Change and Reform Says Presidential Vacancy Should Not Hinder Work at State Institutions

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The Change and Reform bloc welcomed on Tuesday the resumption of cabinet sessions, hoping that normal operations would resume at other constitutional institutions.

Former Minister Salim Jreissati said: “The vacancy in the presidency should not hinder state institutions from functioning.”

He made his remarks after the parliamentary bloc's weekly meeting.

Speaker Nabih Berri had recently announced that he will resume legislative sessions at parliament, media reports said.

“Several draft-laws need to be addressed during these meetings,” added Jreissati.

Parliament convenes twice a year in two ordinary sessions -- the first starts mid-march until the end of May and the second from the middle of October through the end of December.

Article 33 of the Constitution confirms that extraordinary sessions can be held at the request of "an absolute majority" of the parliament.

Among the first to react to Berri's plans on Tuesday was Lebanese Forces MP Antoine Zahra.

“We reject holding legislative sessions in the absence of a president,” he said at a press conference he held at the parliament.

“The constitutions stipulates that the legislature would be transformed into an electoral body in the absence of a president,” he added.

Lebanon has been without a head of state since President Michel Suleiman's six-year tenure ended in May last year.

The rival blocs have so far failed to elect a successor despite more than a dozen rounds of sessions.



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Thumb geha 10 March 2015, 17:33

aoun and the fpm are the destructors of the Christian presence in Lebanon.

they want to show business as usual in the absence of the president.
they are traitors....

Thumb the_roar 10 March 2015, 17:51

Yes they have a leader convicted of murdering women & children also.
mainly christian women & children btw...very destructive christian presence

don't forget that, geha.

Missing helicopter 11 March 2015, 02:31

Change and Reform Says Presidential Vacancy Should Not Hinder Work at State Institutions....
Exactly what HA and its supporters want. F.T. stated it more directly by declaring HA arms are for the purpose of limiting (reducing) Christian privileges. Only question is how much was Aoun paid by Iran to align himself with such goals.

Thumb marcus 10 March 2015, 18:39

the youngest political party with its head touching 81 years old. Pathetic

Missing helicopter 11 March 2015, 02:36

Merge Aoun's position with your previous declaration of "HA arms meant to limit Christian privileges", then I fully understand your support for Aoun. My only question is how much money Aoun was paid to adopt a Policy that is harmful to the Christians and to Lebanon.

Thumb beiruti 11 March 2015, 02:51

So, says the Hezbollah mouth piece at FPM. They want the office to remain vacant as the new normal in Lebanon. The is not much space between the Hezbollah position and the FPM's position of no president unless it is Aoun. He has so totally aligned himself with the Shia Hezbollah that he has no credibility with the Lebanese Sunni and a majority of the Lebanese Christians.