Report: March 14 National Council Met with Kataeb Veto

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Kataeb Party has vetoed the National Council that the March 14 alliance is seeking to establish, Ad-Diyar newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The daily said that Kataeb leader ex-President Amin Gemayel and his son MP Sami Gemayel have rejected to go ahead with the plan over fears that the council would not be functional.

The veto is linked to previous problems that the Kataeb had with the March 14 general-secretariat, said the report.

A committee setting the stage for the 10th anniversary of the March 14 alliance's formation has been been holding meetings over the Council that it aims to launch on Saturday.

The council's job would be to monitor the policies of the March 14 alliance through a working mechanism that includes the announcement of a manifest and political statements every three to four months.

The council would also organize workshops and events in parallel to the functions of the March 14 general-secretariat.

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Missing ya_kord 10 March 2015, 13:41

better than then your preferred dictatorial March 8 where everyone is a puppet to Hezbollah party.

Thumb lebanon_first 10 March 2015, 15:24

ft. unfortunately ya_kord is right.

FPM does have a certain leeway in some issues.- like u said.
However big issues such as if HA attacks syria and when to declare war against israel, and when to allow the army to do security plans, all these are decided singlehandedly to HA.

Missing ya_kord 10 March 2015, 17:30

what happened to your initial comment? why did you remove it? you noticed how silly it was?

Thumb ado.australia 10 March 2015, 15:24

Godspeed Ya Kataeb... continue on the rightous path!

Thumb cedar 10 March 2015, 15:41

Good move, there is no point in having another m14 mechanism if it wont work anyways. we need working organisations.