and Golan areas when they contend that ISIS/NUSRA are on our borders getting ready to attack Lebanese villages in Bekaa?
It seems to me that HA then should be guarding the Lebanese/Syrian borders (on the Syrian side of the border, because I want the LAF take care of the Lebanese side of the borders) to prevent such attacks.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 17:11

they're already securing the lebanese/syrian border, but as long as there are takfiri nests at the four corners of syria we will never have peace. if the US can go halfway across the globe to (allegedly/pre-emptively) bomb people they see as threats (with or without the consent of the authorities in the countries they bomb) why HA shouldnt be able to go a couple of hundred kilometers passed the border, especially when they have the full blessing and support of syria?

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 18:18

How can one spend so much time on here and be so disconnected from reality? Do you even read the articles before you go on with your rants?

Default-user-icon history repeats (Guest) 03 March 2015, 16:45

Michel Aoun testifying in front of the House Committee on International Relations - September 18/2003

One cannot rationally dissociate the Syrian regime from terrorism. It provides safe haven for a myriad of terrorist organizations, directs their operations, and uses occupied Lebanon as their main field of training and operation. Like an organized crime syndicate which uses fear, intimidation, and violence as instruments of pressure to buy silence from otherwise good and honorable people, it uses these terrorist organizations as instruments of pressure in a foreign policy strategy that has earned for Syria a "no questions asked" attitude from the free world. Perceived cooperation in the war on terrorism does not represent a strategic choice on the part of the Syrian regime to combat terrorism; it is only a tactical and temporary ploy to dodge responsibility for the central role that It's has in sponsoring terrorism.

Default-user-icon History repeats (Guest) 03 March 2015, 16:46

Michel Aoun testifying in front of the House Committee on International Relations - September 18/2003

Following a Syrian withdrawal, it is quite conceivable that it will leave behind many of its instruments of terror and destruction as well as its paramilitary/intelligence apparatus. Therefore, it is imperative that it's withdrawal be accompanied by a complete disarmament of all armed elements. Only the legitimate armed forces of Lebanon can be entrusted with providing security to the Lebanese people. They are certainly capable of doing so when provided with a strong political leadership duly elected by the Lebanese themselves, rather than appointed by an occupying power as is the case today. Equally important, Lebanon will need certified tribunals to investigate and bring to justice all criminals who committed war atrocities and crimes against humanity.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 18:21

Depression? Oh no! It breaks my heart to hear that! Have you considered suicide? I hear it's very effective in ending all these bad feelings, might also even cure you from your endless hate and sectarianism!

Thumb eagledawn 03 March 2015, 18:47

you must think you're a psychiatrist i bet.

Thumb Mystic 03 March 2015, 19:03

terrorist, there are several ways to end your depression. You should join your brothers in Al Nusra or ISIS, and tell them you want to contribute against the "evil rafidah houthis". They will take you in with open arms, "Salam aleikum akhi" and then remote detonate you.

Thumb _mowaten_ 03 March 2015, 19:29

Yes eaglyawn, i am one and here's my prescription for you: a healthy dose of lead, injected directly into your brain. Only requires one application and can be self administered.